There’s a Doraemon Car Driving Challenge game that you can play on your PC

Hans · Apr 01, 2020 05:18 PM

If you are sitting at home, bored with your unproductive life (because your wife is doing all the housework while dressed up pretty and cute?), know that there exists a Doraemon car driving game.

The game is pretty old, but chances are, you didn’t know about until today. You can play it here on your browser. It’s a Flash media game so you will need to enable Adobe Flash Player on your browser.The premise of the game is pretty simple. Doraemon drives an open-top truck (because she is done doing the laundry?), collecting stars at every challenge stage.

Since this is an alternate universe, Doraemon’s truck is so powerful that it pops a wheelie every time it accelerates, and since it’s an open-top truck, if you don’t control the wheelie well enough the truck will flip over, killing Doraemon. You don’t want that do you?

If you find all these a little bit strange, just Google the keyword ‘women's ministry malaysia doraemon’.