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Leaked: Could this be the all-new 2022 Lexus NX?

to a report by Creative311, a Facebook user has posted photos of Lexus’ upcoming luxury SUV.Looking

New Lexus RX – we show you what's new for 2019

Lexus Malaysia recently introduced the new RX here in Malaysia, giving its mid-sized luxury crossover

Lexus has sold over 5 million luxury SUVs and crossovers to date

After 31 years in the luxury vehicle business, Lexus is proud to have achieved a new milestone.

Someone grafted a Lexus ‘Spindle Grille’ onto a Camry-based Toyota Sienna

There are already after-market Lexus ‘spindle grille’ conversions for various Toyota models

550 PS and 700 Nm Aston Martin DBX production starts, coming to Malaysia soon?

Powering the DBX is a 4.0 L twin turbo V8 producing 550 PS of maximum power and 700 Nm of maximum torque

Lexus Malaysia’s service centres resume operations

Starting 22nd April onwards, selected Lexus Malaysia centres will resume after-sales operations.

One last hurrah for Lexus GS with Eternal Touring Edition

The imminent discontinuation of the Lexus GS is fast approaching in August 2020.

RM 249k 2021 Toyota Harrier vs RM 236k Lexus UX: Why Toyota when you can Lexus?

Interestingly, the Lexus UX occupies a similar price range to the Harrier (RM 236k - 290k).

BMW X8 M to be the most powerful BMW yet; plug-in hybrid, over 700 PS

And if the rumours are true, the X8 M will be a plug-in hybrid that makes somewhere in region of 700

Next-gen 2022 Lexus NX spied doing development testing in Japan!

The current Lexus NX was groundbreaking in many ways.

View More

Lexus ES outsells BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class in USA

USA is Lexus’ biggest market, contributing nearly 40 percent of its total sales worldwide, followed

Refreshed 2020 Lexus LC Coupe, lighter and more comfortable

In the spirit of Kaizen, or continous improvement, Lexus has just given its flagship LC Coupe an update

Lexus Mutiara Damansara branch operation handed over to dealer

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has transferred operations of the Lexus Mutiara Damansara outlet to the dealer

New Lexus RX launched in Malaysia – priced from RM 399,888

Lexus Malaysia has just introduced the new RX, a mid-life update for its popular mid-sized luxury crossover.Prices

Consumer survey: Lexus NX and CT200h are UK’s most reliable cars

, Lexus is UK’s most reliable car brand, ahead of second-place Toyota.Which?

This Christmas, Lexus wants you to experience Unwrap Amazing

Lexus showrooms nationwide will be hosting an Unwrap Amazing customer experience event this weekend 7

This Lexus-inspired Innova sure looks INNOVA-tive!

Ever saw your Toyota Innova on the driveway and thought of transforming it into a Lexus?

2021 Lexus LM teased, Malaysia launch this week

Over the weekend, Lexus Malaysia teased the imminent arrival of the Lexus LM – its first-ever luxury

Malaysian converted his Toyota Alphard into a Lexus LM!

The owner of this Toyota Alphard couldn’t wait for Lexus Malaysia to bring the car to Malaysia,

Pros and Cons: Lexus LM 350 - A dressed up Alphard? Hardly

So Lexus saw it fit to include a fully-digital one, how flipping cool is that?

Audi A6 falls behind Lexus ES in global sales rankings

In that same year, the Lexus ES, also a new generation model and now riding on Toyota’s TNGA-K

Owning a Lexus UX is easy with Lexus Next Step Plan!

Introducing the Lexus Next Step Plan.What is Lexus Next Step Plan?

New 2020 Lexus LS debuts, now with AI-powered ADAS features

Lexus just took the covers off the new 2020 Lexus LS facelift in Japan, giving its flagship model several

Lexus trademarks new name, next car to be RZ450e?

comes as no surprise, as Lexus did announce that they will be releasing more BEV by 2025.

Lexus confirms new PHEV model in 2021 – Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid with 306 PS?

Lexus is ramping up its electrified vehicle line-up with 10 PHEVs, BEVs, and HEVs set to be launched

30 years of Lexus: How it began and what is the meaning of the Lexus name?

First introduced in 1989 with the first generation Lexus LS 400, this year marks the 30th anniversary

2020 Lexus ES updated in Malaysia - now with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Based on Lexus Malaysia’s official website, the Lexus ES’s infotainment system has just been

Lexus NX updated for Malaysia - now with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

The 2020 Lexus NX in Malaysia is now fitted with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard.

700 km in one full 45-litre tank for the 2020 Proton X50 1.5 TGDI

Proton X50 has a 45-litre fuel tank, which means that the X50 has a theoretical maximum driving range of 700

Review: 2020 Lexus UX 200 2.0L CVT, compact SUV with BMW handling, Lexus refinement

(2020 Lexus UX Price & Specs | Gallery)When the all-new Lexus UX 200 broke covers at the 2018 Geneva

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lexus 700 Post Review

$TSLA see how we got a little pullback..cant stay so far outside of bollinger band for more than day or 2. predictable.. also note that gap to 657 needs to be filled.. if i was a betting man id go with under640 before above 700 . could be wrong, who knows https://t.co/0Y0Xu3DUUc

.@Toyota, @Lexus recalling 700,000 vehicles for fuel-pump issue: https://t.co/Iiw2mZwEf8

Exactly 7 years ago I got hit in a brand new Lexus with 700 miles on it when a car crossed the center lane coming around a curve. If the other car had been a little farther in my lane, It would have been way worse. https://t.co/HxKzinlbtY

TBI Agents are assisting the Fentress County Sheriff’s Office in locating 17-year-old Marcus A. Walker who was last seen in Clarkrange. He may be traveling in a 2015 gray Lexus with TN tag BZC-700. See him? Call 931-879-8142 or 1-800-TBI-FIND. https://t.co/tiyLtKt6VS

Foreign Used Lexus iS250 2008 with Full Customs Duty Paid going for ₦2,700,000 https://t.co/l10rYmBL35

When the road is open, so is the throttle. Thanks to @rcf_700 for the share. Join our #LexusCustom Facebook Group for more. #LexusRCF https://t.co/qeFCKLKZeI

Lexus ES350 2008 (Tokunbo) || 4,700,000 || Available for Inspection CALL/WHATSAPP: 09093532474 #primeautos #ol https://t.co/ibouFTsOvW

@AuntiesBlocc Used to be me. Wrecked that bih, ins paid got a used lexus nice cash car now those $700 monthlys go straight to savings lol! We live n learn tho. Never buy new, you hear me 🗣 NEVER

I swear to God, if someone ever buys me a Lexus for Christmas, they had better pay cash. Cuz if I walk out and see a Lexus with a $700/month payment, I'm gonna be pissed.

@UnclePamilerin Lol power steering oil for my Lexus na 1,700

lexus 700 Q&A Review

Are Lexuses really cheaper to maintain and they break less often than BMW/Mercedes, or is it just a myth?

I bought my 2003 Lexus IS300 with six miles on it. It died with 296,000 on it. I had to replace tires, batteries, wiper blades and brake pads. At 140,000 I replaced the timing belt and water pump. The parts were sometimes expensive as “ Lexus” parts, but sometimes a less expensive Camry part would work. But in 13 years and 296,000 miles, very few things wore out or had to be replaced j. Toyota makes the most dependable cars on earth, and one thing about owning a Toyota , when it is time to buy a new Toyota , you can trade it in on a new Toyota for $500 at the dealership , then the dealer will turn around and sell it for $3000 on their used car lot. Or you can put it at the end of your driveway and put a FOR SALE sign on it and sell it for $3000. Someone will ALWAYS be willing to buy your used Toyota in a private sale when you want a new car. There is a reason why you always see immigrants driving older toyotas . When you have risked your life to come to the USA , do backbreaking work for minimum wage working 2 or 3 jobs a week, every dollar counts. When you have saved $2500 and want to buy a used car , the last thing you want to do is repair it constantly or worry about the car functioning . So many Hispanic, Asian , or Carribean Immigrants seek used Toyotas, even a ten or 15 year old Toyota with 200,000 miles will sell, because people know that the car can easily reach 300,000 if properly maintained. Try selling a 12 year old Buick or Pontiac with 200,000 miles on it, you may get $700 if you get anything . A ten year old Toyota with 200,000 miles on it is a great deal at $2500–3000 for both the seller and buyer. It is much harder to sell ANY car with 300,000 miles, so if you don't sell it at 200,000 you can choose to keep driving it. A Toyota owner at a gas pump next to mine last week said his 4Runner had 370,000 miles on it . But even with a great reputation like Toyota , a car with 400,000 miles on it will be hard to sell, so when you see a person driving a 20 -25 year old Toyota it's because they crossed that imaginary line where no one will buy it because it has 400,000 miles on it but it still runs so they don't want to part with it. At a recent gathering of friends from University , we looked outside in the parking lot and of 9 cars owned by us, 7 were Toyota/Lexus. If you are an educated and informed car buyer of the middle class, who makes enough that they can afford to choose between Honda, Nissan and Toyota and the American cars, but not rich enough to not care about the cost of a vehicle, Toyota is the clear choice. Some people argue that a Hyundai has the same options and costs $20,000 to the Toyota that is $33,000, or the Nissan or Honda is $28,000, but the dependability of Toyota will make it cheaper due to less repair costs over the life of the car. If you can affford to sign the deal, you know that you are ultimately getting a better deal over the next 10 years. But someone with just a little less income or less belief in Toyota will go with the Nissan or Hyundai, because of the lower sales price, unable to see the future savings in less repairs. The pickup truck market shows Toyota Tacomas holding their value at an incredible rate. A Tacoma, originally 35,000, with 200,000 miles on it, 10 years old, will sell for $12,000. A 10 year old Dodge with 200,000 miles on it , originally $45000 , will sit on a used car lot unsold , with an asking price of $5000. And it's very hard to buy a used Toyota truck, because people just don't want to get rid of them . A 20 year old Toyota 4x4 truck will sell in a few days. The Japanese car designers use simpler designs than the Germans . Imagine a Swiss or German made Antique cuckoo clock, the elaborate and complicated designs were made with pride, the Europeans seem to enjoy making things difficult for a mind not as smart as the engineer to understand. So parts may be harder to get to or hidden away, but the Japanese designers use basic designs with high quality parts , that may not ever need to be replaced but if they do can easily be reached, but sometimes the bigger, meatier hands of an American mechanic may have a hard time reaching certain parts in cramped places. Mercedes and BMW are classic old names in the automotive world, and their once quality workmanship created a reputable name that has been declining in quality for years. They are difficult to repair and need more upkeep and maintenance than a Toyota/Lexus, which has been the name in dependability for 30 years and counting. Once great, quality cars that established the names BMW and Mercedes-Benz have declined, yet the names and the quality associated with them is what carries the brand today, as people who purchase these brands aren't concerned about the cost of repair bills, and at the dealership they pamper you with fine coffee and loaner cars so you hardly realize you and the service manager see each other more than you see your kids. For someone middle class, who can afford a nicer car, but is frugal enough to care about repair costs, and understands that a car is to get you from point A to point B, and if it's in the shop you can't get to point B, there is only one brand. Spend the little extra on the bill of sale, and remember that the consumer who paid $10,000 less for a Hyundai will be in the shop and will end up paying that $10,000 to the shop in repair costs anyway, and in ten years will be car shopping again as you enjoy having no car payment and practically no repair bills for the next 15!years. “ Who can ask for anything more? TOYOTA!!! The Author and three of his Toyotas/Lexus vehicles. The pickup I bought for $2900 and sold ten years later for $3000. The Lexus bought with 6 miles and the engine died with 296,000 miles on it, and the 4Runner still going strong at 12 years old.

I'm planning a beach vacation in Florida. Should I drive the 700+ miles in my 2019 Lexus ES or pay $65/day for a rental car?

Drive the Lexus. My sister-in-law and her husband always drive their 1999 Lexus on road trips because it’s the most comfortable.

I'm in the 1 percent. How do I show everyone that I worked hard for it?

I wouldn’t and I don’t. I’m in the 1%. I’m early 40’s and been retired for 5 years. I drive a 10+ year old Chevy and never worry about where I park. I don’t worry about some kid purposely jumping out in front of me to get the insurance money. That nightmare is for the asshole in the BMW behind me. I don’t have to worry about anyone keying or stealing my car. That’s for the asshole in the Lexus next to me. I don’t worry about resale value or lease ding charges. I rent a house in the Southwest US. Living is new, low cost, and the people aren’t aggressive like on the East coast. I own no real estate. Of the 20+ things that have broken in this house the past 4 years living here, I’ve had to fix absolutely Zero of them. I send one email and my underwater on the mortgage landlord is legally obligated to fix it. Fixing stuff is for the asshole in the 2 floor 3500 sq/ft McMansion next to me with 2 air conditioners paying $700/mo to keep his 14 foot ceilings cool in summer. I show MYSELF that I’m in the 1%. The only guy that matters. I don’t have to work, I hang out with my family when I want, how I want. I don’t ask for permission to take a sick day when I’m sick. No permission needed to experience life and go on a vacation. I show people that I’m successful by not being the asshole commuting to a tiny cubicle every day, cursing a boss, overspending on cars to show people that I’m enjoying life. I’m taking a nap, watching movies, playing basketball, building something whenever I want. I do not ask permission to pursue the stuff I want to do. That’s how I show the world I’m a 1%’er.

What are some the best super cars ever made?

This is my Top 3 Favorite supercars or hypercars Koenigsegg Regera This car is an absolute beast, it is powered by a Koenigsegg 5.0 Liter Twin-turbo V8 which produces 1100 Horsepower (On pump gas) and 3 YASA Electric motors (Powered by Rimac-developed 800v Battery) with a total power of 700 horsepower, which is more than the electric motors of P1, LaFerrari, and 918 combined. And it uses Koenigsegg Direct Drive which is a fancy name for a single-speed direct-drive gearbox. The regera is so powerful that it could accelerate without a transmission, and that means the Koenigsegg regera doesn’t need to waste it’s time by shifting gears. With a total maximum power of 1500 Horsepower and 2000 Nm of torque (This is because the Engine and Electric motors had their maximum power at different rpm range) The Koenigsegg Regera could accelerate from 0–60 in 2,8 Seconds 0–124 in 6.6 Seconds 0–186 in 10.9, 0-250 Mph in less than 20 Seconds and a Top speed of 252 Mph Even with such insane performance, The Regera is very docile on the streets and quite reliable for a hypercar like this, and on the inside it has a very luxurious and lavish interior which in my opinion is almost as good as a Pagani or Bugatti. Yet will all these horsepower and luxury, the Koenigsegg Regera only weighs 1590 Kg (Curb) 40 Kg lighter than Ferrari 812 Superfast 2. Singer Porsche DLS In my opinion, this is the ultimate driver’s car It’s powered by a 4.0 l Air-cooled Naturally Aspirated Flat Six designed by Williams Advanced Engineering (Yeah, the same Williams on F1) with the help of Singer Vehicle Design and Hanz Mezger. and it revs all the way to 9000 rpm and produces 500 Horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. Coupled to a bespoke 6-speed manual transmission, the Singer DLS could accelerate from 0–60 in just 3 seconds Doesn’t sound like much, but, almost all of the car’s parts are made of carbon fiber, which made this car only weighs around 988 Kilograms. The interior is both beautiful and spartan depending on your point of view. 3. Lexus LF-A Don’t let that Lexus Badge fool you, this is a Supercar The Lexus LF-A is a halo car made by lexus to show to the world what could they do. It’s powered by a Yamaha-built 4.7 liter Even-firing V10 which made 550 Horspower and 480 Nm of torque. Yamaha tuned this engine sound like they were tuning a musical instrument, which made this car to be one of the best sounding cars ever made. The interior is also Luxurious, as expected from an automanufacturer like Lexus, just don’t expect it’s ride to be nice, because (according to Doug DeMuro) it isn’t

How much does it cost to replace front and rear brake rotors and pads for a 2008 Lexus RX350?

It depends upon what part if the country you are in, what type of shop you go to, quality if parts used, etc. At the dealer it will typically be more and in the larger metropolitan areas it will be more. I would estimate that it would cost between $600-$1,000 depending on where you live and what type of shop that you go to. I own a shop in the Midwest and we would be in the low end probably $600-$700.

Why do people keep buying luxury German made cars when there are official reports that their build quality is far worse than Japanese made cars?

How big a premium do you think there is, and how much of a premium/discount do you think there should be? I think there’s something like a 20% premium for a BMW 700 series v. a comparable Lexus LS500. (I could be off) The 2 cars are different experiences and appeal to different buyers. 20% is not a huge premium…there are brands that command much higher premiums (premia?) for much more inexplicable reasons. Lexus could probably sell a lot of cars for 20% more money, but fewer than they currently do. Ferrari could sell a hell of a lot of cars if they offered some less expensive products. Companies make strategic choices around brand positioning, volume, price, how much they spend on marketing and distribution, how they are perceived in the market and how they would like to be perceived. German cars are pretty reliable, it’s possible that for similar amount of maintenance Japanese cars last longer, I don’t know the number but again I don’t think it’s a huge premium. As others have mentioned, some people love BMWs and/or Mercedes, there is some premium, and it’s partly the name and status associated with it, and it’s partly a different ownership experience.

What would be a good, original first car to buy for a student? I’m looking for something between $10,000-$15,000 that can handle mountainous roads in the winter.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet... Search for a well maintained, pre-2005 (incl. 2005) Lexus IS300. Bonus points for station wagon model, since you can carry a ton of stuff in it. It was available with either manual or automatic gearbox. It will be super reliable, looks good, and is available now for under $12,000, maybe even $10,000. Then, when you go skiing, you will need winter tires. Winter tires and wheels packages are available starting from $700, and this will be the best investment you will make for your ski trips. Once you have that extra set of tires+wheels, you can just swap out the standard wheels in your garage/parking lot in half an hour. Mountainous roads? Piece of cake!

Which car has the most interesting rear brake or turning lights?

Are we not going to talk about sweep turn signals aka Dynamic turn lights here? I absolutely adore those. I think Audi was the first one to feature them in cars, at least I first saw an Audi with them. Then Ford with the tremendous new Mondeo and then a few others that I know of. Most honorable mention probably Lexus. If that is not sexy as fudge, I don’t know what is. But when it comes to rear lights, my winner is this beauty: You guessed it, The mighty 6.5L of roaring V12 packed up with over 700 horsepower, Aventador. The rear lights simply look astonishing and let’s face it, if met on the road, that’s what you’re going to be looking at for a few seconds anyway.

Should I give a 2017 Lamborghini Aventador to my 15-year-old son?

No. Firstly, at about 700+ horsepower, it's a ,lot ,of car for an inexperienced driver. Secondly, the price starts at $400,000, and insurance is extravagant (expect it to pretty much quadruple) if you add a new driver or a supercar to it, let alone a new driver driving one. Finally, while it looks cool, it's incredibly impractical. There's little room inside for anything besides two people, insurance and registration, and the owner's manual. You will feel ,everything ,while driving one, and your annual mileage is limited to a few thousand miles. That and the trunk is incredibly small: I'm assuming you want to buy your kid a car like that so he can stick out, but don't buy anything over $75,000. There's still a ton of cars you can get for less than that, Such as the Lotus Elise, Ford Mustang, Toyota 86, Audi TT, Lexus GS, Nissan 370z, and Subaru BRZ.

Why in the US are there so many old cars still running? Like more than 10 years, will it cost a lot to maintain and repair it?

There are lots of vehicles over 10 years old because many of them still work fine and are much more affordable than new vehicles. I own 5 vehicles and the newest is 10 years old. I have a 1988 Toyota trucks with 185000 miles, a 2001 Silverado HD with 184000, a 2003 Chevy express with 189000, a 2005 Lexus GX with 158000, and finally a 2008 Silverado HD with 257000. The Toyota was bought new by my grand father and I have put all but 17,000 of the miles on the truck. My wife drives the Lexus and it runs like new. The three chevys are for me and my employees for work. They get used pretty hard. The combined purchase price for all 5 is about $30000. For that money new I couldn’t afford anything worth having. So far over the last 10 years and a total of 9 older high mileage vehicles I have easily spent more money on tires than maintenance. Older used cars can be a much better deal than new. If I wanted just one new Chevy truck I would have $700 per month in payments. That works out to $8400 per year which would put a new engine in any two of my vehicles every year. New just doesn’t make since. At new prices I would have about $200,000 in new trucks to replace the ones I have. That is more than the mortgage on the house I just built for myself. New is a waste of money.


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