Strong demand for 2020 Nissan Almera and Kicks, Thailand ramps up output

Hans · Oct 12, 2020 12:23 AM

Nissan Motor Thailand is on a hiring spree for factory workers. Riding on the back of strong demand for the all-new 2020 Nissan Almera and the Nissan Kicks, Nissan needs to add about 2,000 new hires at its production facilities in Samut Prakan, reports the Bangkok Post.

"The increased production comes on the heels of growing exports, in particular for the Nissan Kicks e-Power and Nissan Navara," said Ramesh Narasimhan, President of Nissan in Thailand. "Within Thailand, we also see strong demand for the all-new Nissan Almera, the urban sedan, and the Kicks e-Power."

The full-hybrid (series hybrid) Nissan Kicks e-Power is exported to Indonesia, Singapore, and Japan.

Thailand is the country outside of Japan to produce e-Power hybrid Nissan models.


The e-Power uses a simpler, cheaper setup than the Nissan X-Trail. It’s still a full-hybrid but unlike the 2.0-litre X-Trail Hybrid, the Kick’s e-Power’s 1.2-litre 3-cylinder combustion engine doesn’t drive the wheels. Instead, it only works as a generator to recharge the high voltage traction battery.

The simpler setup is suitable for small cars, and yet offers greater performance than the mild-hybrid (more like micro) setup used by the Serena S-Hybrid.

The Kicks e-Power has been earmarked for Malaysia but like many things in the industry, plans has been pushed back due to the uncertain outlook.

For now, Edaran Tan Chong Motor just wants to focus on getting things right with the all-new 2020 Nissan Almera first.