Rendered: Is a 2021 Proton Iriz R3 in the making? 30% performance boost?

Arif · Dec 19, 2020 02:52 PM

The Proton Iriz and Proton Persona have both been seen in camouflage a few times recently. Both cars are bound for a facelift, and if we look closely at the camouflaged Proton Iriz, it has some hints of SUV styling. Besides the SUV-like Proton Iriz, a Proton Iriz R3 or “R3 Sport” might just be around the corner too.

Notice the roof rack and wheel arch claddings. Photo:Behind The Wheel

Proton chief designer, Azlan Othman, has mentioned last year that Proton will introduce package options to its cars, namely the “Lifestyle”, “Design”, and “R3 Sports” package.

It has been said that the “R3 Sports” package could even offer a 30% boost in performance. How are they going to do that? We have no idea. Perhaps a turbocharger?

There was once an idea of a turbocharged Proton Iriz. Sadly it ended up being auctioned away.

The new Proton Iriz has been speculated to ditch the droning CVT for a 4-speed conventional automatic gearbox. However, if there were to be an R3 version, we expect something a little more exciting.

While spy shots of the SUV-like Proton Iriz has been seen several times, our only sighting of a possible R3 design on the Proton Iriz would be a black Proton Iriz with yellow accents, very similar to the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition.

Photo credit: Careta

An "R3 Limited Edition" logo has also been leaked, hinting at a possible R3 model by Proton.

Photo: funtasticko

In addition to the facelifted Proton Iriz and Proton Persona, 2021 might also see the debut of a large SUV by Proton.

Rendering of Proton Iriz with Saga Anniversary Edition styling