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Ford Ranger enjoys 12 % increase in sales in Q3 2019

The all-new Ford Ranger continues its segment high in the third quarter of 2019 with an increase of 12%

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Next-gen VW Amarok to be built by Ford, coming in 2022

Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG signed agreements that expand their global alliance on 10 June 2020

Owner Review: Living With My 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Named Bloop

** This article is the personal experience of a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST180 owner and does not necessarily

Which car brands' CKD plants are affected by the MCO stop work order?

Car plants that will be shut down during MCO Plant Models Assembly Services (Toyota)

Ford is helping you save up to RM 9k when you purchase a new Ford Ranger

May 2020, Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) is offering massive savings of up to RM 9,000 for their Ford

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MITI makes corrective U-turn, car plants and suppliers allowed to resume operations

standard operating procedures (SOP) for the reinstated Movement Control Order (MCO), this time automotive plants

2021 Ford Bronco to launch on 13 July, fights Jeep lineup

In the lead-up to its 13-July launch, Ford has released information about the upcoming Bronco.

RM 2,000 Ang Pao on offer when you purchase a Ford Ranger before CNY

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering up some awesome ang pao money when you purchase a Ford Ranger

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Finally, the 2021 Ford Bronco has been unleashed to the world.

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When Ford Performance unleashed the Ford Ranger Raptor, many were disappointed that the pick-up truck

Bridgestone temporarily closes 11 Japan plants amidst lower demand

several of its factories in Japan amidst lower demand for tyres globally.Eleven of Bridgestone’s plants

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The sole distributor of Ford in Malaysia-Sime Darby Auto Connexion, introduced the Ford Ranger Wildtrak

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Scouting locations for Cybertruck Gigafactory. Will be central USA.

@AaronTallent Idea for the @Indians new name: in honor of the mfg. history of the area, specifically the Ford 335 engine at the "Cleveland Engine" plant. I present to you: The Cleveland Engines. Use a train/car as the logo or something. It'd have a similar feel to the Pistons.

@Eye_Has_Tweets @josmith77018584 @Jefferson_MFG The EUs EIB did in fact loan Ford £80m to expand their plant in Turkey resulting in job losses in the UK and throughout the EU.

Dog-like Boston Dynamics robots Fluffy and Spot will start working in a Ford plant in August — meet the pair #Mfg #robotics

@josmith77018584 @Jefferson_MFG You blame a political & economic union for a manufacturer moving their production to another country, but hold the manufacturer & our own politicians blameless? If I worked for Ford, I know with whom I'd be hacked-off.

UPDATE: Ford has taken back ownership of its Halewood plant, safeguarding up to 600 jobs. Described as a "huge show of confidence" in the UK's automotive industry, the factory, which makes transmission systems, was previously run in collaboration with German firm Getrag. #UKmfg🇬🇧

@joycalhio Joy a big benefit the automotive companies have is that they use 3Dprinting extensively so they can make many if the smaller parts easily. Needless to say the have practiced assembly a few times. Ford and GM mfg them in idle plants.

@jpabplanalp @marcorubio @realDonaldTrump Hurt by trade wars. Business can't plan or expand. Automation displacing many Americans is a fact. America going through change in way we educate and work available. Especially low skill workers. Service vs manufacturing. Tech is our strongest sector.

@blackbluebull1 @sumokat @brianstelter @TimNaftali ... 12) coal miners didn’t get jobs back 13) Carrier still went to Mexico 14) no new trade deals signed yet so still working under NAFTA 15) GM and Ford cutting 10,000+ mfg jobs and closing plants 16) increasing use of asbestos (from Russia) ...

The Cleveland Indians either need to go back to their old name (The Naps) or take on a moniker that honors the mfg. history of the Cleveland Ford plant. The Ford 335 engine, known as the Cleveland Engine. THE CLEVELAND ENGINES.

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Will the Ford electric car challenge Tesla?

Ford is still owned 30% by the Ford Family and Henry Ford was the only engineer to actually own a major car company. The best engineers on this planet earth work for Ford Motor Company. Ford obtains 1500 patents each year and Tesla and all others are prevented from using any of these techniques for design and manufacture. Tesla did not invent their electric motor, control system, batteries or mfg machines to make cars. If electric cars are truly as feasible as claimed then Ford, GM will be at the top of the heap when this thing really works. The 100 year old electric grid in my neighborhood could never provide enough electric to charge 50 plus cars on my block at the same time especially in hot summer. The 50 ampere 240 volt charging system will require most homeowners to completely replace the entire electricals system, grounds, ground fault receptacle, arc flash circuit breakers 100- 250 dollars each. Oh yeah the new electric code. Move one electric outlet in the Kitchen and it is 2000–3000 dollars of electric work. My son moved one outlet and the code official was all over and found every defect. My home is 100 years old and every thing has to be replaced at least 10 thousand dollars. If you live in some cities you will pay a demand charge as the charger will run continuous for more than 15 minutes. This demand charge is 200–300 a month plus 10–15 cents per kwh, they do not tell you about demand fees. Our tanning salon was hit with almost $5000 a year demand fees until I changed all the bed times to not allow any high power bed to run longer than 14 minutes. Power company was pissed and did not know how I could reduce $3000 from my utility bill. Electric rates are like liars poker as I am an engineer. I had a client owned a canning plant, vegetables etc, only open two months a year. Ratchet clauses and demand charges had them paying 80–100K a month when they were shut down. No one talks about these. If you own lets say four electric cars you will shit in your pants over your electric bill as this could be anywhere from 500–1000 dollars a month. Note these cars have to be plugged in constantly even when not being used as the battery runs non stop, welcome to reality. People will forget EPA claimed milage per gallon when they have 1000 dollar a month electric especially in California. Oh both the Feds and States will now force you to pay additional tax for not buying and paying gasoline road tax. The high mileage of new cars now has MN licence plates costing 400–1000 dollars for new cars and electric cars will soon have surcharges. Did I mention I am an engineer and I earned millions of dollars because I could actually count money.

How much would it cost to start an automotive manufacturing plant in Mexico?

There have been a number of automotive parts and complete car assembly plants you can look at built in Mexico over the past 30 years, mostly or all in the weird economic environment of the Maquiladora special trade zone. Volkswagen has been there since at least the early 1970’s, Ford since the 1970’s I think as well as General Motors and others I’m unsure of. But as publicly traded companies and major new plants you can find lots of news stories and articles on those costs. (most of the manufacturing is done by small (30–100 employee) machine shops independently owned, large parts manufacturers like Honeywell, Siemens, United Technologies, Takarta, and specialized manufacturers like tires, auto glass, upholstery fabrics, etc.. Standalone, vertically-integrated plants have become far less common despite making more operational, innovation, and cost sense than outsourcing. So building a major manufacturing plant to do final assembly work and finishes (paint, coatings, trim attachments) for thousands of cars per year with lots of robots, assembly lines, metal and plastics injection molding/forming, etc. you’d be at several hundred million dollars or higher. Building a specialized maker of a few parts using machine tools in mfg. cells around highly skilled workers you could set that up for a few hundred thousand dollars in an existing building (rented) and with used/rebuilt machine tools. There’s a substantial oversupply in world automaking capacity and tremendous pressure on partsmakers the past 30 years to sell them below or at their cost which has closed thousands of partsmakers. Good opportunity in the 1970’s-80’s, in more recent decades it’s been spooky but a few automakers like Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, BMW, and Tesla have made it work.

Will Ford be able to beat Tesla in electrical vehicles in the near future?

The Ford F-150 and Mustang are two of the most important brand names in the world. Simply adding those logos to a car increase it’s worth. Ford is now selling the new Mustang Mach E as fast as they can make them. Once production ramps up expect Ford to sell 100–150K Mustangs a year probably before the end of the year. Ford could easily sell 100–150K electric F-150’s all they need to do is manufacture them. Tesla is selling around 500K cars a year right now. Ford already has the plants to mfg 2.3 million cars a year and within two years may very well sell 400–500K electric Mustangs and Ford F-150 pickup trucks. I believe that many people would rather own a nice looking F-150 than the new Tesla Cyber Truck. Tesla will start losing battery credits in the next two-four years and that will hurt them financially. Right now their only profit comes from selling credits for their cars. Tesla has like two factories to make cars where Ford, GM and others have dozens. Mustang has always outsold Camaro and Firebird as people liked the looks of the Mustang better. 50 years ago girls bought Mustang 6 cylinders because they were cool and did not care about the engine size. Eventually Tesla will have to deal with people who do not care about 0–60 times or the 1/4 mile times. Ford has known this for 75 years. People like me buy Fords because we just plain like Fords. Tesla owners do not understand this logic.

Why was the economy so good in the 1920s?

Robert Gordon figures this out better than anyone I’ve come across in his “The Rise & Fall of American Growth 1870–1970” and many have looked at parts of it. New Industries based on new inventions that very rapidly (10–30 years) scaled up into large industries creating tens of thousands of companies, jobs, factories, offices, retailers, buildings, and expanded exports. Automobiles and tires mfg., Radios, Phonographs (recorded music), Movies, Electrical Generation & Transmission, Natural Gas Distribution, Refrigerators, Airplanes, Oil Refineries and Pipelines, Oilfields, Single Family Detached Homes on suburban lots with a Mortgage!!!, Animated Cartoons, Stock Brokers branch offices, Oil-powered cargo and naval ships including the new aircraft carriers and naval aviation, electrically-powered machine tools and hand tools (including welding, portable drills, small metal lathes,), early electronics, electrically-powered sewing machines, electric lamps, farm tractors and gasoline-powered farm implements in general, indoor plumbing with a sewer connection and water treatment plant connection, paved roads, steel bridges, dams and flood control, bigger and more numerous windows, skyscrapers… New Consumer Credit for buying homes (there’s residential and commercial real estate bubbles by the late 1920’s that get routinely ignored in Depression discussions), automobile loans are invented by the manufacturers (General Motors Acceptance Corporation), stock brokerages facilitate borrowing to buy stock (really dumb), and business lending gets a little better (banks were failing throughout and abysmally managed, that’s why so many failed across the 1920’s-30’s.) Foreign export markets were relatively wide open with the devastation to the European competitors from World War I with most of the opportunity in Japan, China, Brazil, Argentina, post-revolution Mexico, Canada, Australia, etc.. Ford built car factories all over the world as did later General Motors, Coca Cola, etc. Brilliant Treasury Secretary (Alexander Hamilton caliber, that’s very rare) Andrew Mellon who’d been in banking since 1873 and a venture capitalist and major investor in many industries (much more successfully than better known J.P. Morgan. He was Treasury Secretary the entire decade, also unique.

What are the best plants for carbon capture?

Although the big “scientific” push is now “carbon capture” not only by plants but by machinery - it’s not possible for plants to use carbon dioxide. The notion the leaves somehow convert carbon dioxide into Oxygen is a fable just a was algae somehow being converted into petroleum and hundreds of other nonsensical ideas. If I had a Calvin-brand dishwasher there would possibly be a Calvin cycle but the notion plant-leaves have this “device” leaves me in shock and dismay (not really) but it’s just another fairy tale composed by “scientists”. They figure you’ll never be able to prove otherwise so they sally forth in their Santa’s workshops coming up with new inventions that don’t exist. This is the Edsel mfg. by Ford Motor Company. It was hyped as being the car of the future but it was so poorly designed and fabricated it soon was a flop of the past (like the petroleum from algae thingy; just different piss-poor engineers). At least you could drive the car (for a short distance) before something broke or fell to the highway. This is one concept of the hair-brained mechanisms “scientists” invented out of whole cloth. It’s hilarious! Are they going to locate the coal seam, the “saline aquifer (none exist)”, and the oil pool, then build the power plant? How will this work and how long will it take? Even if something like this was constructed it won’t do a damned thing other than cost a whole bunch of money for nothing. At least the automobile cost less than $3 grand while nonsense such as this will waste $millions PLUS substantially-increase the cost of electricity. You probably know carbon dioxide has issued forth from warm-blooded creatures and, for centuries, from the earth, yet the air is clean, the grass is green and the air has plenty of Oxygen (offer not available in California) so there must be some sort of natural carbon capture system. This is IT: Clouds blacken because they attract carbon dioxide stored at the top of the Troposphere and rain is 14% carbon atoms (take a vial of rain water and get it tested). There is NO carbon dioxide in the atmosphere other than when it is going This system has functioned well for eons without the constant interference of “scientists” who haven’t the foggiest notion of reality. Kat

If we repealed NAFTA, would that actually bring back jobs to the US?

The Nafta agreement updating was mainly influenced by Trump to get headlines as a big dealmaker and to show to his fan base how to strongarm competition to get a better deal, It is rhetorical because it was the same method used by Ford in the 60;s to sell their cars called the SPITZER METHOD ‘’ His total actions at rallies and negotiations come across like a used car salesman ,using the Ford procedure then, Canada and USA have been trading products and commodities long before the original Nafta, American influence in Canada on mfg, of cars, pape,r steel, power ,lumber. dating back for nearly 100 yrs, It is complicated because many of these products were being produced in Canada by American companies like ford ,Kimberley Clark , Weyherhauser , G,E , and being sold both in Canad and USA., When iron ore was seen being depleted in Minnesota the Calnadian deposits adjacent to the Mesabi range was mined and also sent via lake freighters to the steel mils in USA and Canada Because of the excessive demand for power in he USA’s development Canada developed several dams in Quebec and B,C selling power to USA , All of this was done before Nafta, The Nafta agreement was a formalization between countries and now including mexico to establish formal overall trade according to defined rules, The deal signed in the 80;S helped corporate in USA and Canada with the conservative governments in both counties , It has certainly hurt the Canadian unions and the standard of living of Canadians as the buying power since the1970;s and reduction of union agreements has been on a steady decline in every aspect and in Canada many jobs lost because of the American owners of Canadian companies, The American workers have lost prduction jobs which have gone to Mexico and that movement has been used by corporate to eliminate union plants and increase profits,. Overall the winner has been corporate America and has not changed at all with TRUMP and will not change as his corporate backing is in favour of lo cost labour and more profits,

What is the greatest invention made by a Canadian?

Probably the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, although MIT Librarian Seth Shoshak makes a strong case it was the other patent applicant that day who did. The invention of Insulin to moderate blood sugar in diabetics has been very significant for tens of millions of people. The railroad car mfg. shops of the Canadian Pacific Railway worked out a great deal of the mass production methods, particularly in assembly, that Ford built on, several decades before the auto industry began and more relevantly than Ford’s observations of hog disassembly lines at Swift’s meatpacking plant. The mainstay of American troops in World War II, Korea, and much of the Cold War, the M1 Garand rifle was invented along with it’s production machinery to a considerable extent by Canadian John Garand. South Korea, South Vietnam, and other armies used it primarily in the 1940’s-1970’s as well. Still manufactured for civilian use and it’s evolution into the M-14 rifle in 1957 is still used by the American military as a sniper rifle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Car Design: What will need to happen before mainstream automotive manufactors will be able to produce affordable hybrid sportscars?

Gentlemen of great talents, please let me share some exciting news. But, first a quick historical lesson about Detroit (the Big Three). I contacted GM, Ford and Chrysler back around 1991-92 about a new EV concept: using hydrogen and PEM fuel cell to help them to satisfy the Zero-emission ruling by 1998. The GM chief engineer asked me how much will it cost per pound. No one was interested in meeting with me to go over the details. So, instead of developing a ZEV by 1998 (only needed to be 1% of their sales), they decided to use that money to sue the four states that set up that ruling (CA, NJ, NY, PA); and they won. So, air pollution keeps on killing 4.6 million people each year, and transportation is a big part of that. The exciting news is a redesigned rotary (Wankel) engine is getting ready for production. The first one is only around 20kW (25hp) for off-site power generators and commercial size UPS. This new rotary engine solved the main seal problems, has high fuel efficiency and will only have 7 moving parts. It weighs less than 12-lbs. Better Li-ion chemistries are available to get a car to go from 0-60 in less than 4-seconds without supercapacitors. If with supercaps, then possibly 3.2 seconds to 60 mph. This hybrid-electric system is a series in design. So, no more excuses from Detroit for a hybrid-electric sports car or any hybrid with high performance. Using this new rotary engine and a new power pack design using a new generation supercaps (K-Cap), the Corvette should be able to out-perform any other sports cars in its class with a 400-mile range. Recharging the supercaps will take less than 5-minutes. In fact, a pure-electric (PBEV) sports car w/o an ICE engine can still go 400 mile per charge (less than 5-min.) using the new K-Caps (not out yet). Lab data looks good though. So, for now we'll just talk about the hybrid model, which is what this thread is about. Yes, it will be affordable and reliable, because it will be made in the U.S. with lots of automation. I've been to their mfg plant. Stay tuned.....

Why don't corporations more often use covert violent tactics to eliminate their competitors?

In Russia that has happened thousands of times. Crime reporters that cover murders, disappearances, apparent suicides, car accidents, industrial accidents, arson, and industrial espionage are very rare while those with an interest in business at all, let alone specific companies’ battles rarer yet, except in fiction. So it’s mostly not noticed except where there’s shootouts in the street like Russia or between organized crime gangs over sales territories. It’s simpler to use lawyers and public relations firms. Other tools through Wall Street’s rumor mills can cut off financing access, short sell or badmouth the competitors’ stocks including through “activist” investors. A common method is to steal intellectual property often by hiring away poorly treated researchers (companies that assume loyalty is a one-way street are bizarrely common as are laid off research teams.) They can gum up product testing by regulatory agencies. Simply report their competitors to regulators. Most regulators get discover wrongdoing because an industry competitor did the research and brought it to their attention rather than through their own efforts, just as investigative reporting relies on competitors more than insiders. Arson at key plants comes up more than you’d think but less often than it did. My favorite example is Henry Ford and Thomas Edison’s just completed electric car mfg. complex in 1915. Many buildings over many acres and yet 5 or so caught on fire “naturally” and simultaneously with clearly accelerants (gasoline or kerosene) spread throughout for near total destruction very quickly. Ruled a “natural” fire and enough tooling was lost, it wasn’t rebuilt with World War I orders making both men much busier.

Why is Tesla in such financial straights? Will they ever be able to recover?

Why? The automobile industry has very tight margins (most mfg do & the auto industry is worse). Will they recover? Yes, and they are doing so at this time. Remember they are building a huge infrastructure of superchargers, battery plants & need to build a long distant truck mfg plant. Note: GM failed, Gov bailed them out, Chrysler fails several times , Gov bailed them out. Ford managed to borrow & boot strap themselves out of bankruptcy at the same time. So this is a tough industry.