Post-SST Perodua prices - Myvi up by RM 1.1k, Aruz up to RM 4.6k more

Arvind · Jul 4, 2022 09:27 AM

Post-SST Perodua prices - Myvi up by RM 1.1k, Aruz up to RM 4.6k more 01

With the SST exemption period ending on 30th June 2022, Perodua has updated the pricing list across its model range. 

Now, with the inclusion of the mandatory 10 percent SST for both CBU and CKD cars, the following are new prices for Perodua models: 

SST-inclusive Perodua model prices
Variant Pre-SST (RM) Post-SST (RM) Difference (RM)
1.0L E (MT) 23,367 24,090 723
1.0L G (AT) 32,485 33,490 1,005
1.0L GXtra (AT) 33,940 34,990 1,050
1.0L Style (AT) 37,515 38,890 1,375
1.0L SE (AT) 37,515 38,890 1,375
1.0L AV (AT) 41,427 43,190 1,763
1.0L G (MT) 33,456 34,580 1,124
1.0L G (AT) 35,391 36,580 1,189
1.0L X (AT) 42,551 43,980 1,429
1.0L AV(AT) 48,356 49,980 1,624
1.3L G (AT)  45,700 46,500 800
1.3L G (AT) PSDA 47,700 48,500 800
1.5L X (AT) 49,900 50,900 1,000
1.5L H (AT) 53,900 54,900 1,000
1.5L AV (AT) 58,800 59,900 1,100
1.0T X (AT) 61,500 62,500 1,000
1.0T H (AT) 66,100 67,300 1,200
1.0T AV (AT) 71,200 72,600 1,400
1.5L X (AT) 68,526 72,900 4,374
1.5L AV (AT) 73,226 77,900 4,674

In the case of Axia and Bezza the resumption of SST has increased prices between 3 - 4 percent with the biggest bump being for the Axia 1.0L AV, going up by RM 1,763

The Myvi and Ativa fare better - increasing between 1.6 percent and 2 percent. The biggest increase here has been for the top-spec Ativa 1.0T AV with an increase of RM 1,400

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2019 Perodua Aruz front three quarters

The biggest change has been for the 7-seater Aruz which costs RM 4,374 and RM 4,674 for the 1.5L X and 1.5L AV respectively. The top-spec Aruz now retails for just under RM 78k

For buyers who managed to make their bookings before (SST) exemption deadline, they will enjoy the pre-SST prices due to the Government's extended grace period for cars registered before 1-April-2023. 

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