New 2020 Lexus LS debuts, now with AI-powered ADAS features

Eric · Jul 07, 2020 02:38 PM

Lexus just took the covers off the new 2020 Lexus LS facelift in Japan, giving its flagship model several new features. It will go on sale in Japan in late-2020.

The biggest highlight of the updated Lexus LS is the inclusion of Lexus Teammate – its AI-powered ADAS suite that allows the car to drive on its own – including performing peripheral recognition, estimating vehicle position, adjust speed, and overtaking other vehicles. The driver is freed from operating the accelerator, brakes, and steering.

According to Ken Koibuchi, Toyota Motor Corporation’s Advanced Safety System Field Senior General Manager, “Lexus Teammate technology has five characteristics: 'Perceptive', 'Intelligent', 'Interactive', 'Reliable', and 'Upgradable'. Advanced Drive performs peripheral recognition, estimates vehicle position, calculates vehicle lane and position, adjusts speed, and conducts other tasks on motor-vehicle-only roadways for safe driving support all the way to the roadway exit. In various driving situations, such as when going through curves and when overtaking other vehicles, it provides the kind of comfortable driving feeling produced by expert drivers.

Apart from that, the new 2020 Lexus LS gains a new body colour called Gin-ei Luster – a unique silver colour that boasts deep shadows and strong highlights, thanks to a new painting technology.

The updated 2020 Lexus LS also features BladeScan Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) that was first introduced on the refresh 2019 Lexus RX.

Inside, the 2020 Lexus LS gains a new 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment display that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also receives a digital rearview mirror, like the Toyota Alphard.

Lexus has also fitted the updated 2020 LS with a new “Nishijin & Haku” trim on the interior, which features silver threads of Nishijin brocade and the sparkle of metal leaves.