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Owner Review: Living With My 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Named Bloop

** This article is the personal experience of a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST180 owner and does not necessarily

The RM 126,888 Ford Ranger FX4 is a dressed-up Ranger XLT, no additional power

Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC), the official distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia has just introduced

The CEO who killed the Ford Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo is stepping down, replaced by ex-Toyota man

Jim Hackett announced today that he is stepping down as CEO of Ford Motor Company, barely three years

Malaysia to get new True Red colour option for the 2021 Ford Range Raptor?

The over-the-top Ford Ranger Raptor could be receiving a new colour in Malaysia later this year, as seen

All-new 2021 Ford F-150 can do 1,126 km with one tank of petrol

Ford has just unveiled the all-new, fourteenth-generation 2021 Ford F-150 in the US.Starting with the

SDAC-Ford offers up to 20-percent discount for service customers from now until 31 May

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, has announced a service

New vs Old – 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift vs pre-facelift

Yesterday, Ford debuted the 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak facelift in Thailand and it looks, well the same

This is why Ford is making artificial bird poop

Believe it or not, but Ford really does have a dedicated laboratory for studying and creating artificial

Mazda BT-50: This is why Mazda chose the Isuzu D-Max over the Ford Ranger

rsquo;s anyone with the capability to challenge Toyota’s supremacy in pick-up trucks, it’s Ford

Review: Ford Ranger WildTrak, when adventure meets concrete jungle

(Model | Gallery) The thinking mans Ford Ranger Raptor Same powertrain as the Ford Ranger Raptor, 213

View More

Save up to RM 8k on a new Ford Ranger Raptor or a Ranger Wildtrak!

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering attractive savings on selected Ford Ranger Raptor and Ford

Ford Ranger 2.2L Wildtrak Has a Big Improvement Than the 2.2 XLT

The sole distributor of Ford in Malaysia-Sime Darby Auto Connexion, introduced the Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Ford is helping you save up to RM 9k when you purchase a new Ford Ranger

May 2020, Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) is offering massive savings of up to RM 9,000 for their Ford

Ford just made a limited number of Rangers sportier and smarter

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is proud to present the smarter and feature packed new Ford Ranger XLT

Owner Review: 3 Years of Ownership, Owning and Upgrading My Ford Ranger

** This article is the personal experience of a 2017 Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT T6FL owner and does not necessarily

Limited Edition Ford Ranger Splash sold out!

Ford Malaysia has announced that all 19 units of the Ford Ranger Splash have been pre-booked ahead of

This Ford Ranger makes 405 PS and has gull-wing doors

When Ford Performance unleashed the Ford Ranger Raptor, many were disappointed that the pick-up truck

2021 Ford Bronco to launch on 13 July, fights Jeep lineup

In the lead-up to its 13-July launch, Ford has released information about the upcoming Bronco.

New 2022 Ford Ranger rendered, do you like what you see?

Last week, we reported that Ford is working together with Volkswagen to develop the next-generation Ranger

Ford Ranger enjoys 12 % increase in sales in Q3 2019

The all-new Ford Ranger continues its segment high in the third quarter of 2019 with an increase of 12%

In Brief: Ford Ranger, combining the best of utilitarian and refinement

(Model | Gallery)The Ford Ranger is a 4x4 pickup truck that made a global debut back in 2015.

5-year warranty for 2021 Ford Ranger, upgrade available for current owners

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia, introduced a new

2021 Ford Bronco looks set to wrangle the competition

Finally, the 2021 Ford Bronco has been unleashed to the world.

Next-gen VW Amarok to be built by Ford, coming in 2022

Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG signed agreements that expand their global alliance on 10 June 2020

Spied: New Ford Ranger Raptor spotted in Thailand, all-new or facelift?

A heavily camouflaged Ford Ranger Raptor has been spotted in Thailand amidst testing.

Ford Malaysia launches real-time e-Service appointment booking system

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford vehicles in Malaysia, announced their

Ford Malaysia will now deliver a test drive unit to your doorstep

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, continues to enhance its

Ford Everest gets a Raptor-esque, custom makeover

What do you do if you own a Ford Everest but want yours to stand out from the rest?

RM 2,000 Ang Pao on offer when you purchase a Ford Ranger before CNY

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is offering up some awesome ang pao money when you purchase a Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger XLT Plus facelifted in Malaysia! RM 129,888, new front design

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) introduces a quick update for the Ford Ranger XLT Plus variant.

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BR Blue 313201 & Southern Green 313212 Meet At Ford @NSE_Latchmere @DanFMDatabases @PdannyH @class442410 @JamieMarquis2 @HSTBEN1 @setrainfan 4/11/19 https://t.co/cq2OTONa2G

Pep action!! #Ford https://t.co/tLkk2Q6b9T

Rainbow 🌈 And Southern 313219 At Ford This Evening @SouthernRailUK @bjm2000uk @setrainfan @AndyBraben @HSTBEN1 @class442410 @NSE_Latchmere @PdannyH https://t.co/qnyZ6lbir7

GBRf 66773 At Ford , Hove & Brighton Today Being Named 😀 @GBRailfreight @NSE_Latchmere @bjm2000uk @AndyBraben @DanBHTFC @PdannyH @class442410 https://t.co/z7TNep0fJb

#NSE Ford recalls 575000 Windstar vans in US, Canada http://url4.eu/74srW

INDIANS SENSEX NSE Ford agrees to sell Volvo Cars to Geely - Swedish TV SENSEX NSE F.. http://bit.ly/51w7fd

#india #nifty #auto #nse #bse Ford India ended 2012 with total sales of 10,899 for the month of December. Despite mark… http://t.co/bToAoUrb

@NSE_Latchmere @PdannyH Cool. I remember Danny saying a Halfords can of blue was a good match but I can't remember what it was called 🙈

first auto IPO in US in 54 years since Ford Motors by Tesla Motors.. #bse #nse #nasdaq

#NSE Jury hits Ford Motor Co with $131 million verdict http://url4.eu/79zeq

ford nse Q&A Review

Why is Roboscanner NSE a third rate algo trading?

Robo Scanner Nse ,is ALGO TRADING SYSTEM IN ,BANKNIFTY AND NIFTY OPTIONS. It is based at ,RANCHI. wE ARE ,OBSERVING HOW GOOD IT IS, THRU OUR FRIENDS WHO JOINED. IT OPERATES IN ,UPSTOX AND ZERODHA AND aLICE BLUE. today it placed a buy for banknifty25100ce at 150.10 bought at 10am sold at 75 at 3 pm loss 1870 brokerage and other charges are 200 rupees for just one lot in upstox, upstox is cheating its clients with high brokerage of rs 100 per lot. other brokers charge rs 5 to 20 per lot. . The Dumb robo placing wrong loser trades. when banknifty is 25400, what would any smart person buy? 24500put or 24500 call but no stupid junkie would buy 25100ce while bak nifty is 24500. but the robo just did it, upstox promptly loots the money by way of brokerage. can somebody tell me if you buy 1 lot of 25 units of banknifty call how much brokerage would you get charged? rs20. for selling another 20 but if yOu get charged rs 200 what does that mean? it means upstox is not doing a fair dEal for its clients. The robo is dumb surely developed by a dumbo from usa. people are paying money rs 17844 to one A P Trader, ujjivan bank,Lalpur branch. in the trading market every body cheats a trader. be smart dont use ,roboscanner nse, from ranchi. DONT USE UPSTOX EITHER

Which is better for intraday trading, Zerodha or AliceBlue?

CoolBird: ,Zerodha, squares-,off largest, (78000 units of TATAMOTORS) ,unauthorized trade, within 15 minutes of ,trade, day while client got T+1 days. This caused the client a total loss of 84 Lakhs within a single transaction. The entire fault is due to ,Zerodha's, liquidation. THIS WHATTSAPP MESSAGE WAS DOING ROUNDS. NSE ARBITRATION PANEL FOUND ZERODHA GUILTY. ZERODHA REFUSED TO PROVIDE RELIEF TO CLIENT. THEY ARE TRYING TO PROCEED TO COURT. IT SEEMS CONSUMER PROTECTION FORUM IS APPROACHED BY CLIENT. NOW YOU THINK ZERODHA IS BETTER? I DONT KNOW WHAT THEY DO AT ALICEBLUE

What is right brokerage charges for trading NSE stocks and options?

Trading has a recurring cost. it is brokerage and taxes. KOTAK CHARGES 75 RUPEES PER OPTION LOT FOR BUYING AND ANOTHER 75 FOR SELLING. SHAREKHAN CHARGES 30 PER LOT ONE SIDE ICICIDIRECT CHARGES LIKE KOTAK. ZERODHA AND ANGEL CHARGE RS 20 PER ORDER ETC. Anything above 15 rupees is a high charge. when you pay high charge to broker you need to work three times harder to make more profits to makje your broker rich first. feed the white elephant, but you also need good food and you must feed yourself and your family. Chidabaram the past fm added lot more taxes to screw trading public. they say he got arrested etc. how about bjp govt? nobody has guts to rectify and reduce the so many taxes on traders. nobody talks about it. instead hey added swatch bharat tax etc. Amit shah can very well try n remove part of taxes chidambaram laid. but nobody wants to touch it. why? they are focussed on keepng the income not doing justice to trading public. Moral of the story dont pay 75 per lot of options or more than 15 per lot bargain stop trading and write a mail that you cant feed the white elephant with these high charges. go to another broker not to icicidirect not to indiainfoline find somebody better trade profitably need winning strategy-perfect risk conytrol and lowest brokerage charges. dont ignore high brokerage charges. fight it. if you stopped trading with a particular broker post here. let others know act wake up slept enough

What is the most badass display of professional expertise you have ever witnessed?

In a country of a million odd doctors, you should be a pretty good to standout. If you were the Personal doctor of Mother Theresa, have performed over 15000 heart surgeries and operate a chain of 23 hospitals that serves close to 2 million patients every year, you should be a great. But if you are called “The Henry Ford of heart surgery” by ,The Wall Street Journal, and awarded ‘Padma Shri’ & ‘Padma Bhushan’ by the Government of India, you should be ‘Pretty Badass’. Presenting ,Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, - “The Henry Ford of heart surgery”. Following are few of his achievements [other than the ones mentioned above]: In the year 1992, he successfully performed the first Neonatal heart surgery in India on ,a 9 day old baby,. He also designed the world's cheapest comprehensive insurance scheme, Yeshasvini Co-operative Farmer’s Health Care Scheme, which provides cover to poor farmers across 805 surgical procedures for just ,Rs 18 every month,. Challenged the status quo in hospitals using economies of scale to significantly bring down the cost of heart surgery all while improving the quality of healthcare. His hospital is listed in both NSE and BSE with the current market capitalization close to 6,200 Crs.

Why does trading only happen between 9:15 to 3:30?

because NSE DECIDED SO. they may not able to manage beyond these timings. because nse needs time to do the follow up work sttlemts etc only forex works from 04 30am to 0230next day mon to fri commodites have different timings stocks futures options timings are set 9 15am to 3 30pm

Is it possible to observe a change in the Nifty option chain on the NSE website every 15 minutes, or is it EOD?

WHAT YOU SEE ON NSE IS LIVE BUT SOMETIMES DELAY COMRES IN. NSE SELLS DATA TO BROKERS ETC FOR HIGH RATES. Lowcost tool =================== you can get it ready by talking to any excel expert they link nse site and excel sheet updates live once excel has data you can wrte codes to show whatever you like to see higher cost tool get live datafeed and have processing ciode in software like metastock or amibroker etc even app is available marketpulse ask these guys to give info you want they can do that

Is there any weekly option stock in NSE?

banknifty and nifty. weekly options on Nifty IT Index since march 2019 check on nse website NSE had launched weekly options on Nifty Bank Index in 2016, USD-INR currency pair in 2018 and Nifty 50 index in February 2019. Read more at: ,//economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/68361779.cms?from=mdr&utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst Read more at: ,//economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/67946775.cms?from=mdr&utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst

I don't understand how this works. If I buy 20% of Ford (in stocks) would I become one of the directors? What will my annual salary be?

It is impossible in the first place. The Stock Exchange Office (BSE,NSE,NASDAQ, etc) will not let you buy more than 5% of the shares of any company. You cannot buy 20% shares at least in the stock market as a retail investor.

I have purchased 11,000 shares of Meghmani Organics at an average price of 97.50 and the LTP was 56.45. Are there any chances that it will bounce back at least up to 80?

look for news on the compny it is NSE based and not a bad stock. Meghmani Organics Ltd. Share Price and Stock Market Price Today, LIVE BSE/NSE News & Updates | Groww ITS FAIR VALUE IS 39. It is a pesticide company. due to corona impact it is down. i can give one advice only if you have a chart. let me know if you have a daily price chart with sma43 as long as price is above sma43 no need to sell. sma43 is now at rs 50.


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