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Was Tirpitz being tied in port the main reason why she was harder to sink than Bismarck, or are there other factors involved?

Note that the German battleships Bismarck, , and Scharnhorst, , , once caught in the open ocean by the Royal Navy, were quickly wrecked by heavy naval gunfire and ultimately sunk by large torpedoes launched from surface ships. But that doesn’t at all mean that a battleship in port is safe from attack. Note that the British attack on Taranto, , and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor , , were highly successful in terms of damage inflicted upon battleships in port. More accurately, the Germans used the Norwegian fjords as protected anchorages, whereby the Tirpitz was the proverbial rat in hole, and the attacking terriers had fewer pathways and options to sink her. Once moved to Norway, the Allies launched approximately twenty different attacks on the Tirpitz, most of them without result or only scoring minor damage., , Here’s some of the challenges faced by the Allies when attacking a ship hidden deep in a Norwegian Fjord: Out of range from most land-based bombers launched from Great Britain. Protected by Axis aircraft based nearby. Ringed by land-based anti-aircraft guns. Obscured by smoke generators. Too far inland to shell from the sea. Surrounded by high cliffs making air attacks difficult. Surrounded by anti-torpedo nets, making torpedo attacks ineffective. Obscured by bad weather and short days (winter). Thus, to make a long story short, bombs dropped from British aircraft carrier aircraft weren’t heavy enough to deal the Tirpitz a serious blow. While they could damage her upworks and kill exposed crewmembers, they were unlikely to sink her. The Tirpitz wasn’t seriously damaged until specialized British submarines, the X-Craft, succeeded in laying very large mines along side and under the Tirpitz ., , The shock damage from the explosion bent her hull, flooded compartments, and even displaced a main battery turret. As a result, Tirpitz would be out-of-action for six months and, unknown to the Allies at the time, might not even been fully battleworthy after that point. The Tirpitz wasn’t seriously damaged by air attacks until the British deployed their 12,000 lb “Tallboy” bomb which, when dropped from high altitude, had the kinetic energy to pierce the thickest battleship armor and, with 5,000 lbs of explosive, could destroy a battleship or seriously damage it with a near miss., On 15 September 1944 the Royal Air Force Lancasters succeeded in hitting the Tirpitz with a single Tallboy which ripped a 15 metre hole in her bow. The direct hit and near misses by the Tallboys inflicted so much damage that the Germans declared the ship unseaworthy and opted to redeploy the ship as both a decoy, to keep the Allies guessing, and as a floating gun battery., While the Allies knew the Tirpitz had been heavily damaged, they didn’t know the full extent from the Sept 15th raid, and therefore still deemed the Tirpitz a potential threat. A second Tallboy attack on 29 Oct 1944 was less successful, but a near-miss bent a propeller shaft rendering her even more unseaworthy than before., The end of the Tirpitz came 12 Nov 1944 when she suffered two or three direct Tallboy hits and several near misses. At the time the Germans believed the water under the Tirpitz was shallow enough to prevent the battleship from fully sinking, but the Tallboys were so powerful that the near misses gouged massive craters under the ship and she quickly capsized taking hundreds of crewmembers with her., But hiding the Tirpitz in the Norwegian fjords had its drawbacks too. First, being so far north, they were at the end of the German logistical capabilities, and routine resupply such as refueling was arduous and time consuming. Second, while the fjords offered shelter, they weren’t proper naval bases with the necessary heavy infrastructure to maintain and repair large ships. For illustration, below is the battleship USS Texas in drydock. Note the heavy nearby cranes. Once the Tirpitz was seriously damaged she needed a proper naval yard capable of dry docking large ships. Of course the Allies understood this and what few drydocks that were capable of supporting a battleship were high priority targets, for example, the famous raid on St. Nazaire in 1943, , . But by late 1944, German held Europe was being invaded from both the East and West and even the primary German naval bases at Kiel and Wilmshaven were under constant air attack. So the ability of the Tirpitz to return to Germany for repairs was always in serious doubt. Below is the Admiral Hipper, wrecked , , in port.

What’s the best spaghetti sauce recipe that will rival all others?

My favourite is from the film “The Godfather”. Francis Ford Coppola added the recipe to the sauce cooking scene because he didn’t know how well the movie would do and by putting in the scene, if people didn’t like the movie, at least they’d leave knowing how to make a decent red sauce. It’s very simple, and very good. Some angel out there managed to write out the details online as below: 2 tbsp. olive oil 2-4 cloves garlic, chopped 2 large (28-ounce) cans tomatoes (whole, crushed or chopped) 1 10-ounce or 2 6-ounce cans tomato paste 3 to 4 Italian sausages, grilled and sliced 1 lb. cooked meatballs (use your favorite recipe) Dry red wine 1/4 cup sugar 1. Heat the oil over medium heat in a large pot. 2. Add garlic and cook for a few minutes. Do not let the garlic burn. 3. Add tomatoes and tomato paste. Cook for about 5 minutes, stirring continuously so that a relatively smooth consistence is reached. 4. Add sausages and meatballs. Stir until the meat is coated. 5. Add a splash of red wine, then the sugar according to taste. 6. Reduce heat to medium-low and let simmer for a minimum of 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent scorching. 7. Serve by ladling over cooked pasta. When I do it, I swap steps 4 and 5 (the meat, of course, being optional, and by optional I mean mandatory :-) ). I use Chianti for the red wine, and rather than a splash I pour some (maybe a third of the can) into one of the cans to swish around and rinse the residual tomato out of the can, pour that into the second can and swish around, then pour into the pot. And, if using meatballs and/or sausages, I like to cook them first to reduce the grease being added to the sauce and to make sure they are cooked through. EDIT: OK, people. Frankly I don’t care if you have a problem with the lack of herbs and the added sugar. If you don’t like it, take it up with Francis Ford Coppola. Besides, if it’s good enough for Peter Clemenza, it’s good enough for me.

How is it possible for a woman to go 9 months without realizing she is pregnant?

I agree with Kathy Hurst Davis. Most women know they are pregnant when they miss a period. Some women may get pregnant during that “twilight zone” of first menstrual cycle versus first ovulation. Additionally many women have very irregular menstrual cycles. There are many other reasons. Being a person who did not know I was pregnant because of very light bleeding and irregular periods, when I went home to visit my Mom who lived 200 miles away from the military base, she passed me in the hall and said “You are pregnant!” . I said “no, I am not!” We discussed back and forth and she challenged me to see my family doctor. My husband and I discussed what she said and we kind of laughed it off. End of story, I WAS pregnant. Never missed or was aware of missing a period since they were so infrequent and irregular. Never had morning sickness. At that point, almost three months, I still had a tiny waistline. Thank goodness for my Mom. She said she could see the change in my “color” and I imagine that means that I had a rosiness to my skin from all of the extra blood flow. She revealed that when she brushed against me as we passed in the narrow hallway she saw me flinch and indeed I did have a little discomfort. So, if you are very thin with irregular periods, very overweight with irregular periods AND you have no expected signs of pregnancy, it can happen. A thin person is going to feel some weight gain at some point but a very overweight/obese person my not really see a change in weight or figure. And, there are those who have beliefs that they never really had “REAL” sex so they live in the state of denial. If you are having sex you can get pregnant. If you are fortunate enough to know and understand your ovulation cycle it is more likely that you will recognize a change. However, millions of people around the world do not understand ovulation or do not understand that sperm will swim as hard as they can to reach their goal. We have to remember that whatever we see as normal is in fact an average of what happens. Many women have morning sickness but many do not. Many have food cravings but many do not. There are some kinds of light bleeding that can happen during pregnancy and if periods are scant and rare, that may be perceived as a period. What we need is better sexuality education and that starts with educating PARENTS so they can educate and watch their children. We need more to be like my Mom. She knew me, she asserted her beliefs and she had raised me to be obedient. I got checked out, got early and regular prenatal care, and had a beautiful and healthy 9 lb. baby boy who is still the joy of my life.

How effective was the English longbow in battle? How much training was required to use one efficiently? And why did it remain a uniquely English weapon during the time period?

The longbow is what we call in military theory for a ,military revolution, or MR. For something to be a MR certain criterias has to be fulfilled. If it does not fulfill these, it’s usually a ,revolution in military affairs, - known as RMA. Blitzkrieg is for instance a RMA. So what are the criterias for a MR? A) The change is in ,direction, and not ,degree, and must have an enormous impact on the outcome of fighting. Is it more of the old, or something entirely new? And as such, does it change the balance of the components in the military? B) Can the direction be copied by those disadvantaged by it, be it an invention or a technique? And if so, doe that require a change in their social, cultural and economic structure, and are they unable to achieve this, in contrast to a change in their military only? C) Does it change the balance between the defense and offense? Your three questions touch on this. The longbow was a change in direction. It came when mail armor was the norm around 1300. The bodkin arrow, which is a needle, could penetrate through this type of armor with ease. As a result, Edward I, Edward II and Edward III started to recruit archers for their campaigns in Wales and Scotland. This changed the composition of the army from infantry and heavy cavalry, to archers and dismounted men-at-arms only. In other words, a complete change. It was not more of the old, but something entirely new. In 1277, 800 Welsh archer from Gwent and Crickhowell and 100 archers from Macclesfield were payed 3d a day in contrast to 2d a day for archers and infantry in general. These men fought for Edward I in Wales, and probably were the first true longbowmen in english service. He also recruited from Glamorgan, the Gower, Kidwelly, Llanstephan and Pembroke. The longbow saw four important victories in the years after the Conquest of Wales. The first was the battle of Falkirk in 1298 in Scotland. By now the bowmen from Wales could probably draw full length longbows with a heavy draw weight of around 120–150 lb. During the battle they decimated the Scottish schiltrons (or pikemen) so that heavy cavalry could finish them off. The second battle was the battle of Boroughbridge in 1322. Here bowmen together with infantry defended a ford and annihilated a cavalry force by shooting from the flanks while the infantry kept them in check with pole weapons. The third battle was the battle of Dupplin Moor in 1332. Here a small group of 500 dismounted men-at-arms on a hill defeated a much larger Scottish army by placing 500 archers on each flank. The fourth battle was the battle of Halidon hill in 1333. Here a force of some 2500 men-at-arms and 6500 archers defeated a Scottish army almost twice as big. These four battles was a catalyst for further development, and by 1346 the archers at Falkirk had fostered their sons and grandchildren in the use of the longbow. Scottish raids into northern England was a big problem in this time period. The men at Falkirk had seen with their own eyes the antidote to the Scottish way of fighting. This motivated them to train with the bow. By 1333, the entire country had embraced the longbow as their ace up their sleeve. England was a free society after 1382 when serfdom was gradually abolished. At the hight of the longbow around 1415–75, the majority of the yeoman class was leaseholders or free. Taxes had to be approved by the parliament, and then usually only for the defense of the kingdom. This in turn lead to the great rebellion in 1381, a rebellion by archers. The growing yeoman class of free farmers after the black death embraced the bow fully because of its success on the battlefield in France and Scotland. People were not only allowed to own and train with bows, but they were required by law to do so and show up at the Muster with bows, arrows, armor and other weapons. France was not a society made up of free farmers. They were predominately serfs, and as such, farmed the land to support the landed aristocracy. After 1356 and the Jacqueri revolt this changed gradually and climaxed in 1381 with the Harelle revolts. The aristocracy did not trust them to have longbows or rely on them as soldiers. For them to adopt the English way of military organization would require a complete change in the way their societies were organized. They did try in 1448, but it was much too late. They only recruited men selected to train as archers from among free men in towns, instead of recruiting only the best from an entire population of men trained as archers, the way the English did. Between 1418 and 1424 Scotland could raise around 8300 archers, but they were defeated at the battle of Cravant in 1423 and Verneuil in 1424. 8300 is a remarkable number of bowmen from a country whose population only numbered 500,000. Because the English defeated them almost without taking any loses themselves with only 5000 archer, they could not have been the best archers. English archers could probably shoot faster, with heavier bows and therefore longer with heavier arrows and better penetration. English longbowmen entirely changed the balance between offense and defense. From the middle of the 11th century to the beginning of the 13th century heavy cavalry had dominated infantry on the battlefield. Heavy cavalry could attack infantry and win on open ground as the rule. Only trickery and the use of terrain could defeat them. The longbow changed all this. When Edward III went to war against France and won battles such as Cadzand in 1337, Sluys in 1340, Bergerac in 1345, Auberoche in 1345, Saint Pol de Léon/Restellou in 1346, Crécy in 1346, La Roche-Derrien in 1347, Winchelsea in 1350, Mauron in 1352, Poitiers in 1356 and Auray in 1364, the French king and nobility refused to meet the English on the battlefield. Even an army made up of English and Welsh archers and men-at-arms serving as mercenaries, defeated a 10,000 men strong royal French army at Brignais in 1362. English armies and mercenaries roamed the countryside freely. These raids were known as chevauchée, and the French nobility could only hide in their fortified castles and cities. However, most of the towns were not fortified and were put to the torch. Edward of Woodstock burned down more than 500 hamlets and towns during his chevauchée in 1356. The reason they did this, besides enriching themselves and punish the rebellious French population, was to force the French king into attacking them in a place of their own choosing. They often succeeded in this by laying siege to cities and raze the countryside. The reason for why the longbow was so effective was its ability to pierce through armor. Both mail and plate armor made of wrought iron and low carbon steel. A good 160 lb bow with a 110 gram arrow will pierce 1.55 mm of plate armor made of low-carbon steel with a fracture toughness of 210 kJ/m2 at 55 meters. When they shot arrows into a formation of men they would strike the highest part of the formation - the side of their helmets and their visors - killing and wounding them. Mail made of low-carbon steel over an aketon made of 26 layers of linen is no problem at 220 yards, the max distance. At Crécy in 1346 they killed so many common men with this kind of armor that they were unable to count them. It’s estimated to be around 8000 with 4000 wounded, fleeing the field. Of men of good armorial standing, 2200 was killed and probably 4000 men-at-arms altogether. 1542 of these lay on the ground in front of the division under the command of the Prince. How much training did it take to master the longbow? They started training at the age of 7. By the time they reached 13 they could probably master a 75 lb bow. When I say master I mean shoot for the 2 hours the law required each Sunday. From here they probably progressed as seen below. 13 years old = 75 lb 14 years old = 88 lb 15 years old = 100 lb 16 years old = 111 lb 17 years old = 121 lb 18 years old = 130 lb 19 years old = 138 lb 20 years old = 145 lb 21 years old = 151 lb This meant that they could recruit the best archers for military service in a population of archers.

Why do Americans use oversized and under-powered cars?

Underpowered? I’m not sure what you mean. American cars usually lead the way. when it comes to power, especially power per dollar. That article link didn’t mention anything about power output anyway. For example the Ford Expedition with the 3.5L V6 turbo puts out 400HP and 480 lb ft of torque. I”d hardly call that underpowered. It will pull a 9000 lb. trailer, which is probably the same size as most European apartments. Oversized? Not really. The US is huge, the roads are wide, parking is easy in most areas, we have our own driveways and garages, so why not buy large comfortable vehicles? Plus, you need a large vehicle to pull a large trailer. There’s a Hyundai Sonata with a 2.0L 245HP. Is that underpowered? Not really. Then there’s a Chevy Camaro ZL1 with 650HP. That doesn’t seem underpowered to me or oversized. Actually it seems just about right. Or if you’re scared of that kind of power, you can get a 2.0L 4 cyl. with 275HP. Then there’s the Ford Mustang with a 2.3L making 310HP. Seems about right to me. Here’s the thing; there are no taxes for larger engines, fuel is relatively cheap, so there’s no need to use tiny 1.3L or 1.5L engines unless just for fuel economy.

Are the truck's tractors on Australian road trains different from American tractors?

Well, the main difference is that we like the steering wheel to be on the other side. That means we change gears with our left hand - perfectly natural when you've been doing it all your driving career. We usually have big fuel tanks as our cities are a long way from each other - I drove Adelaide Darwin (3200 km each way) for a few years and even the “little” 380hp Cummins powered Ford L9000 had 4 fuel tanks with a total of 1100 litres (Just under 300 US gallons). That wasn't quite enough to get me to Darwin - I had to refuel one tank at Tennant Creek. Our truck/trailer combos are limited to 19 meters overall length, not like the US with only the trailer being limited in length, so that limits the length of the tractor to maximise the trailer and its load. Almost all trailers in Aus have three axles. So 22 wheels all up versus 18 for the USA. That gives us an allowable weight Of 42.5 tonnes - 93,200 (edit: 93.500) lb, versus 80,000lb in the US. And of course we have road trains…two or three separate trailers (53.5meters), and in some cases more. Meet an Australian road train… 146.5 tonnes for this bad boy. Even the truck itself has three driving axles.

What are the best handling and fun cars to drive at low speeds (within the speed limits eg 20 mph to 75 mph)?

Take a look at this: This is, literally, the most fun you can have at those speeds. Oh, you want to drive it on the ,road? Continue to look at the picture above. You want the closest thing you can to this. Low to the ground, super-tight and connected steering, enough engine torque to spin it if not handled correctly (around 200 lb-ft of torque is about right for a car this size). Car enthusiasts call this type of car "tossable" -- meaning you can just ,toss, it into a curve and it will respond to your will. Some candidates: Mini Cooper:, ,Miata:, ,Ford Fiesta ST: ,VW Golf GTI:

Who wins, the Ford F-150 or the Tesla Cybertruck true tow challenge?

Comparing the Cybertruck to an F150 or any common pickup truck is like comparing a semi truck tractor to an F150 but even worse. Truck tug of war winners are the heavier trucks with more traction. Power isn’t always the answer. Would anyone think it’s worth comparing this to this: Of course not. Because that’s what it’s like comparing the Cybertruck to any regular pickup. The weight, the torque, the power delivery all go to the Tesla and the semi truck. A more fair comparison would be the Cybertruck and a Kenworth. The Cybertruck would probably still win. I see this all the time in my world, get a bunch of rednecks together and soon you’ll have a chain hooked between two trucks and the owners going full throttle until one breaks or gets yanked backwards down the road. There’s also a technique to it. A lighter truck can hold the brakes until the other truck begins, it’s a lot harder to pull a truck whose tires aren’t spinning which is why he who holds the brakes longer gets an advantage. The other truck starts to pull and begins spinning its tires. Once the tires are spinning, the other truck can get on the throttle and start pulling and suddenly it’s easy. Watch the very first clip in this series. But let’s be honest here, the Cybertruck is the only thing in its class right now and comparing it to anything else is pointless. That doesn’t mean regular trucks are worthless or pointless though. ,I can beat a Cybertruck across the US in my 15 year old diesel truck pulling an 8500 lb. trailer due to the miserable range of an EV pulling trailers, so what does that tell you? The need for regular trucks is still there and the Cybertruck has just created a niche for itself.

How did the Tesla owners feel the first time they drove one?

I felt like Thor, with the hammer of Torque! This is from a performance enthusiast. (Sorry it’s so long) Have you ever come to the realization that something you have been doing for a long time was wrong all along? Well, not wrong, but just myopic and narrow-minded? I used to think that horsepower was something that great cars had, and torque was something that trucks had. I have always liked cars. One of my brothers had a friend who had a 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 six-pack in Go Mango. It was muscle-car heaven! It had 390 hp! 490 lb/ft of torque! I essentially spent 2 years, from age 14–16, being the gopher for their restoration of this car. I was a Mopar kid. I knew about Torqueflights and Posi-traction differentials and the pros and cons of four barrel vs. six-barrel downdraft carburetors. I was a gearhead, and I loved POWER! Over the years, my interests changed, but I was always a car guy. One day, I found that I had disposable income, and I decided to use it on a really nice car. I bought a 2002 BMW M5. She was everything the Dodge was, but better: 8 cylinder, RWD, stick shift, 400 hp, 368 lb/ft of torque, faster than a scalded cat, but refined and luxurious. This was the pinnacle of motoring! 0–60 in 3.9 sec, 155+Mph. An engineering masterpiece. I followed that with a decade of driving schools: Bondurant, Mazda, Audi, Dirtfish, Porsche Driving School, Formula Mazdas and Fords (as a lead and follow - I don’t have the skills to actually race open-wheel cars), etc. Did I mention I LOVE cars? I had been interested in Tesla in 2014, because I was a car guy, but I always thought: no vroom? a battery? I heard it didn’t have buttons? what happens if you run out of juice? a startup? nerds! So I’m on the way home . . . The Tesla Model S P85D had, just, come out. I mean ,just. I had read about it because it was a sub-3 second 0–60 car. So I thought, hey, let me call the Tesla store and see if they have one. They did. Sure I could take it for a spin! OK, so: Car guy from a young age - wrench turner Started my love affair with Dodge muscle cars - the rawest of the raw Found some success in life and indulged in cars Spent money and time pursuing my love affair with cars Have been lucky enough to have some nice cars Am looking at Teslas because, why not? They had a red one: With a black interior: So I get in the thing, and the first thing I see is the screen: It is nothing like anything I have ever driven, seen, or even imagined. Then we leave the parking lot, and it’s like driving a really nice golf cart. We get on the road, and finally make it to a freeway on-ramp. The sales person says I can hit the accelerator, so I do. WHAM! You know, I’ve driven a lot of cars. I’ve driven a lot of high-horsepower cars. I’ve driven a lot of high torque cars. But not like this! In an electric car, the motor is directly attached to the wheel with a 2 foot long driveshaft. This is the power curve from a dyno for the Tesla P100D. Just look at the blue line. It STARTS high! That, my friend, is 950 ft/lb of torque at the wheels. ,IMMEDIATELY. Oh, and by the way, it also has 580 hp. *yawn* This is a dyno of a Porsche Panamera Turbo black line, blue modified). That is 560 lb/ft of torque. ,Eventually . . . . And 540 hp, at 5,600 rpm. *snore* It’s difficult to explain to people what having 560 hp and more than 900 lb/ft of torque available ,all the time, means. It’s more fun than you can possibly imagine. You feel like your right foot is attached to a volcano. The “throttle” needs to be treated with respect. ,You cannot floor it in a Tesla P car without mentally and physically preparing yourself. You will run right up on the car in front of you, right now,. Be careful! Oh, by the way, that “throttle” that you treat with respect? Remember to treat it with respect ,at all speeds. Passing isn’t passing anymore. It’s just driving. Hills are an exercise in restraint., When you climb a hill or a mountain pass in a Tesla, it is no harder than driving on a flat road. You have to watch your speed. The “throttle” becomes a different thing at stoplights. If you are ever next to a Tesla at a stoplight, and you gun it to get around them, ,they let you,. If you are in any vehicle (including motorcycles), next to a Tesla P car, and you pass them; it is because: They don’t race They didn’t want to spill their coffee Someone was in the car who would yell at them They had a headache They just didn’t feel like it You people are getting tiresome Their back is sore from all the launches They weren’t paying attention Pity Yet you can still drive, and almost all the time you, do, drive, just like everyone else. Like a wolf in the fold . . . . It’s mind-blowingly fun.

Which is a better engine, the Buick (GM) 2.0T or the Ford 2.0T?

I’ve worked on the 4.0 Ford V6 engine, and it’s okay, but lots of people don’t have the tools or understand what IN/LB means, so they twist off studs etc. Now that Ford has gone to very high fuel injection pressures, like over 40,000 psi. I’d stay away from them. I have a Cadillac Northstar V8 that runs great and has been trouble free for 18 years. Myself I’d go with the Buick engine. I looked up injection pump prices for Fords, and they are expensive, as are injectors.


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