Spied: 2021 Honda Civic is in Thailand, but Malaysians shouldn't get too excited yet

Sanjay · Jan 07, 2021 12:07 AM

One of the hotly-awaited global launches this year will be of the all-new 2021 Honda Civic. Now in its eleventh generation, we already pretty much know how it looks courtesy of its prototype's debut on Twitch in November 2020.

Civic Protoype pictured.

But that was a couple of months ago - we have something more current to show you.

The Civic is already in Thailand!

Under all the heavy, camera-tricking camouflage is the next-gen Civic, spotted testing in Thailand. 

As expected, this unit loses some of the visual flair as seen on the prototype. Take a closer look at the lower rear bumper - the oval exhaust/diffuser combo are replaced by more conventional round tailipipes. 

Image credit: Facebook user

Other than that, the wheels look to be same chunky units as on the car first spotted in August 2020, and not the NSX-esque ones found on the protoype. Whether or not the production Civic keeps the glam wheels remains to be seen. 

Glaringly though, it seems that the Civic has grown a bit in size. Looking at it directly from the side, it looks longer and it sort of reminds us of the Honda Accord.

2021 Civic - coming to Malaysia when?

We put them head-to-head in this article!

Regardless of its size, it's almost certain that the next Civic will look more matured - tamer even - than the current-gen model. 

So far, the closest look at the interior of the upcoming Civic.

And we know what you're thinking: "I just need to get one already!" Well, temper your expectations a bit because it typically takes between nine months to a year after a model’s international debut before it arrives in Malaysia. At its earliest, this means a late-2021 launch, but an early-2022 one is more likely.

To understand deeper as to why that happens, you may read this article. For now, we have the WapCar Car of the Year-contending, current-gen Civic, as well as a host of new Honda cars to look forward to in 2021