Owner Review: First time owning a German machine - My BMW 318i

Owner Review · Aug 22, 2020 05:59 PM

** This article is the personal experience of a 2018 BMW 318i owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar.

Fazrul Aziz

BMW 318i front quarter view

Owner Review: First time owning a German machine - My BMW 318i  02

I bought this BMW 318i LCI recently from my sister as she bought a new Toyota Alphard. The mileage clocks at 25k only! Even though she sold it to me at the market’s price, the conditions & maintenance is top-notch. Also, the car is still under BMW warranty programme and free scheduled service for the next 3 years.

How everything started

BMW 318i night view

Back in my university days, I used to drive a 2010 Myvi Ezi derived from my mother.  This can be considered as my first car (even though I didn't pay a single cent).

I did, however, put some minor modifications as I don't really have much money back then. The list of mods was Taiwan made Enkei Rims, LED fog lamps, front ultra racing bar, works drop-in air-filter and the usual very dark tint! Took me a few months to purchase all those mods. I even went to Genting with it and the winding roads from Semenyih to Seremban (Jalan Kampung). It wasn't the fastest car in the world but I sure had fun it in. Sadly, had to leave the car behind because I had to study abroad during my final year. So, the car was again passed-down to my brother who just starting college.

When I came back from China in 2018, I didn't have any car nor I could even afford one. So, my big brother lent me his 2016 Toyota Vios G spec for a year or until I had enough money to buy a new car. I didn't put any modifications as it wasn't my car, and was only borrowing awhile. I still had to pay for insurance and services which I feel is very fair, to be honest.

I used the Vios until early 2020, I was ready to buy off the car from him but an opportunity came where my sister wanted to sell-off her BMW 318i(which is this one). At this time I had some money as I already worked for almost a year and I'm the type who doesn't spend extravagantly. The Vios was given back to my big brother.

How I bought the BMW 318i

BMW 318i interior

I applied for a loan from the bank to purchase the BMW 318i. I was very nervous in the beginning as you’re only allowed to apply 80% of a car’s value if its 2nd hand. The rest you have to pay cash! But, thank god, it was approved within 2 weeks!

I contacted my sister that the loan was approved so she could finish off her loan and pass the grant to me/bank( inc. with Puspakom inspection etc)

Then here I am driving a German machine! People said I'm too young to drive a BMW ( I’m only 23 btw). Again, I can do this because I don't have any heavy liabilities every month. The only fixed cost I have is my gym membership and my mum’s allowance.

User experience & modification

BMW 318i interior driver seat

BMW 318i interior steering wheel

The BMW 318i's overall driving pleasure is very subtle and balance. Powering the wheels with a 1.5 Twin scroll turbocharge engine is more than enough for my daily commute and long highway drives. The BMW 318i is not the punchiest comparatively to its bigger spec 328i, but to be honest it's more than enough to overtake a few cars on the highway.

BMW 318i gear selector

The ride quality is amazing! Even when I accelerate to around 120-140km/h, the power delivery and ride comfort is very pleasant from my point of view! It does take a few seconds for the turbo to kicks in, but you can always turn on the sport mode for maximum thrust if needed.

My mods list includes:

BMW 318i LED fog lamps

  • LED fog lamps

BMW 318i tints

  • Tint windows
  • Euro plate number design

BMW 318i dash cam

  • Cam recorder
  • Emblem delete

BMW 318i wheel

  • Plastic dip wheels (black)

Owner Review: First time owning a German machine - My BMW 318i  10


Did I regret buying the BMW 318i even though I'm paying around 30-35% instalment from my salary? Not to mention the insurance as I have to pay 100% NCB? The answer is a bit of both, yes people would say it's a stupid idea. I should’ve have invested in something worthwhile like a house etc. 

Some might say, go for it! You’re young! Your career will take off in the long-run. While you have time being single & young, do what you love. Once you’re attached (married) your time would be more focus on your family & career. 

The answer all depends on what you want in the end. There’s no right or wrong answer if you have the money, go for it. If you don’t, stick with something that suits your payslip. 

Owner Review


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