When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure?

Eric · Oct 12, 2019 04:37 PM

Checking tire pressure

I know I haven’t checked mine in a while, to be fair. 

I also can’t remember the last time I pumped air into my tyres, let alone checking the tyre pressure.

It wasn’t until my colleague Adrian pointed out that the ride of my car felt odd, and recommended that I checked my tyre pressure just to be sure.

2019 Proton Iriz tire pressure chart

I swung by a nearby petrol station to get my tyre pressure checked, and yes, all four of my tyres had really low pressure, one of them as low as 23 PSI. 

Yup, 23 PSI. That is much lower than the manufacturer’s recommended 29 PSI tyre pressure.

That explains my less-than-ideal fuel consumption as of late, coupled with a rather inconsistent ride comfort. 

Michelin XM2+ on a Honda City

Tyre manufacturers also recommend that owners check their tyre pressure once every fortnight, as mentioned in Adrian’s article. If there’s a big discrepancy between your tyre pressure or the tyre pressure drops significantly, it may be a sign that there is a leak on one of your tyres and should be checked immediately.

As for me, checking tyre pressure will be part of my ritual when I refuel my car, as that is the most convenient time to do so.



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