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Yesterday, Ford debuted the 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift in Thailand and it looks, well the same

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Ford has just unveiled the all-new, fourteenth-generation 2021 Ford F-150 in the US.Starting with the

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stock 2014 Ford Fiesta ST180 from Ford SDAC.

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the only range that was below 2.5L, I did opt to get the Ford Ranger 3.2 Wildtrek but because of the

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In the lead-up to its 13-July launch, Ford has released information about the upcoming Bronco.

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May 2020, Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) is offering massive savings of up to RM 9,000 for their Ford

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The sole distributor of Ford in Malaysia-Sime Darby Auto Connexion, introduced the Ford Ranger Wildtrak

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Ford Malaysia has announced that all 19 units of the Ford Ranger Splash have been pre-booked ahead of

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The Mitsubishi Triton has overtaken the Ford Ranger as Malaysia’s second best-selling pick-up,

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most durable or reliable.Ford Ranger - The most powerful pick-up truck money can buyIn the case of the Ford

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Finally, the 2021 Ford Bronco has been unleashed to the world.

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A heavily camouflaged Ford Ranger Raptor has been spotted in Thailand amidst testing.

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Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is proud to present the smarter and feature packed new Ford Ranger XLT

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To some of us Malaysians, Maxus is pretty much an obscure brand thats mostly known for their range of

Malaysia to get new True Red colour option for the 2021 Ford Range Raptor?

The over-the-top Ford Ranger Raptor could be receiving a new colour in Malaysia later this year, as seen

Ford Malaysia launches real-time e-Service appointment booking system

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford vehicles in Malaysia, announced their

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Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) has added a new variant to its Ford Ranger range – the special

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When Ford Performance unleashed the Ford Ranger Raptor, many were disappointed that the pick-up truck

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Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering up some awesome ang pao money when you purchase a Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger enjoys 12 % increase in sales in Q3 2019

The all-new Ford Ranger continues its segment high in the third quarter of 2019 with an increase of 12%

2021 Ford Ranger is now more expensive in Malaysia, price up across the range

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), Malaysias sole distributor of Ford vehicles, has revised the pricelist

Ford Malaysia will now deliver a test drive unit to your doorstep

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, continues to enhance its

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Last week, we reported that Ford is working together with Volkswagen to develop the next-generation Ranger

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geniune spare parts, is having a special clearance sale with up to 80 percent discounts on Hyundai and Ford

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Are Land Rovers better than jeeps? Are land rovers made in the UK?

Some of these answers are funny. I also like the fact that the question is so open that we can get all of these answers, some of which are funny. First of all, I have to say that statistically they think about 85% of all Landrovers ever made are still on the road today! The other 15% actually made it back home….. (That’s a joke folks, settle down!) We have to remember folks that there have been many Jeeps over the years, and many Landrover products. You have to take at least a broad view in this comparison. Compare a Landrover Range Rover with say a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and you have a reasonable test, as long as you compare similar age vehicles, but really, who off roads either a Rangie or a Grand Chero properly? (I am sure it happens just not often). Surely the question is directed more at the series Landrover/ Defender and the Jeep Wrangler/CJ’s. (I know these are broad definitions but you know the kind of cars I am talking about). A couple of things then: Jeeps are designed to be able to run at speed and then go off road. Landrovers don’t care about going fast anywhere - the Brits just didn’t need to. The US guys often have to drive miles before they get anywhere to rough it. This means that model for model, the Jeep is often more comfy to drive on road. The argument about off-road ability is one that no one is ever going to win - both can be amazing. But on this point we have to understand a few things. You hardly ever see an unmodified Jeep off-road. This is because Jeeps are made like LEGO and parts are everywhere for them - both factory upgrades and aftermarket. You will barely see two wranglers the same, because this guy likes those flares, and this guy likes the other ones, but he like this bar, and those tyres etc….. Jeeps are like automotive Mechano! So almost anyone who wants to off-road his Jeep has added bits to it. On the other hand you rarely see a heavily modified Landrover. Bigger tyres, a bar on the front, a roof rack. Now a stock Jeep is a capable vehicle, but a modified Jeep is even better. However, Landrovers are great off-road and mostly mildly modified if at all. The reliability thing is interesting, because in Australia if you want a reliable vehicle you definitely don’t buy a Jeep. We laugh when we hear people talkiing about reliability and Jeep over here, because if you use those two words in the same sentence you also have include the phrase “lack of”. Landrover has no better reputation here by the way. But here is the thing. Landrovers have been used in every continent on earth, and most likely in every country on earth. When there were still no roads through most of the African continent, the Landrover was used to get people where they had to go. Leftover WW2 Jeeps were used by many, but then no new Jeeps came to a lot of places. Series Landrovers have been everywhere pretty much since their introduction. Today’s versions? who really cares - they are all much the same, whether it be a US, European, or Asian brand, their 4x4’s are all pretty, shiny, electro-special things. Any doofus can drive them through most situations and get out, so it is all down to the electronics and computers. Rover apparently does that really well, but so do Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, and any number of Asian companies. I guess the top spec US things also do that well, but I don’t really pay attention (Sorry). I have an old Landcruiser (Fj62), partly because I can’t afford something newer, but partly because I like to DRIVE my 4x4 when I go off-road. Jeep or Landrover - the truth of the matter is, that the choice of “better” is really going to be partly where you are from (And there is nothing wrong with that - support your local brands!), and partly what suits you personally. I seriously doubt that there is a genuine difference in ability when comparing Series Landrovers to CJ’s, or Defenders to Wranglers. It is what suits your needs and what feels right to you. And I would wager that most Americans are going to lean towards the Jeeps, and most Euro’s (And S. Africans!) will lean towards the Rovers (in a two horse race) Most Aussies are going to get a Toyota Landcruiser or a Nissan Patrol to be honest - or any of a raft of dual cab utes from mostly Asian companies. We know where reliability can be found ;D Oh - the last bit: Are they made in the UK? Who knows nowadays? Almost nobody seems to make all their stuff in their own country today. Even Ford and Chevy have production plants in places like Mexico for instance - or at least they did at one stage - another thing I don’t much about. Car company ownership seems to change so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up. BMW bought BMC only to sell off most of it - they only really wanted Mini, but this was the easiest way to get it apparently. SAIC bought LDV which was a British company. MG is Chinese owned. If I was to guess, I would say Landrover is owned by the Chinese - if I am wrong wait a few months and that will probably change………

President Trump said Germans are not buying Chevrolets, but Americans are buying Mercedes. Trump has proposed tariffs on imported German cars in response. Is this an unfair one-way street?

It’s not exactly fair, As Trump wants to have his cake and eat it to. This will be a slightly longer post but given a good reason of the currant situation regarding American and Euro Vehicles in Australia. I’ll use the recent situation in Australia as an example, In 2008 We had 4 automakers being Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford and General Motors Holden. Mitsubishi - Shut the Tonsley park plant in 2008 and repaid the $38 million in Subsidies back to the Australian government. Toyota - No subsidies but shut down Australian manurfacturing around 2016 Ford - Received Subsidies unsure if they held up their end of the bargain. GM Holden - Received Hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies courtesy of the Australian tax payer around 2015, The deal was to keep manufacturing in Australia for a further 10 years minimum. Needless to say come 2018 the Holden factory in Victoria Closed for the last time and ceased production, Due to that they broke the agreement for the subsidies with rumours saying the funds went straight back to the US and not to keep the Australian plant open and producing the Commodore. Long story short General Motors Holden withdrew manurfacturing out of Australia well before the minimum 10 years for the subsidies, They then replaced the Rear Drive V6 V8 Commodore family of Sedans wagons and Utes with a Front wheel Drive Opel insignia and had the cheek to slap the Holden Commodore Badging on it. Australians Snobbed it so much they had to halt production and even today there are 2017 models sitting in storage brand new and unsold, Holden went from selling like 32,000 units a month to less then 3000 units a month. As a result earlier this year GM announced The Holden Brand will be wound down and cease to exist as well as withdrawing from the right hand drive vehicle market, Due to that General Motors have essentially put their own necks in a noose and jumped. Because when Ford withdrew from Australian Manurfacturing they retired the Falcon name, But gave us suitable replacements like a factory Right hand Drive Mustang and several new offerings of SUV’s as well as more variants of the Ranger Models like the Ranger Raptor. That then brings me to the price of American vehicles in Australia like the Ram range of Pick up trucks for instance Vs a BMW 5 series so the Typical American Vs European car in Australia. Now what would you pay Ram - 2500 Laramie with the 6x4 tub, 6.7 Litre Cummins 4x2 base price of $139,950 plus on road costs which in NSW you have to factor in Compulsary third party insurance (depends on each drivers driving record, Location etc good drivers and location will be cheaper and those with say a few fines over the years in an area of high insurance claims will be higher). Then factor in Registration fee’s and NSW go by weight so 0 - 1504kg is $248 a year 1505 - 2504kg is like $498 and so on right up to trucks and buses which are closer to the 9000kg and $3000 or so a year for rego fees. So a base Ram 2500 drive away will set you back say $145,000 drive away BMW 5 series - I’ll use the 530e which is the top of the range fully decked out is $122,730 drive away with all the first 12 months rego ctp etc included So a fully loaded European BMW 530e is $22,770 cheaper then a Base Model American Ram 2500 Laramie pick up truck which are hard pressed to fit into a standard Australian Car park. Prices are below Pretty much now in Australia the Japanese, Chinese, Korean and European vehicles like Mitsubishi, Toyota, Kia, VW, BMW, LDV, Ssangyong, Subaru are taking over. Even the NSW police force are ditching the Holdens and fords in favour of BMW’s, There’s a couple of Chrysler 300C’s in the mix but the BMW’s are more common like this So no it’s not fair to impose Tarrifs on imports just because people are voting with their cash and buying the Imports over Domestic built Vehicles. At the end of the day would you pay more for an American Commercial Vehicle over a European Luxury Sports car. Trump can’t have it both ways.


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