You can’t turn off Eco Mode on the Perodua Myvi because…

Adrian Chia · Nov 27, 2019 11:00 PM

It doesn’t have one. The new Perodua Myvi does not come with an active ‘Eco Mode’ which alters the powertrain to be more fuel-efficient.

Unlike the ‘Eco Mode’ you find in Hondas, Toyotas and BMWs which changes the transmission and engine mapping, the Perodua Myvi only has an Eco indicator.

What Eco indicator does is tell you whether you’re driving in a fuel-efficient manner. It takes into account your speed, throttle input and the gear selected to determine whether you’re driving efficiently or not.

Much like the Eco Drive Assist indicator on newer Proton models, when the green leaf is on, it means you’re driving efficiently thus saving more fuel. Drive it inefficiently – hard throttle inputs and high speed – and the green leaf will go away.

The Eco indicator helps promote more efficient driving behaviour and in turn, helps you save more fuel in the long run.

What the new Myvi (1.3L X and above) does have is an automatic start/stop system – Perodua calls it ‘Eco Idle’. Like any other auto start/stop, the Eco Idle system cuts the ignition when the car is at a complete stop.

However, having experienced the Eco Idle on the new Myvi, we concluded that it’s not the most intuitive nor smartest auto start/stop system out there. It’s more of an annoyance than a feature, hence we prefer to have Eco Idle switched off most of the time.

The so-called ‘Eco Mode’ on the new Myvi is just an indicator, even if you turn it off as demonstrated in the video below, it does not and will not change your engine performance in any way.

Those that claim the engine feels more powerful after turn ‘Eco Mode’ off in the new Perodua Myvi, is a complete placebo effect.