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I sprint home after school, throw on a fresh change of clothes and wait eagerly for a white Perodua Kancil

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Middle school Rebels joined in on competition Thursday as well! Great to see their attendance go up every week and watch them get better. Middle School Team Belt: Tristan Marcum, Wesley Pinner, Buck Ford, Smith Howe, and Hayden Bishop Middle School Individual Belt: Nix Fullen https://t.co/rWjy1zv4O6

Site Coordinator Alex can be found at French Ford Middle School providing support to the school, its students, and their families. Thanks for doing #WhateverItTakes to help our students succeed! #AllinforKids #CISNevada #NevadaProud #Education #Equity https://t.co/yXVDbjOPQ0

Happy Birthday to Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH, released in U.S. theaters on this date in 1986. SO many great stories I could tell about the development and filming, but let’s just do a quick one about casting its charismatic goblin king. Need I say it? Walk with me. https://t.co/KCOTZMS0A2

Incidentally, those are two of the best live acts I've ever seen. I've since gone to see both acts in different places multiple times. Who have you seen at the Melody Tent? It's sort of a magical place.

The conflation of "exercise" with "competitive athletics" starts with middle school PE classes and actively teaches a whole cohort of non-athletic kids to forever despise exercise

@arthur_affect Our school district lets kids opt into a more competitive gym class in middle school, which is one way to reduce performance pressure on less athletic kids but give the ones who thrive on competition a more level playing field.

@RecoverRepub I was in Middle School those yrs and I recognize it

@AlexMLeo @andizeisler When I was in middle school it was still called junior high and the girls PE classes were focused on fitness through Henry Ford's racist square dancing program, archery and the occasional lap around school property in Keds shoes, a/k/a, the least athletic shoe in history.

an american middle school will make u ford tough. especially if u blck

@AlbieDear im behind but HAD to tell you that my middle school won a free concert from Dream Street and Willa Ford bc my 8th grade class raised the most $ for 9/11 out of every single school in like 3 or 4 county's. 😂😂 #BRINGWILLAFORDBACK

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How do you not be embarrassed by the car your parents drop you off in when you’re in middle school? My dad is extremely successful but he still drives an ugly old car.

I’ve found over the years, guys seems to be in two groups when it comes to cars: They really couldn’t care less what they drive since they have other priorities. A car is nothing more than transportation to them, they choose a vehicle according to what their particular transportation/hauling needs are, and they do just enough to make sure that car or truck runs. OR, They are real gear heads, have cool cars they baby, and like working on them. My father fell into the former category. When I was in grade school, my parents owned a Ford Pinto. That thing, for those of you who weren’t around in the 70’s, was a piece of junk. Whenever my mom would accelerate after being stopped at a light, that thing would emit a cloud of blue smoke that was so thick you couldn’t see the driver behind you. We thought it was hilarious. My dad worked for the state and when I was in high school/college he had a position that meant he spent a lot of time in the field so he had a car issued by the state that he took home. Because he had that car for work (which was the bulk of the driving he did) he didn’t need to drive a personal car much so he’d get these sketchy cars for his personal driving needs. One of those sketchy cars he had was a Dodge Valiant. One time he and I went to get a burger, and he drove that Valiant. He turned the engine off, and it took five minutes for it to die AFTER he had removed the key. Just laugh at it. If you aren’t hungry, and you are dressed pretty much like everyone else in your school is, and you have the things you need and a few wants, who cares if your parents drive an old car? You don’t have to drive it. Trust me. You’ll find it funny one day.

Unlike Anita Hill, Dr. Christine Ford isn't even getting an FBI investigation of her allegations against Kavanaugh in the SCOTUS hearing. Despite #MeToo, have we actually gone backwards on the issue of sex abuse since 1991?

Well, Anita was a federal employee as was Clarence Thomas, and it happened in a Federal facility. So the FBI had jurisdiction for criminal investigation, and the investigation took 3 days and did not come to a conclusion. The problem is that none of these came from his many years of federal service. No, they had to go back to his middle school time to find accusations that were not on a federal facility, and which were entirely civil, and then they ask for an inappropriate FBI investigation where they do not have jurisdiction. The local police have jurisdiction. So, unlike Anita Hill, he was not a federal employee at the time.

Do you think that if a digitally Harrison Ford were inserted in to Solo: A Star Wars Story instead of real actor Alden Ehrenreich, it would have done much better at the box office?

Dear God, no. It was bad enough watching an attempt to zombify Peter Cushing with the legitimate excuse he's been dead since I was in middle school. In this case, it isn't even the first time we've had LFL depict an iconic Harrison Ford character at an age Ford is decades away from plausibly playing. Solo was vastly more convincing as “character who will grow up to be Harrison Ford” than River Phoenix or Sean Patrick Flannery growing up to be Indiana Jones. And there was 1000% less moaning. The performance is one of the BEST aspects of the film and one of its best acting turns. Solo would have done better if they'd advertised, gotten a better plot, and not released it only months after another Star Wars film.

Why aren't U.S. high school days longer?

“Why aren’t U.S. high school days longer?” Simple. ,They’re too long as is. Here, in Rocky Ford, Colorado, the Jr. Sr. High School starts around eight AM. After talking to most of my friends (literally two lol), the average teenager in this area gets up around four to five AM, at the latest, six AM. They usually go to bed around eleven to twelve (midnight). That is an average of four to six hours of sleep a night, well below the highest recommendation of eleven hours, ,. The lack of sleep caused by the absolutely imbecilic hours of school is ridiculous, and if they were to make school start earlier, many students would stop going and find ways out of it. School here, across the Rocky Ford School District R-2, school gets out at four PM for the Jr. Sr. High School and at 3:50 for the primary and intermediate schools. Yeah, there’s only three schools in the district here. There used to be one elementary school, two middle schools and one high school, but they cut the funding and removed a school. Anyways, from eight AM to four PM is eight hours in a poorly maintained and underfunded building. They give kids ridiculous amounts of homework. My younger sister, eleven, has math homework every night, along with reading, spelling and stuff online. She’s only in sixth grade. My youngest cousin, who is five or six, is in kindergarten. She has the same amount, but with easier material for her grade. My older cousin, going on eight, is in second grade, and while she has less, she is dealing with stuff that they claim is preparing her for intermediate school. My younger sister is often up till nine or ten finishing her homework, and my cousins often resort to bringing it to me just so they can get it finished and even just understand the work they’re doing. The Jr. Sr. High School is no better, as the students have eight classes, with homework for almost every single one. That makes at least five homework assignments per day, sometimes way more, plus big group projects that most classes have. So, from what I covered above, the largest group of students (the high school) are usually up from four or five till eleven to midnight, meaning they are awake for sixteen to eighteen hours a day, often completing homework and assignments. Teenage brains aren’t at their fullest potential till about 10 AM, and melatonin secretion goes until about 8 AM, meaning they are unable to wake up before then without long-term risks, ,. Why teen brains need a later school start time I highly recommend checking out the article I just linked for more information on why school should be shorter and start later. It holds lots of great links to studies and stuff, citing their sources and such. It explains it well.

Why do firearm owners keep insisting that the AR-15 is not an assault rifle when they clearly have "AR" in their name?

It's for the same reason that “truck nuts" keep insisting that our F-150s aren't “fighter trucks,” even though there's an “F" right there in the name. The “F" stands for the company which designed the truck, Ford. Likewise, the “A" in AR-15 stands for the company which created that antique rifle design over half a century ago, Armalite. The real mystery is why anti-2nd-amendment nuts would feel the need to repeatedly insist that the letters stand for their own most fashionable buzzwords when the spreading of such disinformation is only likely to affect the least knowledgeable of low-information voters. Are their actual arguments so lacking in logic and reasoning that they are reduced to middle-school-level propaganda tactics?

Is it okay to let a teen daughter and son sleep in the same room but in bunk beds so they still have separate beds?

When I was in middle school and high school, we lived in a small house. I just never thought about how small the house was until I read your question. The house had a living room, an eat-in kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. My sister and I shared the smaller bedroom. I had the top bunk. When my sister turned fourteen (I was a year younger), my mother decided that arrangement wasn’t appropriate. I have no idea whether or not my sister had contributed input on the matter. My Dad, who was very handy, finished the attic which ran the length of the house. Despite the heat in the summer, I was happy with that accommodation. I imagine my sister enjoyed having her own space, but we never discussed the subject. Notes The side walls of my attic bedroom were only about four feet, but it was quite a large room. There was a window in the front and the back. In the summer I kept a large fan running, 24/7. The first floor of our house couldn’t have been more than 800 sq ft. We had one car (a B&W Ford), one small B&W TV, and one phone (black). Life was sure a lot simpler when Eisenhower was president.

When did you realise that your parents were poor?

McDonald's fries. When I was 5 or 6, the small fries were 29 cents. My mom and I always had to share our small fries. I remember thinking, “We can't afford more because we don't have money.” I was sitting on the passenger side of the bench seat of our ’73 F-250 Ford pickup when I realized that. At 8, I had to help her push start our 3/4 ton pickup because she couldn't afford a starter. That went on for a while and a neighbor repossessed the truck due to an unpaid $1k loan. She eventually got it back. I remember my mom trying to sell “space food” which was a thing given the Shuttle program. I think it was MREs in shiny packages. Many years later, I realized that it was a legal pyramid scheme: multi- level marketing. My mother, an RN, never gave up chasing get-rich-quick schemes. In primary and middle school, my lunch sandwiches were mayo and a single slice of millimeter thin Land ‘O Frost meat whose packages were 39 cents. Or peanut butter and mayo (gross), or cream cheese and jam (palatable, but not desirable). I salivated over my classmates' bologna cheese tomato and lettuce. I resented it but I never complained. I knew we were poor. I was yelled at and smacked a lot, so I for sure knew never to complain. My boss observed this decades later, “You get along well with everybody and you never complain.” Yes. I learned that very early. Goodwill and garage sale clothes were a given. I hate garage sales. We went multiple times per week in the summer and one day on weekends during the school year. My mom had me dumpster dive for produce when I was 11. Less than 10, I was introduced to the term “lower middle class” by my mother. She did have a house, but lost it in a short sale when I was 12. We moved to her 25 acres and moved from 1983 to 1883: no plumbing or electricity. Eatimg meals straight from cold, dented cans she bought at the cannery. Becoming homeless about a year later. Briefly the streets of Houston the summer of 8th grade. It wouldn't be until I was 17 until I slept in a real bed again. Early in high school, I might have qualified for discounted lunches but my mother never bothered to ask and neither did I. I wouldn't eat breakfast, and lunch was Reeses and milk. When I got home after 4PM from an 18-mile bus ride, I made myself huge grilled government cheese sandwiches. I added BBQ sauce if we had it because I imagined it tasted like meat. Or I cut government potatoes and made fries in grease that was kept in a pan for weeks. So yes, I realized it early and never forgot it. I only wish that decades later, she had listened to me about how to break out of her cycle of poverty, as she ended up losing everything, and me an inheritance, her final home on 5 acres. The “inheritance” wasn't something I cared about or expected, but rather what she told me she would leave. I saw the train wreck coming 20 years ago, so my expectations were nothing. I took my kids to Togos for lunch. $27 for the three of us. Tomorrow after church might be Pho. They are so spoiled, they have no idea. EDIT,: The struggles my mother went through were likely due to severe childhood trauma: emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. She suffered from depression (I learned in 1989 as I was leaving and she was going into a breakdown), BPD (she admitted to me a few years ago when she lived with us), Anxiety, likely Hoarding Disorder (though she was never diagnosed, a therapist told me that is driven by “fear of loss"), Anxiety, and the last thing she told me was that she was in therapy for PTSD when I was small. More of the story is here: ,Zachary Gemmill's answer to What is it like to be living normally and then suddenly lose everything?

What huge scandal happened at your middle school?

This is not only a scandal but a depressing story. One that enveloped New York City for days, and eventually, months. The day was June 15, 1994. At the time, I was a jaded seventh-grade student that just wanted the school year to ****ing end, and start summer vacation. Thankfully, that was a few days away, as the New York City school year ends in late June. Outside of that, it was just a normal day at Roberto Clemente Intermediate School in the South Bronx, (or IS 166 for the New York City residents reading). Most of the boys, myself included, were excited about Game 4 of the NBA Finals — the Knicks were playing the Rockets, and they were down 2–1, but Game 4 was at Madison Square Garden. No surprises here. However, there was a notable lack of eighth-graders in the building — and it makes sense. They went on their senior class trip, and they were days away from graduating and going to high school. In this instance, the graduating class chose Dorney Park in Pennsylvania. I left school, watched the game (the Knicks won to tie the series), and I got ready for school the next day. Nothing unusual, right? Of course, something happened! The first thing I noticed was that some of the students were in tears. I wanted to ask what happened, but I decided to keep my mouth shut and moved along. Then the morning announcement on the intercom revealed what happened. One of the seniors, Daniel Maracallo, died. That explained a lot. I did not feel anything, because I did not know Daniel well, but no one deserved to die that young. Not helping was that there were rumors about how Daniel died, many were saying about how he drowned during the senior trip and was not on the bus back home. Unfortunately, the rumor going around the school ,was absolutely true,. There was a ,heavy ,media presence at the school for a day or two. The school was nearby the Bronx Supreme Court and Yankee Stadium was not far from the school, so a media crush nearby the area was nothing new. However, several news vans were parked on the same street at the school - ,that part was unusual,. The media craze eventually died down when a certain Ford Bronco with a certain NFL Hall of Fame running back inside was being chased by police on the opposite coast of the country. The investigation itself marched on, and it was not a one-day affair. This went on through the summer months, and stayed in the papers periodically. The New York Times wrote an article., , It even reached outside the city, as a Chicago Tribune article, ,states the timeline inside Dorney Park, as well as a student account of events. A special commissioner was assigned to get through the details, and it was not pretty. By the time the official report, ,was released in November of that year, I was in 8th grade. The report essentially called out the principal and assistant principal of my junior high school for the following: Planning a trip that was non-educational. Not getting approval of the trip from the district office. Not having enough supervision for the trip (Trips should have a 10:1 student to chaperone ratio. The ratio for the trip was 23:1 — 138 students for six adults.) Left the park without accounting for Daniel, as Daniel’s body was discovered at 1 AM when maintenance drained the pool. The report also ripped into Dorney Park for the following: Inappropriate signage: One said that weak swimmers should have life jackets, but not ,where to find them. The lifeguards refused to search in the area where Daniel was drowning. Reducing the wave pool strength during the official visit, but putting it on full strength during the secret, unannounced visit. I admit some parts of the report are pedantic for the sake of headlines. However, the report in general, is on point. The assistant principal was definitely fired, but somehow, the principal kept his job for another two or three years, reaching retirement. But yes, that is the biggest scandal in middle school — poor planning, incompetence, and callousness caused a student, who was out on a day of fun, to die days away from graduating. I left the links, and you can decide on the story for yourself. If you want to know more information about it, google Daniel Maracallo’s name.


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