Personalize your drive with Volkswagen’s Dynamic Chassis Control

Arif · Aug 13, 2020 12:00 AM

The new Volkswagen Passat R-Line, Volkswagen Arteon R-Line, and the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace share one thing in common – they all come with Volkswagen’s Dynamic Chassis Control, or DCC. DCC lets you adjust the characteristic of the damping system, the steering, and the drivetrain as you like.

To make things simpler for you, DCC gives you three main presets - "Comfort", "Normal", and "Sport". “Sport” gives you stiffer dampers and direct steering feel for an even more exhilarating driving experience.

“Comfort” delivers a smooth driving experience for when you want an easy drive or are going on a long trip. “Normal” offers some middle ground between the two driving modes above.

You can personalise the ride characteristic too. “Comfort”, “normal”, and “sport” are three points on a scale that you can dial up and down as you wish. It’s not just three distinct choices.

Feel free to fine tune the driving dynamics to your liking.

A custom driving profile can be created. For example, you could set the car to provide a relaxed throttle response and gear shifting while still retaining a sharp and sporty steering feel.

The dampers (or shock absorbers) come with electronically adjustable valves. Adjusting the valve changes the stiffness of the damper. Unlike Audi’s Magnetic Ride, Volkswagen’s adjustable dampers do not utilise MR fluid dampers. A pair of the DCC dampers would cost about RM 4,000 to replace.

About RM 4,000 a pair

With Volkswagen’s DCC, the damping for each individual wheel is adjusted based on the driving situation and the road surface. It is an intelligent system that provides a smooth ride for you.

All controls for the DCC system can be accessed via the infotainment system. The DCC system is available in all the three new cars launched by Volkswagen this week.