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In Brief: Ford Ranger, combining the best of utilitarian and refinement

(Model | Gallery)The Ford Ranger is a 4x4 pickup truck that made a global debut back in 2015.

This Ford Ranger makes 405 PS and has gull-wing doors

When Ford Performance unleashed the Ford Ranger Raptor, many were disappointed that the pick-up truck

2021 Ford Bronco to launch on 13 July, fights Jeep lineup

In the lead-up to its 13-July launch, Ford has released information about the upcoming Bronco.

New 2022 Ford Ranger rendered, do you like what you see?

Last week, we reported that Ford is working together with Volkswagen to develop the next-generation Ranger

SDAC-Ford offers up to 20-percent discount for service customers from now until 31 May

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, has announced a service

Spied: New Ford Ranger Raptor spotted in Thailand, all-new or facelift?

A heavily camouflaged Ford Ranger Raptor has been spotted in Thailand amidst testing.

Ford Malaysia launches real-time e-Service appointment booking system

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford vehicles in Malaysia, announced their

2021 Ford Bronco looks set to wrangle the competition

Finally, the 2021 Ford Bronco has been unleashed to the world.

Next-gen VW Amarok to be built by Ford, coming in 2022

Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG signed agreements that expand their global alliance on 10 June 2020

Limited Edition Ford Ranger Splash sold out!

Ford Malaysia has announced that all 19 units of the Ford Ranger Splash have been pre-booked ahead of

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This is why Ford is making artificial bird poop

Believe it or not, but Ford really does have a dedicated laboratory for studying and creating artificial

Ford Everest gets a Raptor-esque, custom makeover

What do you do if you own a Ford Everest but want yours to stand out from the rest?

RM 2,000 Ang Pao on offer when you purchase a Ford Ranger before CNY

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering up some awesome ang pao money when you purchase a Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger 2.2L Wildtrak Has a Big Improvement Than the 2.2 XLT

The sole distributor of Ford in Malaysia-Sime Darby Auto Connexion, introduced the Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Ford Malaysia will now deliver a test drive unit to your doorstep

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, continues to enhance its

5-year warranty for 2021 Ford Ranger, upgrade available for current owners

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia, introduced a new

New vs Old – 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift vs pre-facelift

Yesterday, Ford debuted the 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift in Thailand and it looks, well the same

Owner Review: Living With My 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Named Bloop

** This article is the personal experience of a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST180 owner and does not necessarily

Review: Ford Ranger WildTrak, when adventure meets concrete jungle

(Model | Gallery) The thinking mans Ford Ranger Raptor Same powertrain as the Ford Ranger Raptor, 213

Ford Ranger XLT Plus facelifted in Malaysia! RM 129,888, new front design

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) introduces a quick update for the Ford Ranger XLT Plus variant.

Ford is helping you save up to RM 9k when you purchase a new Ford Ranger

May 2020, Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) is offering massive savings of up to RM 9,000 for their Ford

Ford Ranger enjoys 12 % increase in sales in Q3 2019

The all-new Ford Ranger continues its segment high in the third quarter of 2019 with an increase of 12%

All-new 2021 Ford F-150 can do 1,126 km with one tank of petrol

Ford has just unveiled the all-new, fourteenth-generation 2021 Ford F-150 in the US.Starting with the

Ford just made a limited number of Rangers sportier and smarter

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is proud to present the smarter and feature packed new Ford Ranger XLT

Save up to RM 8k on a new Ford Ranger Raptor or a Ranger Wildtrak!

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering attractive savings on selected Ford Ranger Raptor and Ford

Owner Review: 3 Years of Ownership, Owning and Upgrading My Ford Ranger

** This article is the personal experience of a 2017 Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT T6FL owner and does not necessarily

Mazda BT-50: This is why Mazda chose the Isuzu D-Max over the Ford Ranger

rsquo;s anyone with the capability to challenge Toyota’s supremacy in pick-up trucks, it’s Ford

Malaysia to get new True Red colour option for the 2021 Ford Range Raptor?

The over-the-top Ford Ranger Raptor could be receiving a new colour in Malaysia later this year, as seen

The RM 126,888 Ford Ranger FX4 is a dressed-up Ranger XLT, no additional power

Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC), the official distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia has just introduced

The CEO who killed the Ford Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo is stepping down, replaced by ex-Toyota man

Jim Hackett announced today that he is stepping down as CEO of Ford Motor Company, barely three years

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ford kiernan Q&A Review

If everyone knows that the stock market will perform better in the long term, why do people sell in panic and not hold their investments?

For a question with so many answers, I’m surprised no one has made the following point yet: The premise of the question includes something called the “fallacy of division”—what is true of the whole is not necessarily true of all the parts. Just because the stock market as a whole will increase with time ,does not mean, that shares in, for example, Acme, Inc. will keep pace with the market. Some companies will be winners and some companies will be losers. Not every stock will appreciate. Some companies will slide down long-term. Other companies will go bankrupt. Here is a five year comparison between Ford and Toyota. Ford depreciated even during the bull run while Toyota has underperformed the market despite appreciating. Now look at Toyota compared to the Vanguard Total Market Index fund Toyota underperformed the market by about 10x. Just because the market is going to appreciate doesn’t mean a given company’s stock is going to. To assume that any given stock should be held long-term because the market as a whole will appreciate commits the fallacy of division. It’s a fact that the whole market will appreciate but individual stocks won’t necessarily. By the way, this fact prompted the development of the mutual fund and, later, the index fund. The logic: Own a diversified basket of stocks so the value of the portfolio will increase over time with the market. Besides, to quote Warren Buffett, people try to “dance in and out of the market,” hoping to sell high and buy low, but most people fail at this. Why do people sell in panic? It depends; your mileage may vary; but one reason might be that people are more afraid of loss than they are drawn towards gains. At a higher level of sophistication, people sell assets that are depreciating not necessarily based on fear or panic but based on opportunity cost. There may not be a reason to hold long and chase a rebound when an asset can be sold for a small loss, thus freeing up the money to put to work in a better-performing asset. Ultimately, it depends on your strategy, whether you should sell during a decline or not. For example, this summer, I bought about 400 Chainlink (LINK) tokens. (I realize DeFi tokens aren’t stocks but the logic is the same). I bought in when they traded at $6.50 apiece. I did it on a lark; they were trending up, so I figured why not. Later on they went all the way up to $20.00. But then a lot of DeFi stuff started crashing at the beginning of September. ETH crashed 34% in a couple of days. I sold my entire position in LINK at about $14.50 per token during this crash. Did I sell in a “panic”? No. I was concerned they would continue to go down (which they did, LINK is about $10.50 last I checked). I wasn’t planning on holding them long-term, so I took profits. If I had bought them with a strategy of holding them for a few years, I would have held. I didn’t sell any ETH because I have a different strategy. If you didn’t buy with a strategy of holding long then sometimes it’s smart to take profits.

What celebrities have lost a child?

Ford Kiernan. Best known for the Scottish comedy series Still Game. His son died at the age of 12 having choked to death. Also John Michie, who may best be known for his role in the Scottish crime drama series Taggart. His daughter died at the age of 25 after overdosing on a variety of class A drugs at a music festival. Side note, I'm not sure why my credential automatically selected a Dungeons & Dragons related one.

Why did Pol Pot initiate the Cambodian genocide?

Your first stop should be this page: ,Cambodian genocide - Wikipedia If you want to learn more I recommend: Kiernan, Ben (2002). ,The Pol Pot Regime: Race, Power and Genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, 1975–1979,. Yale University Press. ,ISBN, ,0-300-09649-6 Kiernan, Ben (2004). ,How Pol Pot Came to Power: Colonialism, Nationalism, and Communism in Cambodia, 1930–1975,. Yale University Press. ,ISBN, ,0-300-10262-3 Philip Short (25 April 2013). ,Pol Pot: The History of a Nightmare,. ,ISBN, ,9781444780307 I have written a short introduction to the events of April 17th, 1975 when the ,Communist Party of Kampuchea, (at that time known only as ‘Angkar’ - meaning ‘The Organisation’, later known by the pejorative ‘Khmer Rouge’) seized power and began to implement their radical communist agenda: The April 17th People: Cambodia 1975

When was America most prosperous?

To my knowledge, there have been 3 time periods where the US has been the most prosperous and powerful. There may have been more, but I mainly know about 20th century history. The first (1921–1929): ,This period, commonly known as the Roaring (or Golden) Twenties was a time of great prosperity throughout the world, especially in the US. America, now the richest in the world, gained financial and industrial superiority over the rest of the world. This mainly caused by WW1 which had expanded the US economy and the devastation of other countries during the war. The US have loans to other countries (especially Germany, as it had to pay war reparations the Britain and France) to help rebuild their economies. Also, many more consumer goods such as the Ford Model T were being produced and many cultural advances were being made in politics (women's suffrage) and art. The second (1945–1953),: While the rest of the world was in ruins from years of fighting, the US emerged from the war more powerful than when it entered. The US had the largest economy, 2nd largest army, largest navy and airforce, with units stationed across the globe. They also had (until 1949 when the Soviets detonated one) the only nuclear arsenal in the world. Europe (including the USSR) was tired, in debt, and in ruin and had little interest in more war, much less one with America (notable examples, however was China in the Korean War, but thats a subjects for another day, and France in Indochina). The third (1991–2001): ,After the fall of the Soviet Union, the US had no real economic or military rival. This, along with huge economic growth from the presidencies of Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton created an era of prosperity not seen since the 50's. This era ended with the Bush Jr. and the 9/11 attacks.

Do you enjoy watching British films and TV shows? Which ones are you watching now?

I am currently watching a few Scottish comedy shows including “Still Game,” “Chewin’ the Fat,” and “Burnistoun.” I have been a huge fan of I.T. Crowd since its inception and can almost quote the entire series word-for-word. Some of my favorite movies have included those made by Monty Python such as “Life of Brian” and “Monty Python and The Holy Grail.” Recently, I noted that Ford Kiernan, from both “Still Game” and “Chewin’ the Fat” was following me on Twitter. It may have been just a fluke on his part or maybe he follows his fans, but it was such an honor. I tried my best not to fan-girl on him.

Other than destroying the middle and upper classes in Cambodia, did the Khmer Rouge have an actual economic program?

As close to an economic plan as historians have been able to unearth from the limited surviving official documentation of ,The Communist Party of Kampuchea, (CPK - aka: ‘Khmer Rouge): Entitled ,‘The Party’s Four-Year Plan to Build Socialism in All Fields 1977–1980′ ,(Party Centre, July-August 1976), ,this rambling 110 page document more often reads as a communist political manifesto than an economic plan. In this document, the focus for economic development in ,Democratic Kampuchea, (Cambodia was renamed under the CPK regime) would be on agriculture as a means to ‘build the nation’ under socialism. Only 20 pages discuss DK’s industrial development. The remainder of the document covers social and cultural issues, as well as health and education. Excerpt from an Introduction to this document by David P. Chandler: ‘…Although rice cultivation is the key ingredient of the Four-Year Plan, other crops, including cotton, jute, tobacco, fruit, and vegetables are also to be expanded. Everything is expected, somehow, to improve… Goals often take the form of lists… without setting priorities or selecting regions particularly suitable for a specific animal or crop. Other problems are side-stepped by insisting that they will be solved. [The report]…states that by 1980 DK will be producing 1,000 tractors per year and 6,000 threshing machines, without indicating where the steel, machinery, or skilled labour to make these items are to come from.’, - ,Pol Pot Plans the Future: Confidential Leadership Documents from Democratic Kampuchea, 1976–1977,, David P. Chandler, Ben Kiernan & Chanthou Boua, Monograph/Yale Southeast Asia Studies, 1988 The reality of this incoherent, muddled document were, of course, the massive, nationwide workers’ communes - forced labour camps where tens of thousands were put to work, and where so many perished as a result of ruthless overwork, malnutrition, hunger, lack of medicines or brutal abuse and torture. Further reading: ,The April 17th People: Cambodia 1975

Why do lower class English comedians bash Scotland, but never taunt Wales or Ireland?

Its quite simple… the best Scots comedians, Kevin Bridges, Frankie Boyle, Jerry Sadowitz, Craig Fergusson , Billy Connolly, Chick Murray, Rikki Fulton, Gregor Fisher,Greg Hemphill, Ford Kiernan Karen Dunbar and Jane Godley create their best work by being self deprecating. Those who “bash” others …the Scots, mothers-in-law, foreigners etc are simply trying to align with their audiences’ prejudices, their ingrained racism and homophobia. Consequently they aren’t that funny even though that kind of routine gets them a bit of a laugh from the “lower class”. Of course there are some good comedy players from England and Wales…Paul Merton, Micky Flanagan, Charlie Brooker, Rhod Gilbert, Stewart Lee, Sarah Millican Kathy Burke and Diane Morgan all of whom are very talented and they vastly eclipse the likes of Roy Chubby Brown and Bernard Manning who appealed largely to those with a pretty low level of intelligence.

Is it rude if I speak with a British accent even though I'm not British?

It's not rude but I would imagine that based on your usage of the misleading term “British accent” that it would sound amusing to British people. There is no such thing as a British accent despite what most Americans say. You could broadly divide the English ones up into: RP (which in real life is as rare as rocking horse droppings), London/Estuary, West Country (often referred to by Americans as a “pirate accent”), Midlands, Northern, North East. This however is still very crude because there are many variations within these groupings. In short, in the north of England and the Midlands the accent changes (sometimes drastically) every ten miles or so. compare Scouse with neighbouring St. Helens or Manchester with nearby Bolton, West Bromwich with Bromsgrove, Sheffield with Barnsley, Newcastle with Middlesbrough and you will see that even the term “English accent” is a fallacy unless you mean “one of the accents from England and not Scotland”. This leads to Scotland, which geographically, (semi-) culturally and politically is as British as London. There is not one Scottish accent that is remotely similar to a neighbouring English one (admittedly there is similar vocabulary with Cumbrian and Northumbrian strains of English English but nevertheless completely different to the ear). Scotland also has a broad range of accents too, which can be crudely divided into West Coast (incorporating Glasgow), East Coast (incorporating Edinburgh) and Highlands. Believe me, a west coast Scot may have initial difficulties on the phone to a motor mechanic in Methil. I have not mentioned Wales yet and will not because the same rules apply there too and I don't feel qualified to comment on somewhere I have never lived or had friends and family from. My tip is: rather than modelling yourself as “the kookie girl with the British accent”, pick a specific British accent and study it intensely and go and live in that place to perfect it. I say this because the British (English in particular) are obsessed with accents and will pick up on quirks and often make fun of you as any Scot, Northerner, Welsh- or Irishman living in London will tell you and not only will they laugh at you but constantly ask you to repeat words for their amusement and then will get you to say “that word” again so that their friends can make a laughing stock of you too. This advice is for your own self-respect and peace. If you want to talk like Hugh Grant, Steven Gerrard, Ford Kiernan or Ozzy Osbourne, do it but shut out all other influences.


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