In Brief: Honda City 2019, still the default choice?

Shaun · Oct 7, 2019 06:17 PM

Honda City front

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The fourth-generation Honda City arrived locally in 2014 and it was among the first in the segment to offer six airbags with stability control, putting it ahead of the competition at the time.

Honda City overview

Honda City dimensions

While it was packed with features, it did receive changes that enthusiasts were not fond of – the move from a 5-speed gearbox to a CVT unit and the switch from disc brakes at the rear to drums.

Its nearest rival, the Toyota Vios, does get all-round disc brakes but at the time it only had 2 airbags and went without electronic aids like traction control and stability control. In the grand scheme of things especially when safety is considered, it tilted the favour towards the Honda City 2019. 

However, Toyota did not watch idly as Honda reels in the sales, the 2019 facelifted Vios gets 7 airbags in total with the all-important traction and stability control. Plus, it gets blind spot detection, rear-cross traffic alert and a 360 degree parking camera.

Honda City rear detail

Honda also gave the Honda City a mid-cycle refresh in 2017, offering even more equipment as standard. The V spec gets the alluring LED head lights as well as tail lights. We love our LEDs don’t we? That is, until the time for replacement comes.

Honda City interior

What makes the Honda City 2019 unique?

An ace up Honda’s sleeve would be the full-hybrid variant that followed just months after the introduction of the facelift. The City is the only model in its class to offer the sophistication of a hybrid powertrain and the fuel efficiency that comes with it.

It also packs more performance over the regular City, with combined output of 138 PS and 170 Nm of torque going through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The dampers are retuned and couple that with a quicker steering ratio, they make for a more entertaining drive.

How much is the Honda City 2019?

Pricing for the Honda City 2019 starts from RM 73,836 for the S variant to RM 86,983 for the V variant. The Hybrid variant is priced at RM 92,172.

Honda City price


Honda City pros and cons

When the fourth-generation Honda City arrived, it was (and still is) class leading in terms of interior space with plenty of legroom and shoulder room. Its cabin is also the most practical in its class with big and deep console box, cup holders and utility bins.

Honda City rear space

The Honda City 2019 also drives better than expected. It’s agile and responsive with sufficient power so once you show it some corners, it handles them quite well.

However, the Vios still handles better and on top of that, its cabin is quieter too. It also has rear disc brakes while the Honda City 2019 uses drums. While the Honda City’s handling is decent, the steering feels a little too light. The infotainment’s user interface is rather poor and appear to be worse than the pre-facelift model.

Honda City side

With all that being said, if you’re looking for a spacious, practical and efficient car to go about your daily business, the Honda City 2019 is a great choice. But the competition, namely the Toyota Vios, has caught up in the features game and may have even surpassed it by a little. Though if space is your priority, the Honda City 2019 is still undefeated.

What are the alternatives?

Honda City alternatives



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