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Ford Motor Financial Analyst, MBA Graduate Salary in Detroit ...: Ford Motor Financial Analyst, MBA Graduate sal... http://t.co/J8ib6eio

@brenick77 @kaptainater Niners will not get back the full value of Ford’s and Richburg’s salary. If the Niners cut Ford they will only save $6.4 million in net cap space. Only $3 million if they cut Richburg. Those are facts. Look it up.

@NinersNation Guess the Niners will keep the band together for one more year and then shed some d line salary by moving on from Dee Ford next year once DeFo gets paid, too.

@kaptainater Albert Breer reported $28mil in projected space. Those three roster moves total $33.8mil in savings, for a total of $61.8mil

@AOC When I was hired at FoMoCo in ‘92, it was a “fireable offense” to disclose salary. After 6 mos. still in training, I received a higher raise than female coworker. She a Purdue MBA, me UofI MBA. Same starting salaries. She started at Ford 2 weeks before me. The wage gap is real.

49ers agree to a long-term extension with Arik Armstead: five-years, $85-million. Let’s go! https://t.co/p9H4TIDtUn

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How much has your salary increased from your first job to today?

After Automobile engineering (booming field in India) First salary - 8500/- per month (ford service station)~107$ per month. Second job( L & T, Submarine designer)- 9800/- per month.~122$ per month. MBA( Marketing & Operations)- chose data analytics as career (booming across world, even I like it very much) current Job (Diebold systems private limited)-20000/- per month~250$ per month. I was in top 10% throughout my studies. So In India there there is no correlation beyween study & money you earn (myth) Its not hardwork, dedication, smart work here, there are factor luck, contacts, having good boss etc. In India reservation is other bullshit. The list goes on. You can't make lemonade, when life gives you lemon.

Which is the best university in the world for pursuing an MBA?

There are several universities in the world from where students can and possibly doing their MBA’s from, to mention a few they are the given follows :- STANFORD BUSINESS SCHOOL,PALO ALTO(USA) As Stanford is world-renowned for its tech-savvy alumni and as the starting point for many of the world’s biggest tech enterprises, it’s no surprise. According to our ranking criteria, the institution leads the world in entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes and comes in seventh for employability, and ninth for thought leadership. Although Stanford is this year's champ, its two-year program tuition is the third expensive on our top 10 list at US$141,180. However, compared to a pre-MBA salary of US$80,511, graduates are said to earn on average US$144,455, making the investment worthwhile financially. The top schools are seemingly getting closer to total equality on their programs, as Stanford's class with 418 students boasts 40 percent women, 41 percent international students and 61 nationalities are represented. 2. ,HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL(BOSTON) And the Harvard v Stanford rivalry continues. Unsurprisingly, Harvard Graduate School of Business is one of the highest-ranked business schools in the world this year. Known universally as one of the world’s most elite universities, Harvard is also the originator of the MBA, running the first MBA course in 1908. For criteria-specific rankings, Harvard leads globally in employability and comes in at second place for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes. Despite falling lower than many of the top European schools in terms of diversity, the institution still ranks very highly. Harvard's two-year program has the most students in class in our top 10 global ranking with 928 students. In the cohort, 70 nationalities are represented, 35 percent of students are international and 42 percent of students in the class are female. Once again, students will need to pay a large sum for the privilege of studying for an MBA at the prestigious busines school. The 24-month program costs US$146,880, but graduates will see an average jump in salary from US$87,751 to US$135,000. 3., THE WHARTON SCHOOL,UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Earning the bronze medal in this year’s ranking is The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. As it was founded in 1881, it's one of the world’s oldest business schools and is part of the M7 - an elite group of US MBA programs. The institution ranked second for employability, second for thought leadership, and seventh for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes. As you can see from the top 10 table, US business schools often offer slightly longer MBA programs than their European counterparts. Wharton's 21-month MBA program tuition is the most expensive on our global top 10 list at US$157,896. But students need not worry in the long-term, as graduates have earned on average US$130,000, compared to US$82,357 pre-MBA. Similarly, Wharton has the second largest class size in our global list with 863 students. In the cohort, 44 percent of students are women, and 33 percent of students are international, with 65 nationalities represented. 4. ,LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL,UK LondonBusiness School is once again the first UK institution in the top 10 for this year’s ranking. London is one of the world’s main financial capitals, with 100 percent of the world's leading financial institutions represented in the city, and three quarters of the top 500 global companies using it as their base. It comes third for employability this year (the same as last year), eighth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, and eighth for thought leadership. LBS offers a 21-month MBA program which costs US$92,718, however, salaries jump from US$70,903 to US$107,931 post-graduation. David Simpson, Admissions Director, MBA & MiF says, “We have just welcomed our most global MBA class to date with no more than about 20 percent from any region, more than 60 nationalities per class, and a network of alumni spanning more than 150 countries worldwide. “The class size too has grown. We now have 485 MBAs and women make up 40 percent of the class. “Our MBA is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our students and those of the global business economy. “We have added more analytics content to our MBA. The new talent war is not just for data scientists. Increasingly it’s about people who understand how to turn the results of data analysis into value-creating strategy. Our MBAs are uniquely placed to speak both languages.” 5. ,SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT,MIT Sloan School of Managemen,MIT is one of the most selective business schools in the world, with alumni including the seventh UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan; Bill Ford, Chairman of the Ford Motor Company; and Cary Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. The institution is fifth in our global ranking, jumping up from seventh last year. It ranks eighth for employability, 12th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, and first again this year for thought leadership (unsurprising, given the institution’s focus is on innovation). The 24-month program will set potential MBA students back US$148,400. But there's no need for students to fret, as the return financially is a substantial one, with students earning US$125,000 post-MBA compared to US$66,693. Maura Herson, Assistant Dean MBA Program says, "The MBA experience at MIT Sloan is designed to challenge and inspire our students. Whether they want to stand up as a future leader, stand out as an entrepreneur, or stand together with other change makers, they need to make their ideas matter. "MIT Sloan is a hub for intellectual rigor, a community of global leaders and a culture of diverse thinkers where emerging leaders feel energized and supported to define their vision of the future. "At 400 students per class the community is small enough that students can really build their personal and professional network across the whole MBA population. Students also have the ability to engage with the larger Sloan and MIT communities through clubs, classes, conferences and the alumni network. About 12 percent of each class is pursuing a dual degree in engineering through our unique Leaders for Global Operations program." 6. ,INSEAD,FRANCE/SINGAPORE/UAE INSEAD has three campuses in the world including FRANCE,SINGAPORE,UAE . And it was the first institution in Europe to offer an MBA and remains one of the world’s best locations for studying the course, and globally it’s ranked sixth. Not only that, it was also the first institution to offer a one-year MBA, as opposed to the standard two-year model in the US. Looking closely at INSEAD’s criteria, the b-school is 13th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, seventh for thought leadership, and 11th for employability. The 10-month MBA program costs US$100,909, with graduates earning on average US$104,600 up from US$55,200 pre-MBA. 7. ,HEC,PARIS World-renowned French institution HEC Paris describes itself as being one of the most selective business schools in the world. It's the second French institution on this list again this year. The famous institution is among the most selective of the grandes écoles, and for good reason. It lands in the top 10 for employability at ninth, and 11th for thought leadership. The 16-month MBA program costs US$74,481, with an average post-graduate salary of US$115,500. Women make up 32 percent of the cohort, as well as 92 percent international students and 55 nationalities. Students are on average 30-years-old with six years’ work experience. Andrea Masini, Associate Dean in charge of the MBA program says, “HEC Paris has been a top business school for almost 140 years. Knowledge creation and sharing has always been one of our core values. Excellence in research is part of the DNA of the school. "Our excellent research faculty, who consist of more than 110 international research faculty members, push the frontiers of knowledge every day by combining rigour and relevance. The HEC Paris ecosystem allows us to attract some of the brightest minds from all over the world and offer them optimal conditions to keep producing high quality scientific output. “On the HEC Paris MBA we go beyond technical training - students get distinctive leadership and soft skills training. Our employability is indeed high and our recent statistics show that 93 percent of our MBA students are employed within three months of graduation. These results are a testament to the quality and proactivity of the cohort and the excellent training they receive. "HEC Paris has a thriving alumni network, which consists of 57,000 members across 135 different countries. Our graduates benefit from this close-knit community throughout their life. The School’s brand visibility is strong in the business world.’’ 8. ,BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS,UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO This year, Booth School of Business has made its way into the top 10, jumping up from 12th place in 2018. As part of the University of Chicago, Chicago Booth shares this world-renowned university’s core values. The b-school boasts itself as offering one of the most-flexible MBAs around. It ranks sixth globally for employability, sixth for thought leadership, and 14th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes. Similar to other prestigious business schools in the US, Booth's tuition for the 21-month program is quite high at $US144,000, however, students will still see a bump in their pay packet with graduates earning on average US$125,000, jumping from US$72,257. Although Booth's class isn't quite as large as Columbia's MBA class, there are still 582 students on Booth's program. There are 59 nationalities represented, 36 percent international students in the cohort, as well as 40 percent female students 9. ,IE BUSINESS SCHOOL,SPAIN In joint eighth position we have the prestigious institution ,IE Business School, based in Spain, making it the fourth European institution in the top 10. It’s a highly diverse school, coming second globally for diversity, the only school in this list to rank in the top 10 for this criterion. The institution also came second for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes (up from sixth last year) and 15th for employability. The 11-month MBA program costs US$86,734, but graduates can expect a major salary increase earning US$91,842, compared to $US47,237 before their studies. Classes are quite large at IE with roughly 325 students. There are 71 nationalities represented on the program, with 91 percent international students. 10. ,COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL,NEW YORK As the only Ivy League business school based in New York, ,Columbia ,has a significant competitive edge on other schools in the US. As New York is known as the financial capital of the world, studying at Columbia offers unrivalled access in the city. The institution landed our final spot in the top 10 this year. For employability, it ranks fifth, 14th for thought leadership, and 15th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes in the world. Columbia's 24-month MBA program tutition costs US$148,000, but with a subsequent boost in salary post-MBA to US$125,000 from US$75,704, it's no surprise the program at the prestigious school is appealing. Women make up 41 percent of the cohort and international students make up 43 percent. However, Columbia's class size is the largest we have on the top 10 list with 753 students, and if you like the idea of a booming cohort, Columbia may be the right choice. P.S - ALL THE INFORMATION ALONG WITH FEW PICTURES HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM ,Home, WEBSITE,YOU CAN SEE IT HERE - ,Top 10 MBA Programs in the World 2019 Regards, BODHISATYA DAS,, BONNE, ,CHANCE ,(GOOD LUCK), DO UPVOTE IF LIKED MY POST ,( MY PERSONAL FAVOURATE IS HBS), ARIGATO, (THANK, ,YOU). Thank you guys for showing love in the form of 1k views comment down below if have any queries i will make sure to answer your question asap..

Is MSM Meerut a good college for an MBA?

Absolutely satisfied because of faculty, good placement, really good infrastructure and facilities. At Master School Of Management, the faculty is highly qualified and very helpful, MSM provides Guest lecture from Industry experts. I got the ,Industry insight, from the industry experts. The course is designed with Industry oriented curriculum. Master School Of Management faculty are provided with a perfect blend of Indian and Global study methods. Fully residential campus, Green and natural atmosphere at the campus, Fully Wi-Fi, Library, Computer Labs, The Quality of food available in the mess is awsome, And hygienic is their top priority when prepared the food. The canteen is good, Sports and curricular activities are very good at the campus. Master School Of Management has given 100% Placement to all their students, They have given average salary package is 6.19 Lakh & highest salary package is 12 Lakhs. Companies visit at the time of placement is Aditya Birla Group, Airtel, Britannia, SG, Amul, Axis Bank, ITC, Ford, Havells, Outlook, Diesel, Quick Ride & many more. MSM also providing Paid Industry Internship in all years.

I am a mechanical engineer from DCE. I left a job of 11.6 LPA at Tata Steel because it was managerial in nature. I want a technical job. But I have heard technical jobs pay less. Will an MTech from IIT help me get a high paying technical job more than a salary at Tata Steel?

Its a law of the world that technical jobs pay less. This world is ruled by managers, who give orders, whilst having only a cursory idea of what's really going on. If you look at corporate histories from Henry Ford (a mechanical engineer himself), to Mark Zuckerberg, they stopped their technical jobs a looong time ago, before embarking on leadership of their respective companies. Mr. Ford seldom fixed a car bonnet in his later years, and Zuckerberg wrote his last piece of software many years ago. Similarly, Ratan Tata also has never adjusted temperatures at his many steel plants. Narayana Murthy also stopped writing code in the 1980s. I think you should've taken up that 11 lakhs per year job. You may have done that for a few years, and then moved up the managerial chain. Another option is to do an MBA and directly become a manager. However, if you take the MBA route, do pay a tribute to your technical skills by becming a manager at a steel plant or an automobile firm only -- don't sell shampoos at HUL, or insurance policies at Bajaj Allianz.

How is DoMS, IIT Madras for an MBA?

IIT Madras DoMS It was ranked ,15th by NIRF Management Ranking 2020 Fees: 8 Lakhs Placements 2019 Batch Size: 65 Number of companies: 34 International Offers: 2 Average CTC: 12.44 LPA Highest CTC: 29.06 LPA Median Salary: 12.44 LPA Some of the prominent recruiters are V.I.P, DELL, Ford, Infosys, ICICI Bank, IBM, CISCO, Cognizant, Accenture, CRISIL, TATA, Micron, Wipro, and many more.

What is the reality of MBA in India?

Read below article by Sridhar a financial analyst it will help you to answer your question MBA as a Career in India MBA as a career option is really enticing. There are several media reports glorifying the success of top Indian MBAs earning starting salaries above Rs.1 crore or a six figure salary in US dollars. These are few examples or drops in an ocean of MBA graduates passing out every year. A recent study by Merit Trac-MBA ,Universe - ,reveals shocking facts about the poor quality of MBAs. MBA as a career might be a bed of roses for some. But, believe me its all really useless unless you have passion for what you take up as a specialization. The lifestyle and work culture is tempting. MBA will help you is to have a wider choice in terms of what you can do. As per the study, in the year 2011-12, only 21% of MBAs in India are employable. The study was conducted through a nationwide test where students were drawn from over 100 B-schools (excluding the top 20). This pool of students were tested on verbal ability, quantitative ability and reasoning by using standardized tests. The project was done on behalf of recruiting companies based on some passing criteria. One can always debate the method of research or question the 21% figure, but the reality is that a majority of MBA graduates are not good enough to enter the corporate world. Why the Gap? There are various reasons or factors that contribute to this issue. But finally it all boils down to one fundamental issue with education – the Indian Education system is not good enough to make people employable. Which means people who pass out of most educational institutions or universities do not have the right skills, abilities or competencies required to perform their duties effectively in the corporate world. However, most people still argue that Indian education system is far better and more comprehensive than the systems in developed markets. Yes, but we focus more on quantity of material and bookish lessons, while ignoring skill-development, which is essential to transform a student in to a professional. Moreover, the type of education does not help in developing life skills that are essential for survival, growth and success. What are the flaws? What needs to be set right? I’m not an educational stalwart or expert to comment on this. However, there are inherent flaw right from primary education till the master’s degree and beyond. Although I sound pessimistic I don’t think India lacks talent or intellectual powers. However, the educational system does not seem to encourage new skills, talents, creativity, inventions, path-breaking research, etc. The system itself is flawed because of the following issues:- · Lack of good faculty · Focus on Rote/Memorization rather than understanding the concepts/workings · Lack of industry exposure · Poor understanding of corporate etiquette · Poor infrastructure (labs, sports kits, computers, etc.) · Too many subjects or disciplines · Outdated syllabus and pedagogy · Skills such as communication, critical analysis, etc are ignored · Activities/Projects are merely fancy stuff (not solving real problems, lacking innovation) · High fees (starts from Rs.3 lakhs onwards) · Placement: Most large and established companies don’t come to campus & · Various other issues Faculty Crunch The faculty issue is common across most B-schools because high quality professors move to other institutions or abroad. In some cases the teachers were probably students from the same college, who graduated and moved in to teaching. These student-turned-faculty lack real-world corporate experience. Of course there are matured faculty purely from academic background with PhDs, who can only go up to a certain point with respect to relevance of content or application of concepts. Then there are faculties with corporate experience who have a mix of knowledge and know the best of both worlds. The PhD qualified professors, who have not seen the corporate world would not be in a position to understand the questions or needs of a student. Lack of real life case studies, current affairs, corporate developments, etc needs to be studied afresh instead of sticking to examples which are decades old. Practical Relevance and Industry Exposure Its time to move on from Henry Ford story to the current events such as Tata Steel’s acquisition of Corus or Facebook’s IPO and so on. The university/education system does not encourage corporates to get into teaching because it requires candidates to have done M.Phil, PhD, which few people in industry try to acquire. Moreover, MBA being treated as a technical education on par with engineering and technology areas does not bode well for business education, which requires a different approach. The most essential part of business is the practical exposure to industry scenarios which is completely missing. You cannot learn about cycling just by reading a book, you need to actually try it or attempt it to appreciate the challenges involved. Learning about how to improve ‘accounts receivable’ is different from practically doing a collections drive to improve cash flows, and fine tuning credit policies. For instance a leading business school invited the film and music crew involved in the ‘kolaveri’ song to talk about viral marketing. Similarly, the exposure provided by leading institutions through their corporate links is strong, and this is where several mid-tier and low-tier colleges/universities have to improve on. MBA as a Career – Student’s Expectations, Reality & Other Issues One of the major issues with students who want to make MBA as a career have unrealistic expectations. A student interested in a marketing career thinks that he can become a Marketing Manager after MBA, which is unrealistic. The reality is that he has to start as a sales executive and learn the practical aspect of the business, become a relationship manager, and probably later move to senior roles. Directly aiming for a senior role on graduation is wishful thinking. It takes several years to work, learn and become an expert in any field, and MBA enables you with some skills, but does not provide a shortcut or bypass to get ahead quickly or make money fast. One should invest in MBA with a long term objective that it will give them the skills required to learn, adapt and move to higher levels. Remember, that the degree by itself is not a passport or a VIP entry to top positions. Return on Investment on an MBA – Is it worthwhile? I don’t blame the student as such, because when he/she paid a hefty fee of Rs.5 lakhs for an MBA, he/she expects a reasonable salary of Rs.3.5-4 lakh p.a. to start with in order to recover the cost in 1.5 or 2 years. But when he/she is offered a job offering Rs.10-15 k per month, he is not even able to earn 2 lakhs p.a. and the student’s grudge about spending a fortune on MBA is understandable. What B-schools do to tackle this situation is to smartly hire a placement consultant or provide additional training in soft skills, technical skills or in specific domain to sharpen student’s skill. However, this puts more burden as students have to prepare once again for this program in addition to regular academics. At the end of the day the students are the ones who will have to spend additional time, money and energy and what they get in return is peanuts. A number of students will get benefited by additional training, but there will still be a few laggards who need to pull up their socks and work harder. Its high time for students and their parents to realize that an MBA (barring the top 20 B-schools) does not guarantee a high profile job with a 7 digit salary. The dreams of becoming a manager in an air conditioned cabin with a chauffeur driven car can only be achieved in the long run. Students who invest in an MBA should be flexible or adaptable to take up an entry level role to start their careers and work harder and smarter to move up the ladder gradually, and achieve true success. There are no easy short cuts or tricks to success, its like ‘as you sow shall you reap’. MBA as a Career – What should you do? While I advise you to take your course seriously and try to score well, don’t assume that your learning ends there. Academics and qualifications are very important, but not the end of education. Keep more time for additional courses, certifications or projects that can enhance your knowledge, skills and career as a whole. For instance some students enroll for ERP courses such as Oracle, SAP, etc. Students who are keen on careers in financial markets can pursue NCFM (NSE Certification in Financial Markets), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), etc. You can also attend workshops, seminars or meets to get in touch with like-minded professionals and develop the right contacts who can help you in some way. Conclusion – MBA as a Career All said and done, unless you are from the IIMs or the top layer you cannot rely fully on your degree or the institutes name to get ahead. Instead rely on your skills, talents, strengths, work experience, domain skills, team management skills, ability to execute projects and how to handle customers. Once you move up the ladder, knowing the business and the tricks of the trade will help you achieve more success. This is where people move to newer and challenging projects across the industry and emerge as successful managers. If you want to become a successful manager and sustain your reputation, be prepared to run the marathon…..one day you will achieve your dreams. On a broader front, for people who are passionate about business and want to pursue MBA as a career, what an MBA degree will help you is, to have a wider choice in terms of what you can do. You’ll have a larger number of verticals you can enter. Also before taking up a job you would exactly know what the job demands. Wishing all MBAs an exciting and wonderful career ahead!!!

What is the best to do after BE Mechanical?

There are lot of avenues to do after BE mechanical. The future scope of mechanical engineers in India remains as expected.There is always a consistency for the past decades.This is,also, going to be true for the decades to come. So many companies are good for a mechanical engineers, a few of them are as follows: ABB group,BAARC,BHEL,BEML,Bosch group, BNPM, BPCL, Caterpiller, CELHPCL,Coal India Ltd,DRDO,Ford group,GAIL,GSECL,HPCL,Hundai group,IOCL,IPR,Kirlosker group,L&T group,MDL,MECL,Mahendra & Mahendra group,NFL,NALCO,NHPC,NLC Ltd,NTPC,Oil India,OPGC Ltd,ONGC Ltd.Power grid,Reliance groups,RITES,Tata group,THDC,TVS group,WBSEDCL,etc. Most of the organizations will be looking forward for the performers. Your focus should be on how to become a good performer. Do not concentrate only on very big core companies. Have the Resume, give your Resume to the people (who are either working or having contact with the employers) you know. Join any one of medium scale core organizations (do not worry/bother much about the initial salary-always remember that "Great/big things have come out of small things"). With some experience in small or medium industries, things are going to be very smooth(do not worry much about your initial salary). Treat that as a 'training period", and "investment". 1) You can think of joining any industry, which you find that it is better suited for you and establish your foot prints.. You decide that in which area of mechanical engineering you want to concentrate and work. * You will have to learn a lot in that area. * Try to be the performer (to become a performer you need to be meticulous in your task). * Try to learn some latest software technologies available. 2) You can think of joining MBA in the area of your interest. 3) You can think of joining M Tech in the area of your interest. 4) After MBA/M Tech, you can think of becoming a professor/academician after completing PhD. 5) You can think of preparing seriously for IES/IAS/IPS/IFS/etc. 6) You can,also, think of preparing seriously for state public service commission examinations. 7) You can think of starting your industry (for which you need to have some experience). Have faith in the Almighty and your self, and keep going - all the best. Sources of picture: Google images.

Should I go to the US to do an MS or stay in India? I’ve got a loving girlfriend, good family, and well paid job in Bangalore.

I Have a long history with USA my uncle went there in early 1960's . He was an automotive engineer he worked for ford , Chevrolet. He taught in various reputed universities. He never was able to live a lavish lifestyle due to Layoffs . He is 70 his wife left him due to financial insecurity. My another uncle was unemployed in India but he came to USA in early 1990's he got job currently he works for oracle as a director. But he lost job more than 25 times till date his wife is not happy in USA. He got laidoff a lot like every American he also at one point became homeless due to debt sold his house , car etc. Job is not permanent is USA end of the story if a person is earning 5 lacs per annum he should not come to USA . If you plan to go back you wont be able to get a job im India as per your expectations believe me. My Personal Story I had a BTEC from Pondicherry University in Electrical. Went to US for MS in Electrical in University of Cincinati . MS was on a Student Loan of $100000. Got job after 3 months of $70000 started paying debt. Then got married with a beautiful girl. After marriage this 2008 recession came I lost my job my wife said to me that we should go for an MBA her parents paid her fees and I took another loan of $100000. Im in US for 10 years still waiting for green card. Completed MBA from Teper Business School CMU Seattle. Got job after 6 months in a good MNC wife also started working . Then we had a child and you know medical expenses in USA. After the baby my wife was not able to find job . She sits at home with an MBA from CMU and then we had another kid just for the sake of Green Card but still waiting im 39 my hairs are grey whole my life is spoilt I will have to pay for my debts till I die. My life is very tough. One of my friend who was on H1B visa died in a road accident in US he had 2 kids and a wife the wife was a housewife US government has given her ultimatum to leave USA in 45days otherwise she would be deported she is 39. My brother in law an IIT Mumbai alumni worked in Top companies in India came to USA to do Mba in consulting from Duke University Durham. He did not listned to me and came to US he thought his IIT btec Mtec and MBA from Duke will easily get him a job. He did his MBA was not able to find a job in US left after 3 months works in South Korea now and will go back to India after paying student debt. Lesson Learnt - Stay where you are don't leave a job in any circumstance India is great India is best and There are more opportunities In comparison to any country salary would be less but it would be sufficient for you and don't be greedy. God bless you and take a wise decsion

Are ACCA qualified highly paid? What's better ACCA or MBA in salaries and value.

In terms of value to compare between ACCA and MBA ,it depends on the institute from where you get MBA degree for example:-Between ACCA and MBA ( finance) from B,C or D class institute(where millions of management graduates are coming out) obviously ACCA is much more valuable. .In, terms of salaries I guess MBA from tier 1 institute( like Harvard, Stanford, London school of Business , INSEAD Business school ,Indian Institute of Management) earn much higher especially at a start and have great campus placements which isn't in ACCA though it's globally very well recognized for its knowledge. With many years of work experience ACCA in MNCs are highly paid The Best thing I suggest that would be is if you have combination of ACCA+MBA ( finance) from tier 1 B schools or ACCA+ CFA+ MBA ( finance) from tier 1 B schools or even ACCA+CIMA+ MBA ( from tier 1 B schools) or ACCA+ ICWA ( if your in India or wish to settle in India or any other Asian countries)+MBA from Tier 1 institute. I can even tell you the companies willing to hire candidates who have any of these combination:- Earnest Young HP Phillips lighting Siemens Mercedes Benz Cisco systems Tata Motors Tata consultancy services SAP ABB KPMG Volvo Airbus British Petroleum Accenture Capegimini IBM Boston Consulting BMW motors Renault Ford Motors Microsoft Seagate Rebook Robert Bosch Ashok Leyland Saint Gobain Goldman Sachs Eureka Forbes Maar's incorporated Nestle J.P Morgan Oracle Lenovo Samsung Electronics Intel corporation British Airways Tescom


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