Owner review: The "Singlish" Mercedes Review, 2017 Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe from Singapore.

Liang · Aug 11, 2022 09:00 AM

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Owner review:   The

Basic information of my car:

It’s a 2017 Mercedes Benz GLC250d.Coupe quite a mouthful.
In Merk speak ,its a C253

Owner review:   The

Reasons why I bought this car

around 2018 or so ,I was minding my Business as always & suddenly dis coupe of a car comes Flash in my view.
I was thinking WOA what the Hell was dat.
Everybody noes abt the GLC SUV & it’s one of the Most Popular of the peoples mover around Locally but the Coupe is sumthing else.

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Car Selection Process

Dis Coupe movement.
The X6 started it all. Always Loves the Evoque ,then the CHR & now……..
Always been a Mercs Fan Boy .
Always have been & always will be , since my National service days.
My first posting in the army I was a Vehicle mechanic & was introduced to those Huge truck of a 3 Tonner named 911 .
Dis M.B flat six Diesel is juzz a work of Art.

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User experience

The Reason I choose Diesel is really my Stint as a taxi.
Driver for a year & I Juzz Loves the Awesome torque of the Hyundai Sonata & I noe one of dis day ,Juzz one of dis days ……..

Owner review:   The

Pros of my car:

  • The Beauty of it all.
  • M.B have always stands head & shoulders over everybody else in their Design Language & dis one is no exception ,plus the Torque of dis Beast is 500 Nm

Owner review:   The

Cons of my car:

  • Dis model have some Crabbing issue ,as reported world wide ,think more pronounce in the Snow or some slippery surface.
  • It’s like in full steering Lock ,u accelerate hard & the front tyres hop abit.
  • Not an issue to me but after I change to Michelin PS4(suv)didn’t realli noticed it.
  • Another thing ,I dun realli like ,is the Bilstein dat comes with the Coupe ,it’s juzz too sporty for a old Guy like me.whereas the SUV are having a Sach which is more comfortable.
  • At one time I was seriously abt swooping Shocks/Suspension from dis 2 models.

Owner review:   The

Owner review:   The


Total Score: 100

Performance: 10

Quality & Features: 10

Space: 10

Ride Comfort: 10

Fuel Economy: 10

Price & Cost: 10

Owner review:   The

Owner review:   The

Summary :

When my eyes first met dis GLC Coupe in 2018
Love is in the air.
It takes me quite a while to Fabricate a sinister plan to convince the wifey .
I have oredi a 32yrs old W124,a cabriolet A209 ,so either it adds to my collection or something gotta give.
The Deal breaker is the Parktronic in the Newer Mercs.
My daughter can’t park any vehicle @ all & hope out of hope she can slot in any given Lot without so much of a Drama.
Ironic thing is she hardly used the Parking Aid now & funny enough she can park easily with the elevated height of the SUV.
One of Life Mysteries ,Sir.
Anyway ,I have sold all my Mercs & I am trying out my very first FWD entry Level Mercs.
I might write a Review ,if u guys fancy it.


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Owner review:   The

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