Live Photos: 2020 Toyota Corolla Cross revealed at the Bangkok Motor Show

Sanjay · Jul 16, 2020 09:30 AM

Earlier this week, Toyota Thailand showcased the 2020 Toyota Corolla Cross at the Bangkok Motor Show. Let’s take a deep dive and see what’s up with Toyota’s first Corolla in this body style.

Off the bat, there’s already two tarted up variants - the red Urban Sport and the grey Adventure. Both come with a host of options as we’ll see below. On the lower end of the scale is the 1.8 Sport.

Pictures here are courtesy of our Thailand sister-site AutoFun.

Exterior - Off-road credentials

It’s by no means a ‘jacked up Altis’ like some thought it would be but it looks better - with black plastic cladding all around lending it an off-roader look.

Something that reminds our Thai colleague Pisan of a car that looks ‘ready in any situation', during our sister site's AutoFun's initial test drive.

What stays the same between trims is the huge front grille, garnished with plastic bits finished in brushed metal. The headlights feature light blue detailing, hinting at its hybrid powertrain. 

Depending on trim, the front fascia comes with different lower bumper designs. 

On the sides, the cheapest 1.8 Sport gets the pictured design, but higher trims get Lenso units. Note that the Urban Sport has its A-pillars and roof in black. 

These accessories are available for sale.

Round the back, uprated versions get different tailgate trims and bumper design.

Interior - Familiar sight

It looks similar to the Corolla it’s based on and the Hybrid Premium and Hybrid Premium Safety models feature a cool-looking red interior trim. 

Other than that, there’s a hands-free tailgate operation and panoramic view monitor. 

Safety - Toyota Safety Sense goodies

The Corolla Cross comes with Toyota Safety Sense ADAS suite, blind spot monitor and 7 SRS airbags

Power - Two engine options

Both are 1.8-litres. Customers can choose between the flagship 2ZR-FXE hybrid engine pushing 122 PS or the 2ZR-FBE, 140 PS non-hybrid variant. The engines will be paired to a CVT.

When will the model be launched in Malaysia?

Since production of the Corolla Cross has begun in Thailand, a 6-month time frame is reasonable, considering it's hinted at being locally-assembled.