Vehicle sales on the rise again as August 2022 numbers are up by 36 % over the previous month

Dinesh · Sep 20, 2022 02:51 PM

Vehicle sales on the rise again as August 2022 numbers are up by 36 % over the previous month 01

Surprising nobody, vehicle sales figures for July 2022 took a massive dip over the preceding month as the industry rushed to meet the initial 30 June 2022 deadline for delivering SST-exempted vehicles. However, things are looking up as the August 2022 numbers are in and they mark a promising 36 per cent climb over the July 2022 figures.

According to figures provided by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), vehicle sales chalked up 66,614 units for August 2022 against the drop in July 2022 that saw 48,922 units pushed. The difference of 17,692 represents a bump up of 36 per cent.

The resurgence in sales can be attributed to the rush by carmakers to fulfil deliveries of bookings made during the SST-exemption period that ended on 30 June 2022.

Vehicle sales on the rise again as August 2022 numbers are up by 36 % over the previous month 01

August 2022 and YTD sales figures

Lined up against the corresponding period last year, things certainly skyrocketed. Due to the pandemic, MCO and various other hurdles last year, figures for August 2021 saw only 17,923 units sold.

That translates into a massive 271 per cent surge when compared to August 2022 figures. Nonetheless, taking into account the aforementioned obstacles encountered last year, this is to be expected.

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Similarly, year-to-date (YTD) figures are equally massive due to the same reasons. YTD numbers up to August 2022 stands at 447,209. This marks a 62 per cent raise over the corresponding YTD August 2021 figures of 274,600.

Vehicle sales on the rise again as August 2022 numbers are up by 36 % over the previous month 02

Out of the YTD August 2022 numbers, Proton and Perodua alone account for just over a quarter of a million units. As of August 2022, Perodua registered 171,728 units while Proton saw 83,441 units out the door. That total of 255,169 between the two carmakers is pretty close to the entire YTD August 2021 sales of 274,600.

Unsurprisingly, the top 5 best-selling new cars as of August 2022 are as follows:

Top 5 best-selling cars YTD August 2022
Model Units
Perodua Myvi 48,658
Perodua Bezza 39,642
Perodua Axia 37,013
Proton Saga 34,161
Proton X50 25,074

Although the new Perodua Alza has collected over 51,000 bookings, deliveries are only just trickling out the doors with only 7,682 units delivered. Hence, it’s unlikely that the Alza will feature in the top 10 best-sellers list for 2022. It’s expected to be a different story for 2023 though.

Looking towards the future, the MAA predicts that September 2022 numbers will likely be similar to August 2022 digits. As carmakers continue to push for production to meet deliveries of SST-exempted bookings, the shortage of chips and components will continue to be a thorn in the assembly line of their factories. It should be noted that the shortage of components is also attributed to foreign labour shortage at the parts suppliers and not the factories that assemble the vehicles itself. This will ultimately be the biggest restriction in deliveries climbing significantly for the time being.

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