New video footage of BMW M4 crash shows sixth victim running into fire

Jerrica · Feb 17, 2021 02:33 PM

We’ve already seen videos of how fast the BMW M4 was going in the tragic accident in Singapore that claimed 5 lives. Now more videos have surfaced online. The Straits Times obtained exclusive CCTV footage of the moment everything went wrong and even the sixth victim running into the fire.

The new CCTV footage shows the BMW M4 coming down the road at an estimated speed of 220 km/h and we even see the moment the driver lost control of the car before it snapped around and went barrelling into the front of a shophouse.

It took another 15 seconds before the car exploded into flames. 

But perhaps the part that might scare viewers the most was the moment when the sixth victim, Miss Raybe Oh Siew Huey (26), arrived at the scene and ran straight into the inferno in an attempt to save her fiancé Jonathan Long (29).

Further footage shows Oh running out 10 seconds later still covered in flames. Oh was then helped by a man and a woman. Fire trucks arrive at the scene 7 minutes after the accident.

Oh, a former Singapore International Airlines stewardess and getai singer, suffered from severe burns on 80 percent of her body and is currently fighting for her life in the Singapore General Hospital’s ICU.

Warning: Some viewers might find the footage disturbing.

The Straits Times reports that all 5 victims - Jonathan Long, Eugene Yap (29), Elvin Tan Yong Hao (28), Wilson Teo Qi Xiang (26), and Gary Wong Hong Chieh (29) – were or has worked at Aviva Financial Advisers.

The group had reportedly just finished doing charity work the day before and were gathered at a Korean eatery owned by a friend opposite the site of the crash.

Condolences to the family of the deceased, may the victims rest in peace.


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