The all-new 2020 Nissan Almera’s engine has something lifted from the R35 GT-R!

Eric · Jan 07, 2021 08:00 PM

Mirror Bore Coating Technology – fancy name, but this is the feature that unites both the recently-introduced all-new 2020 Nissan Almera and the legendary Nissan GT-R.

Now, before we get into technicalities, let’s recap what does the all-new Nissan Almera bring to the table.

Right off the bat is the brand-new HR10DET 1-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine that does 100 PS and 152 Nm.

Engine block before the mirror bore process

While these figures are hardly ground-breaking, what sets the Almera apart from the competition is its Mirror Bore Coating Technology, adopted from the Nissan GT-R.

Hot molten iron being sprayed onto the surface of the cylinder walls

In short, Mirror Bore Coating Technology is Nissan’s method of improving the engine’s efficiency by reducing friction. Instead of inserting a cylinder liner to reduce friction, the Mirror Bore Coating Technology utilizes hot molten iron sprayed onto the surface of the cylinder walls that forms a layer of iron coating, giving it a mirror-like finishing, hence its name.

After the mirror bore process is completed. Note the mirror-like finishing

Compared a cylinder liner which is typically 2-mm thick, the iron coating is only 0.2-mm, considerably thinner but with improved heat conduction. This translates into better cooling performance and less engine knocking, enhancing the efficiency along the way.

How it looks like inside.

Apart from the Mirror Bore Coating, the all-new Nissan Almera also features an electronic wastegate that reduces turbo lag and an air intercooler system.

Couple that with the new CVT-type automatic transmission, the all-new Nissan Almera is able to return a claimed fuel consumption of 5.4-litre/100 km under the NEDC R101 test cycle – better than the Honda City (5.7-litre/100 km) and Toyota Vios (5.8-litre/100 km).

B-segment sedan fuel consumption
Model Claimed fuel consumption (litre/100 km)
Nissan Almera 5.4
Honda City 5.7
Toyota Vios 5.8

Putting aside claimed fuel consumption figures, even in real world driving conditions, the Almera returned one of the best fuel consumption figures we've tested so far. Impressive? No doubt.

In fact, when coupled with the Zero Gravity seats, the Almera makes for excellent an all-rounder - one that encompasses a great ride comfort, excellent fuel economy, and a very stylish interior.

As we’ve mentioned before, the all-new Nissan Almera is set to be ETCM’s turning point, and from the looks of it, it’s right on track.