Honda Thailand builds 100 negative pressure mobile beds for Covid-19 patients

Jerrica · Apr 20, 2020 03:27 PM

Honda Thailand provides medical equipment

Honda Thailand is also jumping into the fray to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by donating equipment worth 40 million bahts (RM 540,000) to various medical facilities in Thailand.

The Honda Khiang Khang Thai Fund was started when the company discovered that various hospitals across the country are in need of help to fight against the pandemic. But instead of just donating funds to the hospitals, Honda Thailand has decided to build medical equipment instead.

With help from the Vajira Hospital, Honda assigned a specialise team and a production line at the Honda Automobile Thailand plant to build 100 negative pressure mobile beds. These beds are designed to prevent the virus/ air-borne particles from travelling, greatly reducing the risk of medical professionals in the front line.

Honda’s team also made some design changes on the beds so it has a stronger and more flexible ventilation system and improved the box so it is more compact and easily fit an oxygen tank. After the fight against the pandemic ends, these beds will continue to be used for patients facing risks of airborne or droplet infections like measles, tuberculosis, and chicken pox.

Other than that, the Honda Khiang Khang Thai Fund also provided medical professionals with vans, motorcycles, masks, suits and more.



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