Owner Review: I chose the 1.8 NA instead of the 1.5 Turbo engine - My 2017 Honda Civic FC 1.8

Owner Review · Dec 02, 2020 11:00 AM

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Basic information about my car

Honda Civic FC 1.8 2017

Reasons why I bought this car

To replace my problematic Kia Forte 2.0 (2012).
I needed a car I can get around quickly and has to fit my family comfortably. Not yet reach the uncle/taukeh stage so a C-segment car will do. Probably my next car will be a D-segment car.

Car Selection Process

  • I didn't have a budget. Practicality was a priority.

  • Model(s) that I have considered include: Toyota Altis, used BMW E46

Reasons why I chose this car:

It is a C-segment car but with a size close to a D-segment. Roomy interior with plenty of legroom. Good engine performance and fuel consumption. Simply the best looking Civic of all generations.

User Experience

  • I have already done 60,000 km

Since the purchase, my thoughts about the car are:

Of all the cars I've owned, this is the car that makes you turn back and admire its lines and proportions. It just looks good at every angle you look at it. It's the best-looking Civic ever made by Honda.

Why 1.8NA instead of 1.5T?

The cost wasn't the issue. The 1.8 uses a proven engine used in the FD and FB models. I travel mostly short distances so having extra power doesn't quite matter, the 1.8 is more than adequate. It's also easier to maintain compared to the 1.5T.

As for the looks, simple upgrades made my ride stand out from the stock Civic. A Type-R rear spoiler, front and side lips, a rear diffuser and stock 1.5T 17" rims painted black is all it takes to give it a meaner look.

Pros & Cons


  • I can drive with a heavy foot and be less guilty because the CVT transmission is very efficient

  • CVT doesn't feel laggy, quite responsive to throttle feed

  • Lesser maintenance compared to the 1.5T engine

  • Lesser power = parts more reliable

  • Good fuel consumption


  • Outside noise can be a little intrusive

  • Mediocre audio quality from the sound system

  • CVT jerk between 20-40km/h


  • Total Score: 5

  • Performance: 4

  • Quality & Features: 4

  • Space: 5

  • Ride Comfort: 4

  • Fuel Economy: 5

  • Price & Cost: 5


The 10th gen Civic is hands down the best looking Civic ever made. Although it has been around for several years, it still turns heads with its beautiful lines. Honda service has been great at keeping my ride in tip-top condition. This might be a keeper as I believe the Civic FC will become a legend and a future modern classic.

Interesting events that happened to my car

It has been 3 1/2 years since I had the car and had never regretted my choice. Wasn't the luckiest car as it attracted kisses from other vehicles. Had been rear-ended, sideswiped, and kissed on 3 corners. Having recently changed the tyres to Michelin Primacy 4 made the car so much better.


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