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Italian style, Korean chassis, built in Malaysia, meet the Fauxrrari F430

The Ferrari F430 is not the greatest Ferrari of all time, nor is it even the greatest Ferrari of the

Watch a Kia EV6 GT drag race against supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren

greatest battle it out in a drag race against renowned performance cars like the Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari

Ferrari Roma launched in Malaysia – Baby Ferrari 812, from RM 968k

Naza Italia, the official importer and distributor of Ferrari brand in Malaysia, has introduced the Ferrari

Mick Schumacher to drive his dad’s F2004 ahead of the Tuscan GP

Image credit: Mick Schumachers official InstagramTo celebrate Scuderia Ferrari’s 1,000th Formula

Paddle shift in automatic cars, pretty useful or practically useless?

challenger.Photo credit: ultimatecarpage.comHowever, this technology was made more prominent in 1989 by Ferrari

Pros and cons, 2018 Perodua Myvi: Why is it the best-selling car in Malaysia?

Perodua MyviFerrari F8 Spider, McLaren GT, 2018 Perodua Myvi, Lamborghini Huracan, etc.

This Ferrari 488 GTB is made in Vietnam. Just joking, it's a plexiglass replica!

More often than not, if an owner can afford a Ferrari, they wouldn’t be spotted selling watermelons

Increasingly powerful cars + overconfident drivers, recipe for disaster?

Your Ferrari 488 Pista musters 720 PS?

Ferrari is making different kind of intake valves to battle Covid-19

research of the different companies who contributed to the success of the project.In the coming days, Ferrari

McLaren designer says the world needs more red Mazdas, pens this

There’s a Mazda logo on the front fender, similar to where Ferrari places the shield.

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Ferrari 812 GTS lands in Malaysia, last Ferrari NA V12? From RM 1.5 mill before tax

Naza Italia, the official distributor of Ferrari vehicles in Malaysia have pulled off the wraps for their

2020 Mitsubishi Triton Adventure X new colour option reminds us of the Ferrari F1 team's livery

Sunflare Orange Pearl.Racing fans would liken the orangey-red colour to a shade of scarlet that the Ferrari

Daniel Riccardo debunks driving sequences of our favourite car movies

, after 8 renditions, is really just an action movie unrelated to cars.The latest being Ford versus Ferrari

30 years ago, the Honda NSX changed the supercar world forever

the makers of the humble Civic and Accord jumping onto the supercar bandwagon against the likes of Ferrari

From a rare LaFerrari to one-off Pagani Zonda, what other exotic cars do F1 drivers own?

Sir Hamilton the eco-friendly warrior.Fernando Alonso – Ferrari LaFerrariThere are only 499 of

Frankfurt 2019: Ferrari 812 GTS, letting the 6.5L V12 sing with the top down

50 years ago, the Ferrari 365 GTS4, also known as the Daytona Spider, rolled out of Maranello.

Top Rank – 10 production cars with the wildest wings

employees would install them with an electric drill which took about 10 minutes.The legend – Ferrari

That’ll buff out - Italian keeper’s Ferrari 812 Superfast destroyed while being sent for wash

That was the nightmare faced by Genoa goalkeeper Federico Marchetti when his Ferrari 812 Superfast was

Ferrari 812 GTS tiba di Malaysia. Ketahui maksud dan perbezaan tanda nama 'GTS'!

Naza Italia selaku pengedar rasmi jenama Ferrari di Malaysia telah memperkenalkan Ferrari 812 GTS terbaru

Ferrari F8 Spider launched in Malaysia – 720 PS/770 Nm, infinite headroom, from RM 1.1m before tax

Ferrari F8 SpiderAt a private preview, Naza Italia unveiled the Ferrari F8 Spider in Malaysia, which

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale costs RM1.9 million but it has no reverse gear!

First, there is the McLaren 765LT and now this, the 2021 Ferrari SF90 Stradale which is just unveiled

Ferrari thinks you can fit 4 in the new Ferrari Roma coupe

Ferrari is on a roll this year.

Lego unveils Ferrari 488 GTE, 1,688 pieces, yours for RM 800

Lego has just unveiled its latest addition to the ever-growing Lego Technic family in the form of the Ferrari

Here are the top-5 most overpriced cars in the world

When you buy a Ferrari F8 Tributo, fifty percent of the selling price goes to paying for the Ferrari

Ford, Fiat, Ferrari are working to produce masks/ventilators. Can Malaysian car companies do the same?

You might have read news reports of several car manufacturers – BYD, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GM, and

MYPerodua Nation 2019 will open its doors to the public from 20-22 September

entire value chain will be there, including Perodua Total Protect Plus, Perodua Pre-Owned Vehicles (POV

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 11, 2019)

entire value chain will be there, including Perodua Total Protect Plus, Perodua Pre-Owned Vehicles (POV

Ferrari 812 almost takes out cyclist, crashes Superfast into guardrail instead

Here we have a Ferrari 812 Superfast prowling the streets of London.

Nissan MID4 was a mid-engine AWD Ferrari fighter that failed to fly

While many car fans recognise the legend of the first Honda NSX and how it beat the mighty Ferrari, it

What are the most expensive cars launched in 2020?

Standing for Grand Turismo Spyder, the 812 GTS is the first front-engine V12 spider built by Ferrari

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ferrari f8 povferrari f8 povferrari f8 pov
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  • Here's Why The New F8 Tributo Is Ferrari's Answer To The McLaren 720S!

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Some Clips from the Ferrari F8 Tributo I drove today POV: From my Fathers Car I drive the blue car in front Again special thanks to @Ferrari https://t.co/g9DDY9jrrX

POV Footage: Test Drive In An Twin-Turbocharged 3.9L V8-Powered 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider - Featuring ASMR Audio https://t.co/w9bZhn2yFl ___ #FerrariF8Spider #F8Spider #Ferrari #Supercars #Sportscars #Cars #Motors #Coupe #Automotive #Motoring #Driving #Drivers #Speed #TopSpeed

脳死で見てるんだけど周りにテスラ車めっちゃ走ってて草 田舎のおじさんのレクサスくらいの頻度 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider POV Drive (ASMR) https://t.co/3n0e3adzNU @YouTubeより

POV: Novitec Ferrari F8 N-Largo https://t.co/2hRZTpC3T6 @YouTubeより

Let's Go For A POV Drive In The Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider | Carscoops https://t.co/FAk6aGwwbN

2020 Ferrari F8 Spider POV Drive (ASMR) https://t.co/BK4QVEIo0U たまたま開いたPOVがGTA5と全く同じ場所で驚き。 リアルはこんな感じなのか。

Ferrari F8 Spider POV Test Drive - 0-150 km/h Accelerations, Tunnel, Dow... https://t.co/EG4cSQf8lr via @YouTube

  • Is Ferrari F8 Spider available in Steering Tilt?

    No, Ferrari F8 Spider isn't available in Steering Tilt.

  • Does Ferrari F8 Spider has ABS/EBD?

    No, Ferrari F8 Spider doesn't have ABS/EBD.

  • Tell me the Overview of Ferrari F8 Spider.

    The Overview of the Ferrari F8 Spider are as follow:

    Variants2020 Ferrari F8 Spider
    Body TypeConvertible
    SegmentSport Car
    ModelFerrari F8 Spider
    Launched Year2020
    Horsepower (ps)720
    torque (Nm)770
    Engine4T 720PS
    Transmission7-Speed DCT
    Length*Width*Heigh(mm)4611 x 1979 x 1206
    0-100 km/h (s)2.9
    Fuel Economy
    On SaleY
    Warranty Manufacturer