Live Photos: Is the Thai 2020 Honda HR-V better equipped than the Malaysian HR-V?

CY Foong/Jul 21, 2020 06:30 PM

How different is the Thai-spec 2020 Honda HR-V to our own? We take a closer look at this luscious red HR-V RS on display at the 2020 Bangkok Motor Show.

Just like in Malaysia, the RS is the top-of-the-range variant of Honda’s little crossover over in Thailand.

On the exterior, the Thai RS variant looks as rugged as our Made-in-Melaka one with black plastic body claddings surrounding the bottom of the car, black grille, black side mirrors, LED headlamps, and DRLs.

However, unlike in Malaysia, the Thai HR-V RS gets a different wheel design. This five-spoke two-toned design looks sportier to me than the ones we have here.

In terms of safety, both the Thai- and Malaysian-spec HR-V RS have similar safety features like LaneWatch camera and a rear-view camera as standard.

The inside of the Thai HR-V RS is where things start to feel different. While the Malaysian HR-V RS has brown interior, the Thai-spec HR-V RS has a new sporty red interior. Which do you think is better, red or brown?

The difference in the interior doesn’t just stop at the seats and interior trims. Heads up! The Thai HR-V RS also comes with an electrically-operated panoramic sunroof. No doubt there will be some Malaysian HR-V owners who wished they have this.

The powertrain offered for the Thai-spec HR-V is the same as in Malaysia – a 1.8-litre SOHC i-VTEC that produces 142 PS of torque. Transmission is the same in both countries too - a CVT.

The HR-V RS is priced from 1.119 million baht (RM 150,530) while in Malaysia, the HR-V RS starts from RM 118,582. That being said, both prices shouldn't be directly compared due to different tax structures.