Pre-sale for Volvo XC90's twin, Lynk & Co 09, starts; Official launch on 20 Oct

Jerrica · Oct 17, 2021 02:00 PM

Pre-sale for Volvo XC90's twin, Lynk & Co 09, starts; Official launch on 20 Oct 01

It won’t be long now until Lynk & Co’s new flagship SUV based on the Volvo XC90 goes on sale. Word from China is that the brand has plans to officially launch the Lynk & Co 09 during its fifth-anniversary celebration on 20-October-2021.

For now, Lynk & Co has started pre-sales of the 09 with six variants on offer. Three of the variants are mild-hybrid models (MHEV) and another three are plug-in hybrids (PHEV).

Lynk & Co 09 Price in CNY
  09 MHEV 09 PHEV
Pro 270,000 320,000
Halo 290,000 340,000
Ultra 325,000 375,000

The MHEV variants are known officially as Pro, Halo, and Ultra. Prices range from CNY 270,000 (~ RM 174,300) to CNY 325,000 (~ RM 210,000).

Meanwhile, the PHEV models also share the same variant names but the starting price for the 09 Pro kicks off at CNY 320,000 (~ RM 207,000) and range to CNY 375,000 (~ RM 242,000).

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Pre-sale for Volvo XC90's twin, Lynk & Co 09, starts; Official launch on 20 Oct 01

As you know, the Lynk & Co 09 is basically the Volvo XC90’s twin. The 09 rides on the same SPA platform the XC90 is built on. Although the 09 measures longer and wider in all aspects, the new flagship SUV has the same wheelbase as the XC90 at 2,984 mm.

Size Comparison
  Lynk & Co 09 Volvo XC90
Length (mm) 5,042 4,950
Width (mm) 1,977 1,958
Height (mm) 1,780 1,776
Wheelbase (mm) 2,984 2,984

In previous reports, it was announced that the 09 will also share the same plug-in hybrid 2.0-litre turbocharged engine paired to an 8-speed automatic like the XC90, however, now it has been revealed that on top of the PHEV engine, there will also be a mild-hybrid variant.

Pre-sale for Volvo XC90's twin, Lynk & Co 09, starts; Official launch on 20 Oct 02

The MHEV’s 2.0-litre turbocharged T5 engine still produces 254 PS and 350 Nm. It is also mated to an 8-speed automatic that sends power to all four wheels.

Meanwhile, the PHEV model have a combined output of 431 PS, that is even higher than the XC90 T8 engine's claimed 407 PS and 350 Nm. 

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2021 Lynk & Co 09 Sound System

Interestingly, though the Lynk & Co 09 is heavily linked to the XC90, it is not limited by the 180 km/h top speed. The 09 MHEV is listed to have a top speed of 215 km/h while the 09 PHEV has a claimed top speed of 230 km/h.

Customers can also choose the number of seats they need in the car as the Lynk & Co 09 comes with a choice of a 6-seater or a 7-seater.

We’ve mentioned that the Lynk & Co 09 will officially go on sale on 20-October-2021 in conjunction with the brand’s fifth-anniversary. However, deliveries won’t start until the earliest February next year.

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