No bull, it's actually a Honda Civic!

Jerrica · Dec 16, 2020 03:57 PM

No bull, it's actually a Honda Civic! 01

Behold the Honda Aventador, no we’re not joking. What you’re looking at is a 2009 Honda Civic modified to resemble a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, complete with a custom interior!

This modify job was done in Mumbai, India and, well obviously, the car’s no longer road legal. The changes were carried out by Executive Mod Trendz (EMT) and we have to say that it is rather convincing.

No bull, it's actually a Honda Civic! 02

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From the front, it wouldn’t even make a motoring enthusiast do a double-take unless they look closely at the car’s ride height. From the back though, it is hard to mask the fact that it doesn’t have a roaring V12 under the vented design.

On the inside, the rear seats have to give way to the new sloping roof, so the Civic/ Aventador has been reduced to carrying only 2 passengers at a time. Which perfectly suits the car it was designed to look alike anyway.

No bull, it's actually a Honda Civic! 01

And to make it even more convincing, the builders have inserted orange-looking upholstery and swapped out the seats in favour of bucket seats complete with the embroidered bull on the headrests.

According to the builders, the entire job cost them around $ 15,000 including the car. What a way to turn a run of the mill car into an interesting “artefact”.


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