Testing: Honda CR-V, very balanced SUV

Wilson · Jul 30, 2019 11:36 AM

The model we tested this time is the Honda CR-V 1.5T CVT.

Testing: Honda CR-V, very balanced SUV 01

0-100km/h acceleration test: 9.23 seconds

The CR-V's power data is not low, but due to CVT gearbox, car weight, tuning and other reasons, the entire acceleration process is very linear, there is not much strong subjective acceleration experience. The CR-V's final 0-100km/h accelerated test score was 9.23 seconds, which is faster than the official score, but it is slower than many 2.0T SUVs.

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100-0km/h brake test: 39.89m

In the brake test, the brake pedal is quickly stepped on, and the release of the braking force is relatively uniform, and the braking force is relatively sufficient. The whole process is maintained at -1g, and the results of the 10 consecutive brake tests are relatively stable, and the thermal attenuation of the brake system is not obvious. The final brake test score is 39.89m, which is close to the excellent level for this level of SUV.

Testing: Honda CR-V, very balanced SUV 01

Fuel consumption test: 7.8L/100km

Honda's Earth Dreams Technology engine has always been a fuel economy. Our measured CR-V 1.5T CVT fuel consumption is 7.8L/100km, which is still achieved when the air conditioner is turned on at a constant temperature of 24°. Its instrument panel shows a fuel consumption of 7.5L/100km, which is not much different from the measured data.

Noise test

Many Honda models have been criticized by consumers for their poor sound insulation. Unfortunately, CR-V has also failed to make breakthroughs in sound insulation. The tire noise is relatively obvious during driving. The noisy running noise of the engine also seriously affects its driving. quality.

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