Mazda starts Collect and Delivery service! No, it’s not food

Jerrica · May 13, 2020 05:15 PM

Bermaz Auto Group reopens business

Now that the Movement Control Order has been partially lifted, Bermaz Auto Group has announced that they will resume operations starting from 12th May 2020. Along with the reopening of services also came the introduction of the Mazda Contactless Service and an extension of warranties on Mazda cars as well.

Like all service centres, Bermaz will be implementing disinfecting procedures on their premises and even the interior of all cars before and after service.

Along with the safety procedures, Bermaz has also introduced a new Mazda Contactless Service. Mazda owners can now make an appointment to have a team pick-up their cars for the service and then delivered back to them after the service. The Collect and Delivery service is available at selected service centres and limited to Mazda owners within a 10 km radius of the centre.

Mazda Mobile Service schedule

Bermaz has also resumed operations for the Mobile Service, where a dedicated team will head to the car owner’s most convenient location to carry out the car service. Though the Mobile Service has been around since 2017, Bermaz has now placed it as part of the Mazda Contactless Service campaign.

Aside from just reopening of all services, Bermaz has also announced an extension for all Mazda cars whose warranties and free maintenance period are coming to an end during the MCO period. The warranty and free maintenance are extended in accordance to the same amount of time MCO has been enforced, so we’re looking at an extension of 2 months.



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