Maintenance, insurance, tyres included, Toyota Kinto One's subscription in Malaysia from RM 1,678/month

Eric · Jan 18, 2021 10:46 AM

The Toyota Kinto One car subscription service, which has already been rolled out in parts of Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan, is now in Malaysia. 

Kinto One is an all-inclusive, fixed monthly payment, car subscription plan. The fixed monthly subscription covers registration of the vehicle, annual comprehensive insurance and road tax, periodic maintenance as well as preventive maintenance.

Subscription period comes in either two years or three years and once the subscription period is completed, the customer is to just simply return the car to Toyota Malaysia and everything else will be taken care of; disassociating typical customers from the worry of residual value of the car nor the worries of how to sell-off the cars after years of usage.

While prices of the subscription may appear more than a traditional monthly repayment, keep in mind that the Kinto One prices are all-inclusive – oil change and the labour cost associated to servicing the car, as well as tires and battery change are all included in the monthly subscription price.

In fact, the cost of insurance and road tax are already factored into the monthly subscription price as well. For an added peace-of-mind, Kinto One customers are covered under comprehensive takaful insurance coverage with 24-hour emergency assistance.

Kinto One is available online via the website where customers can view the car models available, decide on which subscription plan that suits them and apply online. Models include the Toyota Yaris, Toyota Vios, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Camry as well as selected Lexus models.