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housedoktorHave things improved over the years for three-cylinder engines when comes to vibration and noise

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In an era when SUVs are booming and cars’ performances are continuously rising, BMW M GmbH has

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, a 2016 BMW 320i LCI Sport Line.

All-new 2021 G80 BMW M3 launched with madder looks and maddening power – 510 PS, 650 Nm

These are the official pictures of the 2021 G80 BMW M3 and I know some of you might be appalled by the

Road traffic noise in Malaysia has risen at least 19% compared to 10 years ago

A study done by the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s (UTM) Institute of Noise and Vibration shows

Remember this BMW M5 chasing down a land speed record car ad? It has come to life!

Remember this ad of the BMW M5 camera chaser car filming a land speed record car in the early 2000s?

Owner Review: Luxury meets performance - Experiencing the BMW 740Le

** This article is the personal experience of a 2018 BMW G11 740Le owner and does not necessarily reflect

Can no longer afford a BMW? Here are 5 cheaper but worthy replacements

where owners were expressing their disappointment as they are not entitled to the 6-month moratorium by BMW

MT vs DCT vs AT: Why manual transmissions are becoming unicorns

transmission (DSG)It explains the change from DCT to AT in some high-performance cars like the F90 BMW

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2020 (F97) BMW X3 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, RM 886k

BMW Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW X3 M Competition, priced at RM 886,551 (OTR without insurance,

2020 (F98) BMW X4 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, from RM 904k

BMW Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW X4 M Competition, priced at RM 904,276 (OTR without insurance,

BMW teases first ever M3 Touring – to be launched in 2022?

For generations, the BMW M3 was sold as a sedan, a coupe, and a convertible - the latter 2 became the

F90 BMW M5 LCI Rendered: June 17 Unveiling

The 2021 F90 BMW M5 facelift, or Lifecycle Impulse (LCI) in BMW-lingo, will be revealed on June 17.

BMW X8 M to be the most powerful BMW yet; plug-in hybrid, over 700 PS

Rendering by X-Tomi DesignYes, the BMW X8 is happening.

80 Malaysians bought a BMW M last year, BMW Group Malaysia sold 9,890 cars in 2020

BMW Group Malaysia ended 2020 with a total of 9,890 BMW and MINI cars delivered, down 5 percent from

Leaked: Here's the new 2021 BMW M5, 600 PS and 750 Nm super sedan coming soon

The updated 2021 BMW M5 facelift has leaked onto the internet, hours before the model’s official

BMW Malaysia celebrates ///Malaysia day with M-owners

Our car for the day was the F90 BMW M5 for the convoy to Pavilion.A quick cup of coffee and a briefing

Production of 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupé starts alongside four new models

A month after its online premiere, BMW commenced production of the 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupé (G22

2020 BMW M8 launched in Malaysia, from RM 1.4m, 600 PS, 750 Nm

BMW Malaysia has just unveiled the latest high-performance models to augment their Malaysian BMW M line-up

Ratings: Top 10 quietest cars we've tested - 6 cylinders quieter than electric?

No complaints in terms of noise here, with all sources of noise impressively suppressed.Also read: Review

15 years ago, this Korean car invented the SUV-coupe, not BMW!

Car manufacturers from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Volkswagen have dipped their toes into this emerging

Spied: Is this the new 2021 BMW M5 (F90)?

When BMW unveiled the updated 5 Series range yesterday, they did not reveal the top-of-the-line F90 M5

This Mercedes has a BMW heart: Sacrilege or genius?

Since time immemorial, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been at each other’s throats, vying for supremacy

Ratings: 2020 (G20) BMW 320i Sport - Excellent driving performance, 181 pts overall

Side support is adjustable but lumbar adjustment is absent. 2020 G20 BMW 320i Sport - Noise Level

Watch this 1,305 PS, 2JZ-powered BMW E30 M3 do M3 things at the Nurburgring

quot; Toyotas legendary 2JZ-GTE engineNobody in the history of mankind has ever said, "The E30 BMW

Deal breakers: Honda CR-V – love its practicality and fuel economy, not its cabin noise

At 110 km/h we measured the CR-V’s cabin’s noise level at 70 dB, versus the Proton X70 (CBU

Review: 2020 (G20) BMW 320i Sport – Drives superbly, but at what cost?

It is quintessentially BMW.

New 2021 BMW M5 (F90) debuts, do you like the new looks?

After numerous leaks and teases, BMW has just unveiled the updated 2021 F90 BMW M5.

The South African E23 BMW 745i was the BMW M7 most didn’t know existed

BMW 1M, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8. See what number is missing there?

BMW M5 March Used Car Offers

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bmw m5 noisebmw m5 noisebmw m5 noise
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Following this BMW M5 Competition in sedate traffic today - the noise was just brilliant. #BMW #BMWM5 https://t.co/CnTujuxutc

eBay: 2006 BMW 5-Series M5 2006 BMW M5 CLEAN CARFAX SERVICE RECORDS ENGINE NOISE NEED REPAIR RUNS AND DRIVE https://t.co/4iVOgjjW7j https://t.co/3UC2CWACir

What your thoughts on the noise coming from the first downpipe equipped BMW M5 (F90) in Africa? Work done by The 357 https://t.co/zIvtl4yH5j

Duelling V8's this morning making some noise en route to the @aSUPERCARDRIVER meeting with @petegeorgeuk and his storming @BMW M5. https://t.co/g5M1dygnQR

BMW S85B50 (BMW M5/M6) "When they said F1 inspired they meant noise and durability" https://t.co/ZHQNveMPSw

No charging cable needed. #BMW #M5 #mpower #bmwclub #engine #luxury #speed #noise #fun https://t.co/3uQNxomBZf https://t.co/PvEDwslyXu

@mayor_justice I see the whip is back on the road! #beast @simbajames https://t.co/lZE5YerUSU

Car Fact: BMW M5 generates fake engine noise using stereo. #primeautosjapan #carfact #bmw #m5 https://t.co/KSTJoIjGSy

and let your BMW M5 make the noise. 🔥

NEWS Two Minutes of Pure <b>BMW M5</b> F10 Exhaust Noise!http://bit.ly/NPtOrg RANX-http://www.kuruma-info.com/

bmw m5 noise Q&A Review

What is the most driveable everyday supercar?

Daily Driver ? Has to be the ,2018 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG s Doesn't look as great as the previous generation E63, but not a bad looker by any means… It looks cool, is comfortable enough for 4 people, comes with a more than reasonable amount of boot space, and has drift mode (TCS off; RWD only) The details. The 4.0Lt Twin Turbo v8 that pumps out 604ps. The 4.0Lt twin turbo V8 makes 604ps of power (that's right. 604ps. That's 5ps less than a Lamborghini Huracan LP610–4) and enough torque to eat itself should you deem so The "drift mode" or "eat the tyres" mode as I like to call it. The vehicle comes with what essentially is an AWD (All-Wheel Drive) system that can be turned to an RWD (Rear-Wheel Drive only) system for that time when you feel like having some fun. The Interiors The interiors are top-notch. Made of space age aluminium millings and carbon fibre with traces of piano black wood on the dashboard. The upholstery is Nappa leather with alcantara on the flat bottomed steering wheel. A perfectly stanced performance sedan is never a bad thing. This may not be Naturally aspirated, but this is definitely an AMG. And that shows. So yes. A 600bhp, AWD/RWD trick drive layout sedan is what I'd have as a daily driver P.S:- The 2018 BMW M5 runs a very, very close second. I guess I am a sucker for those "AMG" noises.

Are there any sports cars that are as comfortable to drive as a sedan?

From the nature of the question, I'm going to assume that you need some education on cars. Sports cars have one design imperative - optimize for fastest possible lap times while still being street-friendly, yielding maximum fun while driving for sport. Sports cars typically have lower centers of gravity, putting the seats closer to the ground. They also have tighter suspensions, optimized for keeping all four wheels on the ground all the time versus any sort of comfort, which is largely secondary. The further up the evolutionary scale you go, the more likely you are to have further tradeoffs made using much less compliant materials in bushings, which severely increases ride harshness and noise (that's also the most common first "upgrade" made in the aftermarket as well) Sedans have different design imperatives - and not all sedans have the same set. Four doors, carrying five passengers in relative comfort, acceptable performance (which is where things start to diverge radically), acceptable fuel economy (another divergence point), acceptable interior appointments (another divergence). Most sedans are driven by people who not only have never turned a lap on a race track, but who have never ,BEEN, to a race track. Most sedans are driven by people who are more interested in how well the cup holder grips their latte versus how well the car grips the road in the twisties. However, there's this thing: people driving sedans sometimes like to ,THINK, they're sports car drivers, creating the market for things like the BMW M5, and the various Mercedes AMG models, the Porsche Panamera, and numerous other examples. So you wind up with a ton of power moving a ton of weight, brakes to match, and stiffer suspensions that you'd find on the non-"sport" models of the same platform. Not so much as to cause disgruntlement among the family members riding in the car, mind you, but enough so that they probably out-perform actual sports cars from 20+ years ago. And there's this other thing: high-end sports cars are expensive. Want that shiny new 2016 Porsche 911GT3RS? Sweet. Me too. Just write a check for $178k (or more, depending on options), it's all yours. Who has that kind of money? Let's get realistic here: old guys (at least as seen by kids in their 20s). And old guys with that kind of money aren't going to settle for ride quality or interior appointments which are "problematic". So we've seen this gradual convergence - sports sedans are getting more like sports cars because sports cars are getting more like sports sedans, because of the price points indicating "compromises" to keep the market segment alive. Speaking personally, in my mid-40s my daily driver was an ANDIAL Stage III 930 with fully heim-jointed suspension on nylatron bushings and race shocks. My dates hated it. Not possible to discretely enter wearing a skirt, no cup holders. I loved it. A decade out, I'm a little more creaky than I was then, and know that I'd be just as happy driving the stock version of the same car. I can still live without the cup holders, though. To put a fine point on this, and wrap it up: I think that you'll find most of the more expensive sports cars having a "street ride" that's comparable to the higher-end of the "sports sedans". I know for fact that the Audi R8 and all of the Porsches are great grocery getters, and still shine on the track. Choose otherwise, your milage may vary.

Is it true that the BMW M5's engine is an engineered sound?

Well, yes and no. Its called BMW Active Sound. I'm relieved to say that it is not FAKE, per say. I found this at ,http://f80.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=893548,: But, the ,good news, is that we've confirmed with BMW Germany that it's a live amplification of the S55 engine's natural sounds. There is no artificially generated sound or pre-recorded track being played. This sound amplification takes place through the M3/M4/s stereo speakers. I suppose the rationale is that given that an M5 is supposed to be the ultimate luxury sedan ,and ,the ultimate hot-shit sport sedan at the same time. So, when you are tired of being a hot-shit sportscar driver you could turn down the noise while you are on the way to the opera with your international super-model wife. Of course, its physically not possible (and not just because of the wife) to turn a knob and reduce noise. What ,is ,possible is to engineer out a lot of the noise and then turn a knob and ,add ,the noise back in. Gratuitous photo of the M5 power plant. Nom nom nom. Personally, I think someone got lost in hypothetic-ville. For those interested in the ,best, most glorious possible, description of what Active Sound is, here is BMWs press release on the subject (from the same site): Active Sound Design delivers precise feedback. M5 drivers will be given an even more direct reminder of their car’s performance capability by technology that brings the distinctive sound of the high-performance V8 – in all its glory – into the cabin of the new BMW M5. The Active Sound Design technology specially developed for the new BMW M5 takes its cues from the driving situation at any one time to deliver an accurate reproduction of the engine’s sound through the car’s audio system. The system’s digital signal processing exchanges data directly with the engine management, allowing it to reflect the engine’s revs and torque, and the car’s speed over the road. The result over a smoothly driven journey is a discreet soundtrack in keeping with the harmonious and assured characteristics of the V8 powerplant. A stamp on the accelerator, meanwhile, prompts an immediate audible response to match the instantaneous – and typically M – burst of power from beneath the bonnet. In generating its signals, Active Sound Design takes its cues from the firing sequence of the eight-cylinder engine and the frequency range of the exhaust system. This gives the driver an extremely accurate impression of current engine load and an even more intense sensation of the V8’s high-performance characteristics. At the same time the Active Sound Design control unit ensures an even spread of sound across all five seats of the new BMW M5, while observing the legal guidelines governing noise emissions inside and outside the car. The characteristics of the sound produced by the technology also adjust to the engine settings selected by the driver. For example, switching to “Sport” or “Sport+” mode sharpens not only the engine’s responsiveness but also the acoustic experience inside the car. Here's a video with it on and with it off: I still <3 BMW.

How come the American car manufacturers haven't broken into the UK market?

When I was a kid in Sweden, an American car was a sign that you had made it. That segment is totally owned by the Germans today. If you want a luxury sedan or SUV, you will go for a Mercedes, BMW or Audi, if you want a sporty two-seater – a Porsche. If you want top performance, an M5, AMG or a Quadrifoglio. And in supercars there are Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin and Koenigsegg. Then there are Teslas. I see quite a lot of them. But they are not viewed as American, but as electric and intelligent cars. Finally, there is a cruising subculture that appreciates American cars. They look like this: First you smell the stale beer, then you hear the noise of a large slow-rev V8

What is bad about Tesla cars?

I’m a life long “Petrol Head/Gear Head” who has in the past, raced everything from Porsche GT3 Cup Cars, to Nascar style stock cars. I’ve also owned at least 5 Porsches for daily driving, 4 Mercedes Benzes, 2 Jaguars (1 of which was 1 of 33 ever made), a Lexus, trucks, and even some obscure classics like a Sunbeam. Our current stable of daily drivers in the family include a Tesla Model 3+ and an Alfa Romeo Giulia with Performance Package (aka: “Party Package”). The Tesla has been a total game changer. There’s nothing remotely close to it in terms of technology and the way it drives. For the price, there’s nothing else in its class that accelerates like it, especially in mid range acceleration. But when you add the autopilot, the intuitive technology everywhere in the car, how easy it is to drive, and non-stop discoveries of convenience, it’s nothing short of spectacular. I’ve yet to find any true flaws with our Tesla. It’s not a car for every lifestyle. For example, an associate of mine from work lives in a luxury apartment complex and cannot charge his Tesla at night. Instead, he chooses to go to a local shopping center each day for lunch so he can charge his car (about 15 minutes each day or 45 minutes if he skips days). I suppose that would be a bit annoying if I wanted to try a different restaurant. Range anxiety might be an issue for newbies to EVs. But honestly, it’s more perception than reality. We’ve never been in a situation where we were limited by range. There are so many supercharge stations littered around the country (and particularly in SoCal) that you’re never more than a couple of miles and 20 - 40 minutes from charging up. To us, that’s a nice snack or meal break. I suppose it would involve a little more planning if you were doing a cross country trip. My aforementioned co-worker visits his girlfriend every weekend a few hundred miles away and has never once complained that his Tesla was inconvenient. We did recently have an issue where my wife cut a tire on the highway and we waited half a day before Tesla roadside service was able to get us to the service center and back on the road. However, that’s more an issue of roadside service and had we stopped at a tire store, we would have been on our way in a hour. So that’s not really the fault of the car. My next set of tires will be run flats though. I suppose I miss the sound of an exhaust. But there’s a lot to be said for a car that does the job in silence. To the point now that I’m often amused by loud cars that “make a lot of noise but don’t seem to go anywhere fast”. The styling of our Tesla 3 took some time for me to fully embrace. We originally wanted what I deemed the prettier Model S, but the Model 3 is the superior car in terms of technology and our lifestyle. I’ve grown to accept the looks, maybe even begin to like it. Ours is black which is my favorite color for the 3. That’s really personal taste so not a flaw at all. Some people claim that Tesla fit and finish is poor, and they have water leaks. Perhaps in the early models, but ours has panel fit and finish equivalent to any Mercedes or Lexus. Nor have we ever experienced any leaks. Road noise is a bit louder than European luxury cars. But I sometimes wonder if its actually more road noise, or the lack of an exhaust noise masking road noise. Handling? It feels as planted as 125cc shifter kart. Turn in is quite direct, perhaps not quite as visceral as my Alfa. I’ve yet to explore the ultimate grip but skidpad tests by magazines indicate it’s quite respectable. The lack of gear shifting takes some getting used to so you change your spirited driving style. It’s certainly not what I consider BMW M5 handling, but it’ll keep up with any Lexus on a twisty road. Not bad for a car that doesn’t claim to be a sports sedan. Flaws with the actual car? I really can’t think of one….

What is the most implausible technology that actually exists?

BMW uses fake exhaust noise through the sound system of the car to enhance, M5,'s sound. ,BMW, Ford, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Lexus are just a few of the companies that are faking their engine noises. VW even created the ,Soundaktor,. An artifical noisemaker which replaced the commonly referred to "noise-pipe" on some GTI's. this is basically a vibration machine, to add noise to your engine and make it sound sportier. ,BMW M5 generates fake engine noise using stereo - CNET, I will post a few more soon. In the mean time, you may want to check these links, and laugh a bit: ,Top 10 Most Stupid Inventions, ,25 Inventions That Are Completely Pointless - The Car Exhaust Grill, ,Stupid Inventions | NuttyTimes.Com - Funny Pictures & More, ,The 5 Most Ridiculously Unnecessary Modern Inventions, The most stupid inventions (30 pics), ,Japanese 360 degree camera hat ,24 chainsaw engines http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/photos-e6frewxi-1111120019288?page=39, Top 10 Crazy Japanese Inventions You Don't Want - Listverse, But you also have cool stuff here: ,12 Brilliant and Useful Inventions,

Why do many Tesla owners say they'll "never go back" to another brand?

Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying . . . In early 2015, I heard about the Tesla Model S P85D. At the same time, my wife had given me an ultimatum: you cannot have your Porsche Boxster S AND your Audi S4 in the same tandem garage when we have two kids, softball practices and signing lessons, school and family events to go to. What happens when you are out in the Boxster and need to pick up both kids? So I needed around 4 seats, my Audi was getting older (for me, as I have spoiled myself rotten), and having a hatch would be great for utility. However, I was, as I said, spoiled rotten, and I needed a performance vehicle that would save me from the perception of caving in to a mundane family existence. I am more grown up now, but that was my thinking at the time. Getting a regular performance wagon or, god save me an SUV, was one foot in the grave for my juvenile way of thinking. So I narrowed my search to top-end sports sedans from Audi, BMW, AMG, Porsche, Jaguar, and I threw in Tesla for gits and shiggles. Audi RS7 BMW M5 AMG E63 Jaguar XF-R Porsche Panamera Turbo S Tesla P85DL I am a ,super car geek, and have lusted after sport sedans (I have children, so no sports cars for me: that is what the track is for) my whole life. I won’t bore everyone with numbers, but I can assure you that these cars are very equivalent as far as appointments, performance, and overall driving quality. I did my due diligence (because this was going to be BY FAR the most expensive vehicle I had ever owned. I test drove all the others and thoroughly enjoyed them. The Porsche was the best, but at north of $165,000, that wasn’t going to be the choice. The BMW was a little disappointing, and was also pricey at $125,000. The Jaguar was a tremendous value, but a little porky in handling and had a smallish interior, and the Audi was super handsome, but a little bit overdone. I finally decided on the Audi, but I thought that I would give the crazy Tesla with the ridiculous acceleration a try. What the hell, it was on my way home. So I went to the Tesla “store” at the mall and drove one. The car was beautiful, but not as perfectly fit and finished as the others. The interior was clean, neat, and basic, until I saw the 17″ screen. I took several minutes marveling at all it could do, especially the maps feature, which is downright revolutionary. If you are at all familiar with Audi/BMW/Porsche/Jaguar attempts at integrating technology into their cars, you would realize it was like getting an iPhone after using a Motorola Razor. As far as technology, it was game over. As I pulled out of the parking spot and into the garage, I got the flashback feeling of driving a golf cart. There was no starting, there was no waiting, there was no noise, and the car slowed down when I took my foot off the “gas”. It was weird, in a kind of science fiction way. So then I got on the road. There was more power than the golf cart, for sure, but there was a lot of traffic, so I had the chance to notice that the car was very easy to drive and the screen and technology was not distracting. So far so good. Then I got on the freeway, a long looping on-ramp from above down to an open stretch of highway. The salesperson told me to punch it, and I did. The feeling was like nothing I have ever experienced, and I have driven some pretty bitchin’ cars. It was like that golf cart had NO LIMIT on power and NO LIMIT on acceleration. I hit the programmed limiter for test drive cars (100 mph) so quickly that I was stunned. THEN we got slotted into the freeway and he showed me Autopilot. Then I went to a large parking lot that I know and tested its autocross-style handling. Then I went up Tiger Mountain road like a bat out of hell and back down. Then I bought it. It was, and is, without a doubt, the best car I have ever owned by a HUGE margin. As a matter of fact, it is the best vehicle I have ever driven. And the quickest. I constantly look for a way to get rid of my car, but I can’t. For me, it’s like being a serial philanderer who fell in love and can’t believe that he has lost interest in all the other girls out there. I love this car. I have almost 50,000 miles on it, and no matter how many cars I test drive, they all seem silly. Honestly, gas and diesel cars seem silly. If they have performance close enough for me to pay attention, they are ear-splitting fart machines that shake, rattle and roll with the wasted energy of their ridiculously inefficient engines and douchebag desires to look cool with exhaust noise. Even if their performance is pretty good, I cannot believe that these cars are so expensive yet you have to WAIT for the drivetrain to wind up, the fuel to ignite, and the engine to get into its asthmatic torque band. I drove a Dodge Hellcat just to see what another 10 second quarter mile car was like, and it was like “steampunk”. All other cars have THE WORST infotainment systems in the world. They may do everything, technically, but they do it in a non-integrated, module-like way that it more than frustrating, it is downright dangerously distracting. I have become allergic to buttons, which are often scattered all over a car, often different but usually the same like an Apollo spacecraft. I cannot picture myself putting gas in a car ever again. When I wake up, the car is full. When I get home, I plug it in. When I go on a trip, I Supercharge. Simple. When I go to my car in the morning or after work, it has been running the air conditioning or heater for me for several minutes, it unlocks as I get up to it, I get in and drive. If I am waiting somewhere, I wait with the a/c or heater on and the radio or streaming or bluetooth going. I don’t idle. It’s always on. It’s always ready. When I am driving, I can be as sedate as I want, but the power is RIGHT THERE. The only other vehicles that I will even pay attention to are motorcycles. They get a kick out of losing. Because lose they do. How much power? Well, my daughter likes to play the game of putting her phone on the vertical seat back at a light, and seeing how long it will stay there, pinned by acceleration, before gravity finally wins. We are up to 5 seconds, which is like 115 MPH. ,Of course I never actually do that, as that would be illegal. Yeah, it’s a standard that I see no car company coming close to. Even the Taycan looks disappointing. Edit: Yup, the Taycan is disappointing! Pretty, for sure. 201 mile range for the cheapest at $118,000? Taycan in its natural location - charging. Over $180,00 for the inanely named “Turbo S”? Seriously, did they hire someone from the GM transmission/powertrain naming think tank to name an electric car a Turbo? C’Mon! My advice: if you decide to buy an electric car, DON’T buy it from a company that not only doesn’t commit, but has decided in committee that it’s customers are such idiots that they need to be spoon-fed “analogies” in order to understand their products. I’m looking at you, Ford “Mustang Mach E”! Not a Mustang

Why do all V10 engines make the same noise?

The way that an exhaust of a car sounds depends largely on the ,firing order ,of the cylinders (they don't just fire in line, after the other). This is done to minimise how much the engine vibrates. Each engine configuration (inline 4, inline 6, V8, etc) has a firing order which is pretty much optional for that engine type. This also includes the V10, meaning that the way the exhaust gases resonate in the exhaust system will be similar in most V10 engines. This is also the reason that a Civic, Camry, Hyundai, and Mazda 3 all sound similar. Despite this, your claim that all V10 cars sound the same is false, just compare a Porsche Carrera GT and a BMW M5 V10. This is because their exhaust systems may work in significantly different ways; and their engine speed range and response is vastly different. Good question though. v10 firing order - Google Search

Is a second hand 2013 BMW M5 with 83,000 kms. a good deal at $32,000? Would you recommend it as a first car?

No and No. First, the M5 will have been driven like the almost race car that it really is. The high horsepower machines really don’t bring much for resale value. That being said, Kelly Blue Book calls the car between $42000 and $52000. So your seller has underpriced it by $10000 to $20000. Why would he/she/they do this? Easy answer is to unload it. Or there’s something not said, like an engine noise or it needs all four tires. Maybe the “Check Engine” lamp or maintenance light are on. Seems funny that after five years this vehicle has roughly lost half of its value. For a first car, get something with less horsepower and maybe later move to an M5. First cars USUALLY get crashed, because Mom and Dad buy the first car then you buy the next car.

  • What is the Conventional Shift Mode of BMW M5?

    Here are the Conventional Shift Mode and variants of BMW M5:

    Variants2019 BMW M5 M5
    Conventional Shift ModeY
  • What is the Steering of BMW M5?

    Here are the Steering and variants of BMW M5:

    Variants2019 BMW M5 M5
    SteeringRack and Pinion (Electric Power Steering)
  • Tell me the Assist System of BMW M5.

    The Assist System of the BMW M5 are as follow:

    Variants2019 BMW M5 M5
    Parking Sensor FrontY
    Parking Sensor RearY
    Parking Camerawith front and rear cameras
    Cruise ControlY
    Auto ParkingY
    Auto Start/StopY
    Hill Start AssistY