Toyota GR Supra finally gets a sweet manual transmission!

Eric · Oct 22, 2019 09:37 AM

2020 Toyota Supra front

When Toyota launched the GR Supra, it kept the enthusiast scene buzzing – partially because Toyota worked with BMW to develop the Supra, but also because the GR Supra lacks a manual transmission.

Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the GR Supra threw a curveball, asking if Toyota should prioritize a manual version of the Supra, or should they develop a more powerful version.

2020 Toyota Supra front

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In the meantime, a tuner group called European Auto Group recently got their hands on the GR Supra and has started work on swapping out the GR Supra’s automatic transmission for a sweet 6-speed manual.

2020 Toyota Supra cockpit

Watch the videos below!

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