Spied: Massive grille confirmed, here’s all-new 2020 BMW M4 before its debut

Eric · Jun 05, 2020 12:09 AM

A photo depicting the front-end of the the all-new 2020 BMW M4 has leaked ahead of the model's debut in September.

Just like the 4 Series it’s based on, the upcoming 2020 BMW M4 gets a massive front grille, which looks similar to the earlier-leaked photo.

That being said, the front grille’s design is different from the 4 Series – while the regular 4 Series gets a honeycomb-like pattern in the grille, on the M4, it gets large horizontal slats instead.

It remains to be seen which engine the upcoming M4 will feature. Keep in mind that the current range-topping M440i churns out 374 PS and 500 Nm, thanks to a 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six engine. As such, one can expect the M4’s power figures to surpass the M440i by a fair margin.

As with other M-powered models, expect the M4 to receive a host of M-specific goodies, including bespoke suspension tuning, stronger brakes, and a sportier interior.