With 70k users saying “Hi Proton”, meet the Malaysian team behind Proton’s GKUI system

CY Foong · Nov 17, 2020 02:04 PM

The Geely Smart Ecosystem (GKUI) has been a stand out feature for Proton’s models starting with the Proton X70 in 2018. But do you know the team behind this feature's localisation is a Malaysian-Chinese joint venture called ACO Tech?

Ever since the X70 introduced GKUI to Malaysians, the system has seen more than 70,000 registered users with more than 42,000 daily active users. ACO Tech has revealed that the monthly average data usage is about 540 MB.

ACO Tech is a joint venture between Proton, Altel Communications, and ECarX (Hubei) Technology. This was formed in September 2019 and they’re the team behind the latest GKUI 19 system that is featured in the Proton X50.

Apart from making GKUI 19 localised for Malaysian users, the team is also behind the development of the Thai-version of the GKUI that will be featured in the Thai-spec X50.

So advanced it can control the weather

The GKUI 19 system is said to be the “most advanced system in Malaysia” with an improved user interface and new applications such as a navigation app that is developed by ACO Tech in partnership with map provider, HERE.

The X50 Standard and Executive variants use a smaller 8-inch screen

The GKUI system is currently available on the Proton X50, the Proton X70, as well as the top-of-the-line variants of the Persona, Iriz, and Exora.

However, the system in the latter 3 models along with the Standard and Executive variants of the X50 and X70 is limited to simple voice commands such as controlling the audio, making calls, and setting a navigational route.

The larger 10.25-inch screen in the X50 Premium and Flagship variants

Meanwhile, the Premium variants of the X70 and X50, as well as the Flagship variant of the X50, come with additional functions for the GKUI which include controlling the sunroof and the power windows.