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Ford Ranger XLT Plus facelifted in Malaysia! RM 129,888, new front design

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) introduces a quick update for the Ford Ranger XLT Plus variant.

New vs Old – 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift vs pre-facelift

Yesterday, Ford debuted the 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift in Thailand and it looks, well the same

The RM 126,888 Ford Ranger FX4 is a dressed-up Ranger XLT, no additional power

Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC), the official distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia has just introduced

SDAC-Ford offers up to 20-percent discount for service customers from now until 31 May

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, has announced a service

Mazda BT-50: This is why Mazda chose the Isuzu D-Max over the Ford Ranger

rsquo;s anyone with the capability to challenge Toyota’s supremacy in pick-up trucks, it’s Ford

Review: Ford Ranger WildTrak, when adventure meets concrete jungle

(Model | Gallery) The thinking mans Ford Ranger Raptor Same powertrain as the Ford Ranger Raptor, 213

In Brief: Ford Ranger, combining the best of utilitarian and refinement

(Model | Gallery)The Ford Ranger is a 4x4 pickup truck that made a global debut back in 2015.

This Ford Ranger makes 405 PS and has gull-wing doors

When Ford Performance unleashed the Ford Ranger Raptor, many were disappointed that the pick-up truck

Owner Review: Living With My 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Named Bloop

** This article is the personal experience of a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST180 owner and does not necessarily

Owner Review: 3 Years of Ownership, Owning and Upgrading My Ford Ranger

** This article is the personal experience of a 2017 Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT T6FL owner and does not necessarily

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Spied: New Ford Ranger Raptor spotted in Thailand, all-new or facelift?

A heavily camouflaged Ford Ranger Raptor has been spotted in Thailand amidst testing.

2021 Ford Bronco to launch on 13 July, fights Jeep lineup

In the lead-up to its 13-July launch, Ford has released information about the upcoming Bronco.

Save up to RM 8k on a new Ford Ranger Raptor or a Ranger Wildtrak!

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering attractive savings on selected Ford Ranger Raptor and Ford

Ford Everest gets a Raptor-esque, custom makeover

What do you do if you own a Ford Everest but want yours to stand out from the rest?

Limited Edition Ford Ranger Splash sold out!

Ford Malaysia has announced that all 19 units of the Ford Ranger Splash have been pre-booked ahead of

This is why Ford is making artificial bird poop

Believe it or not, but Ford really does have a dedicated laboratory for studying and creating artificial

Ford Malaysia will now deliver a test drive unit to your doorstep

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, continues to enhance its

Ford Malaysia launches real-time e-Service appointment booking system

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford vehicles in Malaysia, announced their

2021 Ford Bronco looks set to wrangle the competition

Finally, the 2021 Ford Bronco has been unleashed to the world.

Malaysia to get new True Red colour option for the 2021 Ford Range Raptor?

The over-the-top Ford Ranger Raptor could be receiving a new colour in Malaysia later this year, as seen

Ford just made a limited number of Rangers sportier and smarter

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is proud to present the smarter and feature packed new Ford Ranger XLT

RM 2,000 Ang Pao on offer when you purchase a Ford Ranger before CNY

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering up some awesome ang pao money when you purchase a Ford Ranger

All-new 2021 Ford F-150 can do 1,126 km with one tank of petrol

Ford has just unveiled the all-new, fourteenth-generation 2021 Ford F-150 in the US.Starting with the

The CEO who killed the Ford Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo is stepping down, replaced by ex-Toyota man

Jim Hackett announced today that he is stepping down as CEO of Ford Motor Company, barely three years

Ford is helping you save up to RM 9k when you purchase a new Ford Ranger

May 2020, Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) is offering massive savings of up to RM 9,000 for their Ford

Next-gen VW Amarok to be built by Ford, coming in 2022

Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG signed agreements that expand their global alliance on 10 June 2020

New 2022 Ford Ranger rendered, do you like what you see?

Last week, we reported that Ford is working together with Volkswagen to develop the next-generation Ranger

5-year warranty for 2021 Ford Ranger, upgrade available for current owners

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia, introduced a new

Ford Ranger enjoys 12 % increase in sales in Q3 2019

The all-new Ford Ranger continues its segment high in the third quarter of 2019 with an increase of 12%

Ford Ranger 2.2L Wildtrak Has a Big Improvement Than the 2.2 XLT

The sole distributor of Ford in Malaysia-Sime Darby Auto Connexion, introduced the Ford Ranger Wildtrak

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Today is the day to come out and test drive a Ford for MDA. #Ford #MDA https://t.co/Z2DrcuCSpE

Come out to show your support for a great cause.$20 donated to MDA for every test drive. Come join us this Saturday. #Ford #MDA #mrpig https://t.co/BVLYgkiWSs

Announcing our 4th Annual Boat & Truck Raffle to support @MDAorg and those fighting against #musculardystrophy. #evergladesboats #ffmd #mda #yamahaoutboards #ford #fordtrucks #fishing #boating https://t.co/JgXt9iByjo

#CALFIREMEU MDA " Fill the Boot" fundraiser this Sat. March 14, 2020, in Ukiah, 10 am to 2 pm at N. State St & Ford Rd. #MDA https://t.co/sBUBm3Rcva

The @MDA_Motorsport @Ford Escort Maxi finished @RallyProm. Not the result we wanted but a finish is a finish #rally #BRC #WRC #drivetribe https://t.co/Pt4T7iHxu4

Ford, MDA name winning dealerships: Davidson, which boasts 40000 sq. ft., “is one of the biggest motorcycle shops ... http://bit.ly/bGZPqN

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@JghsDeca @MichiganDECA Can't wait for Muscle Walk at Ford Field in the morning. #MDA

LOL.. #fav RT @Winfried_Laane: @twidioom #twidioom ford focus mda @AnneliceKluin

Gutted I'm not at Rd.1 of @MSNRallyChamp. Good luck to @MDA_Motorsport in the #Ford Escort Maxi #NHStages @MNmotorsport @Oulton_Park #rally

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Why do we always have up to date information on Russian SAMs, and I'm not even aware of the name of the USA SAM system?

Then let us show some US air defense systems and give an update on recent developments. Ground Based Ground based defenses mostly fall under the jurisdiction of Army Air Defense Artillery. The weapons available to it include the MIM-104F Patriot PAC-3, Avenger, THAAD, and GBI. The MIM-104F is the US’ primary tactical air defense system. It uses the PAC-3 missile which can engage both aircraft, cruise missiles, and short range ballistic missiles. With modern software updates, the system has a high target fidelity in discriminating between types of targets and possible decoys. The Avenger is a short range air defense (SHORAD) system. Like the MIM-104, the Avenger was conceived during the Cold War, but while the Patriot was aimed at longer range defense for critical infrastructure, the Avenger was to help protect forward units from helicopters and low flying aircraft. It uses a turret with 8 FIM-92 Stingers and an M3M .50 caliber machine gun. The Avenger has received some networking and sensor upgrades but is largely obsolete. THAAD is the US Army’s Strategic defense network against ballistic missile threats up to IRBMs. It uses a high power radar and extensive data linkage to track incoming ballistic missile warheads and launches a purpose built, hit to kill interceptor that destroys the warheads in the upper atmosphere. The Ground Based Midcourse Defense is an anti ballistic missile system designed to defend against a limited ICBM attack. It doesn’t exist as a standalone system but as a network of sensors and weapons. It leverages tracking data from satellites, PAVE PAWS, UEWRs, SBX-1, THAAD, and Aegis BMD equipped ships and engages with the Ground Based Intercept missile. The GBI is a large missile that boosts a kinetic hit to kill vehicle that destroys the reentry vehicles after they are jettisoned by the RV bus and before they reenter the atmosphere. Sea Based The Aegis defense system is the backbone of US naval vessel’s air defense capabilities. It networks onboard and offboard sensors for any given ship to create a cohesive battle picture and can engage dozens of incoming targets with an array of weapons. The current standard issue radars are the AN/SPY-1 (and it’s variants) for volume search and track and mid course guidance while the AN/SPG-62 is used for target illumination in the terminal phase for the semi active radar homing missiles used. The standard missile equipped on US Navy destroyers and cruisers is the appropriately named RIM-156 SM-2ER where “SM” stands for “Standard Missile.” It can engage high altitude threats at over 100km away. A longer range supplement that can engage over the horizon target (as in low altitude targets concealed by the radar horizon) is the RIM-174 SM-6 which takes the SM-2ER and adds a new active radar seeker as well as some unnamed upgrades (most likely change of propellant in boost phase) to increase range. The SM-6 also leverages a two way datalink for the launch platform to help select a target in a swarm and provide guidance from other platforms like E-2s if the ship doesn’t have a direct line of sight. The SM-6 and SM-2ER have limited anti ballistic missile capabilities against short range ballistic missiles. The SM-3 Block IIA is the primary anti ballistic missile and while visibly similar to the other two missiles, it has different tandem stages and a unique kinetic kill vehicle which destroys incoming warheads with a direct collision. For air breathing threats that get through, the system can utilize the RIM-162 ESSM, a short to medium range SAM that can be quad-packed into a single VLS cell that would otherwise carry a single standard missile. These are designed to intercept maneuvering, super sonic cruise missiles as they crest the radar horizon. Their high impulse boosters and skid to turn design gives them exceptional maneuverability out to their intended engagement range at low altitudes, and the high ammunition capacity allows a single ship to even engage dozens of targets without a risk of completely expending its stores of weapons. Should anything get past the longer range defenses, the Aegis combat system can utilize the Phalanx CIWS, which while capable of operating autonomously can also be slaved by the ship’s combat system to engage specific targets with it’s Vulcan 20mm cannon. The new IB variant adds a FLIR sensor to provide the ability to strike surface targets as well., , The latest variant adds the ability for varied firing rates to conserve ammunition when lower firing rates can be utilized when engaging small boats., Recent Developments The US is part of a multinational effort to design a new, modular defense system called the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS). The MEADS features dynamic addition of assets, simplified battery structure, fully digitized computer and information sharing systems, and 360 degree coverage using a rotating GaN based AESA antenna in the Multifunction Fire Control Radar (MFCR) and a rotating AESA Surveillance radar. The MFCR provides mid-course updates to the missiles which have terminal seekers to provide continuous guidance to the target after closing to within a few kilometers., , Unlike the Patriot, the MEADS only has four components: the two radars, the launcher, and the truck mounted tactical operations center. The highly digitized nature of the MEADS allows different nations to interoperate together and coordinate between the MEADS and other systems like Aegis Ashore. The standard missile of MEADS is the PAC-3 MSE but other nations like Germany have the option of integrating their own weapons such as the IRIST-SL. The US Army is currently upgrading its MIM-104 Patriot batteries with hardware and software developed for the MEADS system. For example, the PAC-3 MSE missile will become the new standard for the MIM-104F which has greater maneuverability and range. Some other MEADS technology that can be brought over is the modularity and data sharing capabilities. Patriot batteries are rather rigid and to swap vehicle or trailer mounted components requires that the system be shut down and rebooted. On the other hand, MEADS allows for additional radars, communications arrays, and launchers to be integrated into the same battery almost effortlessly and without shutting down the battery. This allows the battery to be scaled to whatever size is necessary., , Additionally, while western military vehicles have been able to exchange data for decades, the amount of data and its inter functionality has always been limited. MEADS allows different platforms to share targeting data and assist in target discrimination using data from a plethora of various platforms. This modularity and data sharing are being brought over to the Patriot, as well as upgrades to the fire control radar which now uses a GaN based AESA antenna and multiple sub arrays to provide continuous 360 degree coverage, albeit with shorter range for rear aspect coverage., For SHORAD, the US Army is basing it’s new systems on the chassis of the Stryker. The newest development is the laser based, directed energy, maneuverable short range air defense system or DE-MSHORAD which mounts a 50kW laser on the Stryker which can shoot down small drones and detonate incoming artillery projectiles and rockets., The US navy will also be testing its own laser based defense system on Flight III Arleigh Burke class destroyers which offers a cheap alternative to expensive missiles and cannon rounds against asymmetric threats such as drones and small boats., Another Stryker mounted weapon is the initial/interim maneuver short range air defense system or IM-SHORAD which, much like the M1296 Dragoon variant, carries a 30mm cannon, albeit a different size round compared to the Mk44’s 30mm x 173mm. Unlike the M1296, the IM-SHORAD also boasts rails on either side of the gun to accommodate Stinger and Hellfire missiles. The pseudo-turret (lacks a turret basket that extends into the hull) housing these weapons will also have advance optics for target identification; it’s known as the modular Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons platform (RIwP). The variant used on the IM-SHORAD comes with full 360 degree radar coverage and can be fitted with soft kill (jamming, laser dazzlers, etc.) systems as well., , The 30mm gun - missile combo is part of the XM914 turret option for the RIwP. The cannon uses the same ammunition as the M230 (used on the AH-64) that, along with the Hellfires (which have a top attack mode like the FGM-148 Javelin), give the IM-SHORAD system increased lethality in ground combat over not just the previous Avenger system but also the baseline Stryker as well. This allows the IM-SHORAD to be embedded with Stryker formations without degrading the units overall firepower while still allowing them to maneuver at the same pace, albeit with additional protection against attacks from drones, (rocket) artillery, and helicopters., The RIwP being developed can also be fitted to the US’ new JLTV and be fitted with a plethora of different weapons and sensors., , The Mk44 found on the Dragoon is actually another option for a gun armament. The Mk44 can use APFSDS rounds against IFVs and APCs or fused projectiles for use against aerial targets and infantry hiding behind cover., , There are several new rounds being developed as well, such as a new fused round by Northrup Grumman and the ability to swap the 30mm cannon with a 40mm cannon that allows for higher yield explosive rounds and higher penetration APFSDS rounds., , , , The XM914’s cannon is restricted to the M789 HEDP round for anti armor purposes which has much lower penetration. The increased firepower can turn the SHORAD configured Stryker or JLTV into a decent armor platform as well. In a similar vein, the USMC is developing the Marine Air Defense Integrated future weapons Systems (MADIS) for protection against drones; this capability provides the inherent secondary ability to protect against low flying aircraft as well. The MADIS is a very modular system of sensors, computers, networking, and weapons to defeat aerial threats. The mobile version is mounted on a JLTV and utilizes various radars and jammers to provide detection and softkill capabilities, while the XM914 has been selected to provide hard kill capability, which is currently provided by remotely operated M134 miniguns. , In other news the THAAD is getting an upgraded seeker which would allow it to be better distinguish between warheads and decoys. Additionally, Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is looking at possible upgrades for the THAAD that would, among other things, allow it to intercept ICBMs. This may be a soft revival of Lockheed Martin’s THAAD-ER concept., Additionally, the SM-3 Block IIA will be conducting a test against an ICBM class target sometime this quarter (as of me writing this)., , If successful, it will give the US its second hit to kill missile capable of shooting down warheads from an ICBM. The test target will likely consist of a first stage from a decommissioned UGM-93 Trident C4 and upper stages derived from the Northrup Grumman Pegasus rocket. The Phalanx CIWS is being supplemented with the SeaRAM, providing a high fidelity sensor and autonomous, automated engagement protocol with the RIM-116 rolling air frame missile which extends the engagement range and lethality against incoming super sonic missiles. The ESSMs will be upgraded to Block II standard, which replaces the semi active radar homing seeker of the Block I with an active radar seeker., , Previously, US ships would have to time the arrival of their SAMs since each of the four AN/SPG-62s could only provide terminal guidance to just one missile. However, with the new active radar seekers, the ESSM can be riple fired against several dozen targets, with each missile providing its own terminal guidance, and the AN/SPY-1 radar being able to provide mid course guidance to multiple missiles. Speaking of the radar, the new Flight III Arleigh Burke destroyers will use the new AN/SPY-6, a far more powerful and modular radar. The AN/SPY-6 is an AESA compared to the PESA AN/SPY-1, giving it better LPI characteristics. The AN/SPY-6 uses GaN based t/r elements, and will become standard across the US fleet to increase commonality of parts. The AN/SPY-6 and its variants all have electronic attack capability, supplementing the AN/SLQ-32(v)3 electronic warfare system., , The AN/SPY-6(v)1 will be used on the Flight III destroyers. The AN/SPY-6(v)2 will equip the Flight II San Antonio class, the America class, and to be retrofitted on the latest of the Nimitz class. The AN/SPY-6(v)3 will be used on the Ford class after the John F. Kennedy (CVN-79) and the new FFG(X) whenever it enters service. Lastly, the AN/SPY-6(v)4 will be retrofitted onto the Flight IIA Arleigh Burkes.,

Can sniffer dogs smell MDMA?

Probably, but lucky (or unlucky) for you, the chances of u having MDMA are insanely slim. You most def have mephedrone or MDA or some research chemicals. And dogs cant find them

What is the difference in methamphetamine and bath salts?

1 is an amphetamine, 1 is a term that covers a broad range of drugs like MDA ( not MDMA) And mephedrone and other chemicals.

Is ecstasy harmful? Can you tell me about it? I'm into acid and shrooms and weed only. Someone said ecstasy isn't that bad. It's like acid only. Also, what's molly?

barack obama? your name generator needs tweaking. everybody is gonna disagree with me, but this is the harsh truth you missed the party. “ecstacy” no longer exists, save for maybe a few prime locations, ecstacy is the mosr fun you can have on drugs. no its not like shrooms or acid. ecstacy is mdma mixed with other drugs, uppers and downers, specifically heroin, and meth. you can have a pound of mdma, but its useless without a kickstarter. it comes in diff color pills with unique logos imprinted on them, with 3 size optiobs. single, double or triple stacked. so you could could have triple stacked green horses, sibgle blue power buttobs, or GOOD LORD the YELLOW SUNSHINES! the high is intense, a warm safe feelibg, no fears, energy to 11, you love everybodg, your body tibgles with euphoria. and then randomly comes the calm, everything slows down, clarity hits, and another diff but equally orgasmic feelibg hits, then its back to 11 X isnt anymore dangerous than meth or opiates if used for fun here abd there. however prolonged use can lead to severe and pernanent changes to your mind, seratonin, personality. trust me, I know. lastly, molly is another exstinct powder blend of the pills. its not pure mdma and everythibg out there today is a shit blend of mda, not mdma, and unbalanced random crap. you kids will never know.

Why is everyone referring to what's going around these days as methamphetamine, when it is clearly not methamphetamine?

You appear to be confused. Meth today is meth. Be it crystallized, or powder. Might taste a bit diff, feel a bit different, but its good old fashioned speed. Now MDMA is another story True molly has ceased to exist. MDA and bath salts make up almost all of the “molly” of today. And forget about finding a decently balanced pressed pill with a signature design on it. There are very few places in the US to get E pills that will give you that full, ungodly amazing, all out roll. You’ll get an overly downer with no peak, you buy a triple stacked bunk ass pill. You’ll get meth pressed into a little circle pill, and you will never even get a twinge of the pure uncut unstoppable love for the world around you, like you did 20 years ago. No more love drug. RIP to the one single true substance that could bring out the real honest beautiful person inside all of us

Is it normal to take ecstasy almost every weekend?

yep. and you will undoubtedly notice some changes in your mind, whether its emotional imbalances, depression creeping in, feeling slightly more stupid on monday than you were friday afternoon, or even dependency. i fuckin loved X, and we had REAL shit, no bs “molly” or MDA ot bath salts. and i did that shit a few times a week. within 6 months my brain was swiss cheese and i would cry for no reason, with no warning. took a while to achieve homeostasis, but i got there. WORTH IT!


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