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Spied: New Ford Ranger Raptor spotted in Thailand, all-new or facelift?

A heavily camouflaged Ford Ranger Raptor has been spotted in Thailand amidst testing.

Ford Everest gets a Raptor-esque, custom makeover

What do you do if you own a Ford Everest but want yours to stand out from the rest?

In Brief: Ford Ranger, combining the best of utilitarian and refinement

(Model | Gallery)The Ford Ranger is a 4x4 pickup truck that made a global debut back in 2015.

Review: Ford Ranger WildTrak, when adventure meets concrete jungle

(Model | Gallery) The thinking mans Ford Ranger Raptor Same powertrain as the Ford Ranger Raptor, 213

Ford Ranger XLT Plus facelifted in Malaysia! RM 129,888, new front design

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) introduces a quick update for the Ford Ranger XLT Plus variant.

Malaysia to get new True Red colour option for the 2021 Ford Range Raptor?

The over-the-top Ford Ranger Raptor could be receiving a new colour in Malaysia later this year, as seen

This is why Ford is making artificial bird poop

Believe it or not, but Ford really does have a dedicated laboratory for studying and creating artificial

5-year warranty for 2021 Ford Ranger, upgrade available for current owners

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia, introduced a new

Ford Ranger 2.2L Wildtrak Has a Big Improvement Than the 2.2 XLT

The sole distributor of Ford in Malaysia-Sime Darby Auto Connexion, introduced the Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The CEO who killed the Ford Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo is stepping down, replaced by ex-Toyota man

Jim Hackett announced today that he is stepping down as CEO of Ford Motor Company, barely three years

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2021 Ford Bronco looks set to wrangle the competition

Finally, the 2021 Ford Bronco has been unleashed to the world.

Mazda BT-50: This is why Mazda chose the Isuzu D-Max over the Ford Ranger

rsquo;s anyone with the capability to challenge Toyota’s supremacy in pick-up trucks, it’s Ford

Next-gen VW Amarok to be built by Ford, coming in 2022

Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG signed agreements that expand their global alliance on 10 June 2020

Ford Ranger enjoys 12 % increase in sales in Q3 2019

The all-new Ford Ranger continues its segment high in the third quarter of 2019 with an increase of 12%

RM 2,000 Ang Pao on offer when you purchase a Ford Ranger before CNY

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering up some awesome ang pao money when you purchase a Ford Ranger

SDAC-Ford offers up to 20-percent discount for service customers from now until 31 May

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, has announced a service

New vs Old – 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift vs pre-facelift

Yesterday, Ford debuted the 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift in Thailand and it looks, well the same

Ford Malaysia will now deliver a test drive unit to your doorstep

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, continues to enhance its

All-new 2021 Ford F-150 can do 1,126 km with one tank of petrol

Ford has just unveiled the all-new, fourteenth-generation 2021 Ford F-150 in the US.Starting with the

New 2022 Ford Ranger rendered, do you like what you see?

Last week, we reported that Ford is working together with Volkswagen to develop the next-generation Ranger

Save up to RM 8k on a new Ford Ranger Raptor or a Ranger Wildtrak!

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering attractive savings on selected Ford Ranger Raptor and Ford

Ford Malaysia launches real-time e-Service appointment booking system

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford vehicles in Malaysia, announced their

This Ford Ranger makes 405 PS and has gull-wing doors

When Ford Performance unleashed the Ford Ranger Raptor, many were disappointed that the pick-up truck

The RM 126,888 Ford Ranger FX4 is a dressed-up Ranger XLT, no additional power

Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC), the official distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia has just introduced

Limited Edition Ford Ranger Splash sold out!

Ford Malaysia has announced that all 19 units of the Ford Ranger Splash have been pre-booked ahead of

Ford is helping you save up to RM 9k when you purchase a new Ford Ranger

May 2020, Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) is offering massive savings of up to RM 9,000 for their Ford

Owner Review: 3 Years of Ownership, Owning and Upgrading My Ford Ranger

** This article is the personal experience of a 2017 Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT T6FL owner and does not necessarily

2021 Ford Bronco to launch on 13 July, fights Jeep lineup

In the lead-up to its 13-July launch, Ford has released information about the upcoming Bronco.

Owner Review: Living With My 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Named Bloop

** This article is the personal experience of a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST180 owner and does not necessarily

Ford just made a limited number of Rangers sportier and smarter

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is proud to present the smarter and feature packed new Ford Ranger XLT

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What is the real estate market like in Lubbock, TX in 2017? Is it a good time to buy a house?

Lubbock market values do not grow as rapidly as other parts of the country. Similarly, it does not suffer market downturns as badly either. One issue is that lacking any natural boundaries, new developments can be put up relatively cheaply. As a result, the city has rings of development mostly to the south. The area near TTU will always have proximity benefits, but some the later developed neighborhoods have been hurt by newer ones being built a little further out.

What is the advantage of the Ford EcoBoost engine?

In my opinion, the advantage is to Ford Motor Co. They claim more power from a smaller displacement engine. True, but at what price to the consumer. I am a loyal ford customer, have been for years, but in no way will I ever own a gasoline turbo powered vehicle. My 6.2 gasoline, F 250 will equal or beat most of their ecoboost pick ups when used like a most people would use a truck. Not only in mpg, but miles per dollar. They do great if driven like a little old lady, but load one up with a trailer or run 80 mph like we do in West Texas, and fuel milage goes to crap. My F250 gets 13/15 any time under most conditions. I deliver different vehicles in my spare time. The last ecoboost got 9.7 mpg at 80 mph from Lubbock to Dallas. They make a very nice windshield truck. The will run like a bat out of hell, but are hard on the wallet for fuel the way I use one.

What is the quirkiest car you ever owned, and how long did you keep driving it?

How about a 1966 British-built sports car, with a Ford V8 motor and transmission, and a Jaguar rear-end, sold by Chrysler, and called “Tiger” ? It was based on a Sumbeam Alpine in-line 4 cylinder sports car, somewhat competetive with the old MG-Bs and Triumph TR-4s. Around 100 horsepower. Rootes Group (that owned Sunbeam) was a British company that was bought Chrysler. Chrysler engaged Carroll Shelby to create the design to put a small-block Chrysler V8 it in to have a top of the line “Halo Car” (compete with Corvette and Ford’s DeTomaso Pantera) and re-badged it from Alpine to Tiger. The Chrysler 318 small block engine would not fit, so Shelby’s team re-worked the front suspension and steering geometry, and crammed in a small-block Ford V8. This involved re-routing the oil filter from the lower engine block to an up-top engine compartment location with hi-pressure oil lines and custom fittings. Very cramped engine compartment - the left rear spark-plug was changed by removing a small panel located under the floorboard carpet in the driver’s footwell. That was the easiest spark plug to get to. The transmission was also from Ford (4-speed manual), and the rear-end differential was from Jaguar’s supplier Salisbury. The oil gauge was center dash, and had a tiny oil line that came all the way to the gauge. A small bit of oil would form a crescent-shaped pool in the bottom of the gauge. There was a right hand drive version of the car sold in the UK, so the steering wheel on the LHD version had the turn signal lever on the “wrong” side. The car was wicked fast, and handled reasonably well. I won my first motorsports trophy with this car at an autocross in Lubbock. Beat my Organizational Management professor for fastest time of the day. I got the best trophy that day, but it cost me - I got a B in MGMT 301. The car was sometimes called “The Poor Man’s Shelby”, nose heavy, yet still generated lift at about 120 mph. I was killing Corvettes at the “stoplight sweepstakes”. I’m lucky to be alive, and I do wish I had kept it. The sorority chicks I was dating hated it. Noisy, fussy, high maintenance, and hard to get in and out of. And so was the car. So I got a Pontiac Firebird, with an automatic transmission and air conditioning. Sunbeam Tigers are collectors items today. I had mine from 1972 to 1974. PS: Two hardtop modified versions of the Tiger qualified and ran at the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1967. Neither one finished. But did I mentioned that they qualified? Closest thing to a race car that I ever owned.

How important is the colour of your car to you when you buy one? If the dealer offers you a very tempting discount if you accept an unsold showroom car with the wrong colour, would you agree?

Okay say the color is one that really offends me…burnt orange…and the car is the same as I have already decided is the model I want. The dealer offers me the vehicle at 40% less than the price I have already determined to be what I am willing to spend. Gee I might have to think on that for a nanosecond before accepting the deal. For me a car is a tool. It gets me from one place to another. I buy used in any case. Let me spin you a tale about on of my favorite cars. I bought it for $500.00 in the early nineties. It was a Tercel with no ac (lived in Lubbock, Tx at the time), no radio, torn up interior and because of a wreck a black front to a yellow back. I gave it up when the transmission failed in 2001. during the interlude it was first my wife’s and my only transportation, then my primary when she got another car for herself. Total work done on car was a brake job and two belts replaced as well as regular oil changes, less than $300.00 total. Shade tree mechanic and my ability to do the oil helped to keep it down but it was just a steady dependable car. Several trips to Ruidoso, NM and one to Houston included in that time. I never painted it, never replaced the radio, just happily drove it. Worked with a guy who was trying to sell a set of spinner hub caps for $300.00. Told him I was not interested. His reply was “Do you want you’re car to look like everyone’s car?” I asked him how many bumblebees he saw on the streets of Lubbock. Six years ago I walked into a dealership and told them I wanted a pickup, preferably manual transmission and a full bed. When asked make I said I seem to always end up with a Ford but that was not important. There were other questions about model, style, features etc, most of which were answered not important. The only questioned asked more than once was color. The color of a vehicle is superficial to me. That it is important to others is cool, it is just not so to me.

What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Lubbock, TX?

The Texas Tech campus has lots of interesting art both in and outside the buildings. The outdoor sculptures are interesting and the walk through campus can be pleasant in the early morning and evening when the temperatures are good.

Have you ever driven from Mexico to Canada?

Alex the OP has asked over 2,000 questions here on Quora, not sure what is up with that. Based on the above I am quite sure that the OP is not even looking for an answer but I wrote my answer so I will leave it up. I wonder why people ask about road trips; for me it is very simple, if you just want to get there FLY. If you need a vehicle at your destination and renting is not an option then drive. If you are driving then try to make the trip enjoyable. Travel by motorcycle is about the ride, not the destination but sometimes even on a motorcycle you just have to put on the miles. Left Las Palomas on the Mexican border at 1 P.M. Monday and arrived in Toronto suburbs at 9 P.M. Wednesday on my motorcycle. It was the end of April and my friend was keeping an eye out online for the weather and texting me weather updates. I definitely wanted to avoid tornadoes and thunderstorms; there was a clear weather window so I just kept riding, 36 hours straight from Lubbock, Texas to home.

What would be your ideal itinerary if you had a week to spend in Texas with a car?

Ideal Itinerary? I would have a four door Chevy or Ford pickup so I sit up higher than most of the big city traffic not a car. I would have a driver to switch off driving duties. I would start in Amarillo and the Palo Duro Canyon, then south to see Lubbock,home of Buddy Holley, Mack Davis, and several entertainers around Lubbock. Drive south to Midland - Odessa, East to Fort Worth - Dallas, South to Austin and San Antonio, Southeast to Houston - Galveston, along the Coastline to Corpus Christi, drive West in the Rio Grange Valley to Big Bend National Park and out to El Paso. No time or interest in listing everything at or between cities. You have Historical Markers, an Internet plus State Brochures to paint the pictures. Enjoy and Drive Friendly.

What are some things you should never do in Texas as a tourist?

Lol, well, we are used to tourists! Remember when President Ford tried to eat a tamale without removing the husk? Don’t do that. Respect the Alamo and other state memorials. Don’t be disrespectful or it will be noticed and resented at these treasured spots. Perhaps a traveler might read some Texas history before a trip. You will be in football country in Texas. Don’t wear a football team T-shirt from another state unless you want to receive dirty looks. My daughter wore a University of Oklahoma T-shirt on a trip to Lubbock. She thought nothing of it as she got her Masters at OU. She asked me why people were looking at her strangely. I reminded her of the rivalry between Texas Tech and OU. Texas is a diverse state with rich cultures. Embrace a wonderful chance to learn and enjoy other cultures. Don’t get xenophobic, just chill, listen, ask polite questions and soak up the friendly atmosphere. Have fun in a wonderful state. And, Yes, I’m homesick.

How long does it take to drive in TX North to South Borders?

Texas is enormous. It’s important that you have a car. At least in the burbs or if you don’t live in the city. Large cities have public transportation. Small towns, not so much. Every man has a monster truck in midland, Texas. The muffler has been altered to be loud , proud and giant. Rams rule. Denali's too. Fords. GMC Every summer we travel from home(Midland) to North Padre island/Mustang Island. Drive time: 6–7 hours. Midland to South Padre-8–10 To Houston 8–10 To Dallas/FtWorth 4–6 To San Antonio 4 To Lubbock 1.5 It’s actually faster to drive than fly too. A lot of airport waiting, fly to another town then back then to your destination. Texas is enormous. Get a car, um, er, truck….

What is the biggest scam an auto mechanic ever tried on you?

This happened about 10 years ago at Just Brakes here in Austin. Made the huge mistake of taking them up on a super offer on changing brake pads, like $60. I can do it myself but it was cheap enough that the time alone was worth having them do it and I can’t machine brake rotors so would have been worth it. My then wife took the vehicle in; it was a Ford Ranger with about 30,000 miles on it. Very clearly instructed her not to accept any upsale and just get the pads replaced, which she knew to do. She didn’t work at the time so it made no sense for me to take time off work to drop it off. Got a call about 30 minutes into it, her basically in tears, that they needed to do a bunch of repairs and was going to cost around $3000. Said WTF, hold on, coming down. So drove down to just brakes. The first person I talked to, didn’t start explaining what the issue was, he started asking what I did for work. Which I basically lied about because he was clearly just trying figuring out if I had any knowledge about working on cars, which I do… Anyway, so after he determined that I was just some naïve computer programmer (admittedly naïve for ever bringing my car to these scheisters), he took me back to see the truck. They had the damn wheels off and the calipers were even removed from the car entirely. He first started off telling me that since I had just replaced the tires, which was true -- we had sidewall damage on one of them from being hit by a snowplow in Colorado, and just replaced all four to not mess with it. But straight-faced he told me that it’s necessary to “replace the shocks” every time I replace the tires. Not get an alignment, but actually replace the shocks, oh and the springs... We’re not done yet though. Since the pads had uneven wear by about 1mm or so, which is normal since the front of the brake pad wears just slightly quicker than the rear of it, but I needed to fully rebuild or replace the calipers, my discretion on that one. So, a $60 brake pad replacement being quoted $3000 for new suspension and new brake calipers, alignment, brake bleed (because they removed the F’ing calipers completely!), and probably something else, on a vehicle in otherwise perfect condition with only 30,000 miles on it. I of course declined and the mechanic, after failing to convince me, had to get the manager who basically refused to put the brakes back on the car because “it was unsafe to drive, and he can’t let me put my family at risk”. At that point after arguing for a good five minutes I basically started calling the police, and they finally agreed to put it back together. I think there was still some ridiculous upcharge on something so it wasn’t $60, but I was so pissed at the time, I paid on a credit card and got my car back. But that was one of the worst I experienced that was a true scam. I’ve had worse experiences due to a mechanic Biggham Auto in Lubbock misjudging the cost of major repairs, so was quoted about $6,000 and it was more than double that and they didn’t actually fix the problem. But, that’s a story for another day…


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