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If each brand had an honest slogan, what would some be?

I’ll base my answer as per as the situation in 2017: (A mix of world-famous brands) Tech: Nokia, - Daddy’s back, bitches! Apple, - Doesn’t matter what we make or what price we quote. You’re gonna buy from us anyway. Samsung, - We do a lot more than just making smartphones. Xiaomi, - The poor man’s Apple. Microsoft, - Good at software, bad at business takeovers. Amazon, - We sell every legal shit on the planet. Ebay, - We sell every legal (and a few illegal) shit on the planet. Google, - We stalk you. Everywhere. Everytime. Facebook, - We stalk you. Only when you login, that is. Twitter, - The smart man’s Facebook. Intel, - We make snacks for your computers. Currently serving chips. Tor, - Want to check out/do something illegal on the internet? We’ve got you *95%* covered! Automobiles: Mercedes Benz, - Sporty and efficient. Just like the Germans. BMW, - Cars so safe, it’ll lock you inside in case you crash it. Audi, - We specialize in ,sleeper cars,. Porsche, - The perfect cars for rich assholes. Lamborghini, - Is that a spaceship? A UFO? Na, just an Italian car. Koenigsegg, - You’ll never get our spelling right. Bugatti, - Out of all Bugattis in the the world, 5% exist as drive-able vehicles and 95% as bedroom posters. Ferrari, - The perfect car to show the world that you’re rich (even if you are not). Ford, - Ready to whip your ass with a touch of the ignition button. Aston Martin, - The James Bond car. Without those cool gadgets, of course. Nissan, - That blue car from early Fast and the Furious movies which smoked everyone at races. Range Rover, - We can go virtually anywhere. Except underwater. Rolls Royce, - Got yourself a $200,000 Rolls? Make sure to get a chauffeur to drive it around. Ducati, - The Ferrari of Superbikes. BMW Motorrad, - The only (sane) way to drive a BMW on two wheels. Tesla ,- Outrunning supercars ,without gas or engine. Toyota ,- Hit it or beat it, the car will still work. Honda ,- Specialists in making reliable engines and cool commercials. Other Brands: Walmart, - The Human Zoo. Target, - You’re probably here because of those discount coupons. Disney, - We’ll probably sue you because, er, we have lawyers. Enough said! Nike, - That’s your favorite sportsman? Yep, we sponsor him. Adidas, - We’re basically Nike, just with 2 additional stripes. Puma, - Ever wondered about that ‘big jumping cat' picture on Usain Bolt's jersey? Us! Mc Donald's, - Fattening everyone (mostly Americans) since 1955. Coca Cola ,- The original makers of coke. Not the powdered one, of course! Budweiser - ,We taught the world how to make a cool commercial for alcohol. Sony ,- We make the legendary Play Station, the only department we can beat Microsoft at. Colgate, - The brand that 1 doctor out of 10 will tell you to avoid. Starbucks ,- The only overrated selfie-centric-women-certified coffee brand in the world. (Edit - I added a couple of new ones, and updated some old ones based on comments) | (Edit - 2 revised a few existing ones) | (Edit - 3 edited some existing ones and removed some not-so-good ones)

Why is Russia building an aircraft carrier? What can be the purpose of an extra aircraft carrier? How and where would Russia use it?

Abbey Laurel-Smith’s answer IMHO highlighted the most relevant point: ,Building an aircraft carrier is more of business and a way to maintain a tradition for Russia, rather than defense. It reminds me the situation when in 1960 the Soviets decided to build a car plant in Togliatti. Several models from various producers were tested. After completing the full range of testing they finally settled on two models - Ford and Fiat. Technical people voted Ford as more suited to serve the main goal - to pull up the whole backward industry to a higher standard. But despite the fact that American technology was more serious, the Politburo, for whatsoever cause, chose Italian car. Then it was rumored that the Italians in Turin were more hospitable than American manufacturers.

Why are American cars so poorly built compared to European models?

The Ford Crown Vic seems to disagree with your statement. Once a staple in almost every police force in North America, driven hard frequently as police have to be as quick as possible, with many likely also seeing high speed chases, these cars have definitely been through alot in their careers. Now a lot of high mileage examples of these are still on the roads today, although now in the hands of civilians who often stand by the claim of this being one of the most indestructible cars ever made. the 4th gen and early 5th gen mustangs also used the same engine as the crown vic. Other American cars which owners swear by include any gm product, especially the trucks, the Lincoln continental and just about anything that wasn't either made by chrysler or is clapped out straight from the factory (such as the chevy cavalier) With that said, I have actually heard British and French cars to be very bad for overall reliability, aswell as most Italian brands. I love Italian cars but there is no denying the poor build quality with old Fiat's and Alfa Romeo’s and especially Lancia’s slowly fading away, out of existence, and don't forger the reliability of Leyland cars, or lack of. It seems like german cars and volvos are the only ones who are built solid, with volvos practically l being indestructible. As someone who has been exposed to car culture on both sides of the Atlantic, all I got to say is american cars are actually often pretty solid. My father had an 87 Renault, pretty car, but if you put your foot down too hard, the acceleration would actually rip the engine from its mounts. Edit: I am not American nor do I have a bias twoards American cars. I also forgot to get into detail about chrysler. It seems like I have heard mixed opinions from chrysler owners when it comes to reliability. For me, chrysler is my favorite of the big 3 American companies but again, heard mixed claims depending on the vehicle, with some of chryslers smaller vehicles being some of the worst but bigger ones, such as Ram trucks and Jeeps being indestructible according to owners.

Why are Italian cars, namely Fiat, still so unreliable?

In my opinion it’s dealer related more than manufacturer. Back decades ago FORD stood for Found On Road Dead and Fiat for Fix It Again Tony. As a high school student I grew up buying old 1960’s Alfa Romeo Spyders that were “unreliable” for very low prices. If they had good compression and a decent transmission I’d buy it. I’d fix a series of issues that I’d discovered, mostly corrosion in wiring, that took little time and no money. Clean the carb, adjust the valves and timing. Then the cars would start and run well even on wet or cold days, and I’d sell them quickly at a solid profit because they were exceptional cars to drive. So my first point is that the quality of the dealers, even living within 50 miles of the importer kept these cars from being reliable. Second, having worked for Mercedes in the early 70’s as electronic fuel injection and pollution controls brought new levels of complexity to cars, I know that the documentation and especially the training of mechanics within a dealer network is critical as new technology comes in. At that time I owned an early Mazda Rotary engine and the dealers were horrible at finding problems and fixing them. There is no reason for any modern car to be unreliable and so well maintained and not abused cars should last a very long time, at least 150,000 miles. As long as the dealer or mechanics exist who can keep them in good shape and parts are available. Also, “fun” cars like the Fiat tend to be driven hard, often to the point of abuse by younger more inexperienced drivers. Less respect and skill, far less reliability and life and then good cars are called unreliable. Finally, cars that are an enthusiast's joy to drive are engineered differently for performance and that can make them lighter and weaker than another heavier or less responsive car that just isn’t fun to drive. Fun cars get naturally driven harder because they encourage it. Buy a good car that you enjoy driving, take care of it, respect it and find a great mechanic for it and you’ll have a long and happy ownership.

Within the US, why are police cars seemingly always American-made?

As an unofficial policy, the US government tries to buy American whenever possible. Most local and state governments do the same. This policy hires American, and sometimes Canadian and Mexican workers through American companies like Ford, Chevrolet, and GM to make their cars. This is actually true everywhere there is a car industry. You notice this when you go overseas to a country like Germany or Japan, where there is a big automotive industry, and even countries with smaller automotive industries like India and Sweden. In almost every country with a car industry, the police buy cars mainly made locally. In Sweden police mainly buy Volvos. In Japan police mainly buy Subarus, Daihatsus, Nissans, Mazdas, and Toyotas: In Germany police mainly buy BMWs, Volkswagens, and Mercedes. In France police mainly buy Renaults, Peugeots, and Citroëns: In South Korea, police mainly have Hyundais: Indian police use mainly cars made by Tata and Maruti-Suzuki (a Japanese-Indian car manufacturer), but use a few foreign cars as well: In Australia, police mainly bought American cars which were made in Australia, back before all of the American manufacturers left. These were GM Holdens and Ford Falcons. Now Australia is struggling to find a sedan with a powerful engine and rear-wheel drive that has the steering wheel on the right. At the moment, some states are experimenting with Subarus: The problem is that a Subaru WRX is about 15% smaller than a Ford Falcon. One notable exception is Italy, which uses a mix of French and Italian cars, as well as a few Land Rovers. Fiats are legendary for not being very reliable, so that is understandable. Edit: At the moment my answer is 90% pictures of cars. Please do not spam your nation’s police cars in a question edit. You can comment them if you want, but I feel like my answer is overflowing as it is.

Do you prefer to buy American made or foreign made cars?

WANT TO BUY AMERICAN? More of an Acura is built in America than of a Chevy. More of a Toyota is built in America than of a Buick. More of a Honda is built in America than of a Chrysler, which is actually an Italian car using a classic American brand name. And the percentage of your BMW that’s made in America is the same as in your Chrysler—which isn’t American, though, remember, it’s Italian! WANT TO BUY FOREIGN? Chrysler is now an Italian company. For a while, Ford owned Volvo—all you snooty Volvo owners! Lincoln is a classic American car brand, but only 17% of a Lincoln is built in the USA. So, if you buy a Lincoln, you’re getting a car that is 83% foreign, while those of you who would never drive an American car will get more than double the American content in your Korean Kia than in your Lincoln. Just buy whatever car you like best! REALLY WANT TO BUY AMERICAN? Tesla is the only brand built 100% in the USA. SEE THE WHOLE BREAKDOWN! See Which Car Companies Make In America

How do "Foreign" beers claim to be genuine Australian/American/German/Czech beers while being brewed within my own country (UK)?

Technology, manufacturing process, know-how. For instance, Ford has plants in Mexico, Mercedes in South Africa, VW manufactured its legendary Golf Mk2 in Yugoslavia, FIAT manufactures the new 500 in Serbia. Yet, nobody claims they are not American, German, or Italian cars.

If you could choose one car each from German, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan, what would you pick?

This is my first answer on Quora so sorry about any mistakes… German, - Germany is a 24/7 factory when it comes to cars. There is nothing that can compete with a nice drive on the autobahn at 200+ kph. And nothing screams German engineering more than the ,Porche 911,. This car is unmistakeable with its classic “Porche” look. The history on this car stems back to 1959and is still in production today under various new names. This car represents the height of German engineering: it’s small, fast, and handles unbelievably well. United States ,- The U.S. isn’t known for making top of the line luxury chariots or multi-million dollar hypercars. The U.S. autoshow is dominated by the classic american muscle. These cars were made to go fast in a straight line and roar like a lion the whole time. The best representation of this is the ,Ford Mustang,. Another car that has evolved throughout the years, the Ford Mustang has always been the go-to American muscle car. With a 5.0 L V8 engine producing 480 horsepower, the Mustang gives off a roar equivalent to the king of the jungle’s. United Kingdom - The U.K., unlike their counterparts across the pond, have added a sense of elegance to their auto-industry. From the luxury behemoths of Rolls-Royce and Bentley to the state-of-the-art track cars from McLaren, and even all mini Mini’s; British cars give a comfortable and quick ride. The only British car that brings together elegance and action is none other than James Bond’s ,Aston Martin DB5,. In the classic full silver, the Aston Martin DB5 is the epitome of driving in style. Afterall, you can’t get more stylish than Bond… James Bond. Italy, - The Italians have mastered the combonation of style and speed in their cars. Known worldwide, Italian car makers have created an air of prestige around their brands. When you want to go fast and with flair, you go Italian. For me, the quintessential Italian car comes in the ,Ferrari Italia 458,. A relatively new car after coming out in 2009, the Italia 458 is the best representation of Italian cars. In its flagship Ferrari red, the 458 boasts a 4.5 L V8 producing a whopping 597 horsepower. This car comes with the prestige of the established Ferrari brand and sticks out in the crowd with its color and sound. Japan, - Every country has their own style of car making, and Japan is no different. The Japanese have created some of the worlds most recognized car brands due to the longevity of their cars. They have also created some of the most versatile street cars, helping to usher in the street car craze of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Japanese cars are know to have easily interchangeable parts and are made to be modified to the owners preference. The most iconic of these chameleon-like street cars is the ,Toyota Supra,. One of the most heavily modified cars in the world, the Toyota Supra shows the versatility of Japanese cars. Supra’s, although first being built in 1978, became increasingly popular between 1993 and 2002 (the height of street racing). *All pictures were found on Google and belong to their rightful owners* **EDIT 2/22/19 - This is my first answer and somehow I have 1.1k views?!

Are Lamborghinis reliable?

No. There aren’t any reliable Italian-made cars. This has been an ongoing issue for decades. Italians focus on form vs. substance. The design is impeccable and crafted to the Ts but most moving parts aren't what we might consider of top quality. That said, Lambo is currently owned by Audi, VW Group. Lambos share a lot of parts with their less novel siblings. For example, the Gallardo was made on the same conveyor belt where the Audi R8 was made and essentially the same car. Ferrari is the only better made Italian car and the main reason why Fiat spanned off the more mass-market Maserati from the Ferrari division (hard to manage quality control). Ferrari is now a public company and completely separated from the Fiat-concern. That was the great legacy of the now-deceased Sergio Marchionne who did more for Ferrari than most former exacs considering that the brand was near dead post-Enzo. There is little money in low volume cars. Even Enzo tried selling Ferrari to Ford in the 60s. Lambos are insanely expensive to maintain and their drivability and lack of daily-driving aspect make them a gorgeous eye-candy but nothing else. I do personally adore the brand and its stamina all these years. I also think that management is better now under Audi. They are moving across platforms and venturing into all kinds of businesses outside automobiles such as real estate, fashion and merchandising. The Urus is their mass-affluent--market debut (considering that 250k isn't mass-market) but necessary to compete with Porsche (sibling), Rolls and Bentleys SUVs. It remains to be seen how much the URUS is an Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne considering the 150k premium. Nonetheless, they share the same chassis. Edit: Aston Martin is also starting to make SUVs with the new 2020 DBX.