Mitsubishi Malaysia sold 66 percent more vehicles in the 2021 financial year

Dinesh · Apr 28, 2022 02:35 PM

Mitsubishi Malaysia sold 66 percent more vehicles in the 2021 financial year 01

Despite the pandemic, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) ended their 2021 financial year (April 2021 - March 2022) on a high; specifically a 66 percent high, as they sold a total of 19,217 units during that period.

And yes, you guessed it, that number is 66 percent higher than the previous financial year. The achievement is all the more noteworthy given that the Total Industry Volume (TIV) shrunk by 6.7 percent for that period of time.

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With those numbers, MMM sits comfortably in the top three of the non-national automotive category.

Mitsubishi Malaysia sold 66 percent more vehicles in the 2021 financial year 01

Leading the charge for MMM is the Xpander that continues to dominate the non-national MPV segment here. It accounted for 47.2 percent of their overall sales at 9,065 units for the financial year.

The Triton pick-up truck maintained a solid market share of close to 21.4 percent with 9,420 units sold for the corresponding period, a 24 percent increase.

Mitsubishi Malaysia sold 66 percent more vehicles in the 2021 financial year 02

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“In general, the past two years have been tough on the automotive industry, not only with the rising cases of Omicron but floods that affected the Klang Valley and East Coast region, as well as parts or chips shortage. There were many hurdles for the industry to overcome, thus for our sales performance to grow is a significant triumph for us. We take this chance to thank the Malaysian government for initiating and extending the SST exemption these last couple of years. With this, our customers could enjoy extra savings while it also gives us the time to fulfil all booking orders made,” said Shinya Ikeda, Chief Executive Officer of MMM.

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“The company will continue to charge forward with strong momentum for 2022. We are aware that a large number of our customers aim to purchase their cars before the SST exemption expires by end of June. We are continuing our best efforts to meet the booking numbers, and we have already increased our production capacity while maintaining a high level of product quality. Our customers are the ones that put us here, thus providing them with utmost convenience and confidence towards the brand is our utmost priority,” he added regarding deliveries before the SST exemption concludes.



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