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Is the Audi e-tron GT just a Porsche Taycan with a different body?

In a recent roundtable with Porsche Indonesia and Mayk Wienkötter (Porsche AG, Spokesperson Product

Tesla Model S Plaid unveiled: 1,100 PS, 0-100 in less than 2 seconds

For context, the Porsche Taycan Turbo starts at 150,900 USD, and the Taycan Turbo S starts at 185,000

Priced from RM 585k, the 2021 Porsche Taycan RWD is here in Malaysia

Cars in Malaysia, has launched the new 2021 Porsche Taycan RWD here.

Malaysian orders opened for freshly debuted 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

For those who think the Porsche Taycan needs extra space in the rear, well, here’s the stunningly

Porsche Taycan launched in Thailand - costs over RM 1.5 million

Porsche Thailand by AAS Auto Service (AAS), the sole authorised importer and distributor of Porsche cars

With Shell's DC fast chargers, you can drive a Porsche Taycan from Penang to Singapore

Porsche Asia Pacific and Shell have struck up a new partnership to implement the first cross-border high-performance

Geely KX11 new flagship SUV will get a passenger display screen like a Porsche Taycan!

Although one cannot help to think that this set up resembles the cabin of a Porsche Taycan.See the resemblance

Porsche #DrivingTomorrow exhibition opens at Changi Airport, until 16 January 2021

Porsche has unveiled #DrivingTomorrow, a pop-up exhibition at Jewel Changi Airport that tells the story

John Wick star Keanu Reeves ditches Mustang for Porsche Taycan, electric drifts ensue

Californian Coast for an electrifying adventure.With only one charge, both actors managed to experience the Taycan

This Porsche gathering reminds us the joy of driving

Up in the north of Thailand, a yearly gathering of Porsche cars shows us the joy of driving through the

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The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the world’s most innovative car

those are still round), the boffins at the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) have awarded the 2020 Porsche

Over 1,000 EVs registered in Thailand in 2020, MG ZS EV more popular than Tesla

xEVs sold in Thailand to be locally-assembled by 2035, Thai gov sets lofty ambitionLuxury EVS like the Porsche

Built on evolved Taycan platform, Audi A6 e-tron concept debuts at 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

sleek side view cameras.The PPE platform is a further development from the J1 platform used for the Porsche

Can Tesla Model 3 Performance do the same as the new Porsche Taycan on 0-90-0?

The all-electric Porsche pulled off a 0-90-0 spec of an impressive 10.17 seconds.

Porsche 911 (991) Speedster launching in Malaysia tomorrow

Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP), the official importer and distributor of Porsche models in Malaysia

Porsche says no to full-electric Porsche 911, but a hybrid is possible

Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, has confirmed that the Porsche 911 will never become a fully electric car.

A CKD Porsche Cayenne will be launched in Malaysia, CKD Taycan next

In what could be a first not just for Malaysia, but also the world, Porsche is reportedly setting up

Review: Porsche Taycan 4S - an electrifying, synapse-frying performance car

" Asked my colleague Shaun as we barrelled along in the Porsche Taycan 4S.

The next Porsche Macan is all-electric, based on Porsche Taycan platform

Porsche’s electric line-up will see the introduction of an SUV with the new Porsche Macan.

Porsche Taycan mixes water with electricity at Sydney's Darling Harbor

Porsche Australia launched the 2021 Porsche Taycan earlier this month.

New Porsche Panamera gets 630 PS & 820 Nm, electric Panamera coming soon?

Porsche’s PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) and PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control

From Hot Wheels-inspired hypercars to a modern VW Bus – The gems of Porsche Unseen

Porsche is more than just a maker of an uber fast version of the Volkswagen Beetle, it’s an innovative

Porsche Taycan debuts: 761 PS and 1,050 Nm, needs only 2-Speed transmission

Apart from minor details, the production Porsche Taycan managed to retain much of the 2015 Frankfurt

Nearly half of Porsche Asia Pacific's sales come from EVs and hybrids, Q1 2021 its best ever

Centre Ara DamansaraFirst deliveries of the Porsche Taycan also took place in Q1 2021, with 150 units

Watch: Ambulance taken advantage by Porsche Taycan

Over the weekend, social media was abuzz as they united to criticise the actions of a pink Porsche Taycan

Will Malaysia be launching a CKD Porsche Macan?

Following a report by The Edge Weekly, it seems that Porsche is seeking to locally-assemble (CKD) some

First tuner electric car? TECHART refines the Porsche Taycan

German Porsche tuner, TECHART, has announced its new product range for the Porsche Taycan.

Porsche Taycan Launched in Malaysia, RM 725K only? 761 PS and 1050 Nm

Porsche Malaysia has launched it’s all-electric four-seater car, the Porsche Taycan, in Malaysia

Porsche Malaysia is giving out a 911 GT Edition 1:18 diecast but you have to win it

been 10 years since Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP), sole authorised importer and distributor of Porsche

1 in 8 Porsches sold is a Porsche Taycan, main demand from China

Porsche has delivered 9,072 units of the Porsche Taycan world-wide in the first quarter of 2021, only

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porsche taycan shift Post Review

Now they not only have a choice, but Porsche EV, as a social status symbol, turn out to be much higher than Tesla. @AlexRoy144 described the dramatic shift in Tesla car owners’ minds the best: “The 2020 Porsche Taycan...isn't a Tesla Killer. It's something else entirely.” https://t.co/U6RdnuygFh

Porsche To Drop Diesels In Shift Toward Electrified Vehicles #Porsche-Taycan https://t.co/KeK9iK8vo1

@Supermansings COCKY PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO OWNER HUMILIATED BY TWIN TURBO C8 1200HP CORVETTE ft Hoonigan Emelia had problems with her 1-2 shift. They tuned it again. Later she thinks she cracked her flywheel. https://t.co/6vZrat8SAN

@dorsetphoto_JLP @nikkidoescrypto @kylecoolky @SuperSaf @elonmusk @Tesla I'm sure the marketshare im EV segment will shift soon when other manufacturers start to launch more EVs. You can check the sales numbers in Norway for example where Audis E-tron and Porsche Taycan has beem great success despite being more expensive than Model 3 for example.

$TSLA CEO Elon Musk is, was, and will always be the Tesla-Killer. Musk focused on branding an #image which lacks the #substance of quality & service for a sustainable business model. Musk created a false narrative naming Porsche #Taycan competition, allowing him to shift blame.

11/ When we look at a modern factory like @Porsche Taycan, it is a paradigm shift. It is almost negligence to let any young person become an adult without a strong university education including robotics, systems, quality etc. https://t.co/cE11DBVG4r

1/ We quite serendipitously happened to at Niagara Falls, Ontario on the day @PTaycan was launched. Didn’t quite realize it was a thing. This long video (30m!) is amazing. Several reactions! https://t.co/LI4MTcILou

#Covid-19 hits global automakers at a difficult time as key cars from @VWGroup's ID.3/4 to @Tesla's Model Y to the @Porsche Taycan were supposed to accelerate the shift toward e-mobility. The deepest economic slump since WWII doesn't make this any easier. https://t.co/25hz1KyJRp

@HazelDalgleishB Virtue signaling for rich people is getting very expensive. A Porsche Taycan 4S costs £85k. With the demographic shift in the UK, it is culture not climate that is the danger and they will wish later they had bought an armoured tank!

@lorakolodny @CNBCtech Oh, let's see, Ford has some recalls too. The detaching drive shift resulting in loosing drive power is a nice one. the Porsche Taycan is recalled for suspension problems. https://t.co/Q9QwVzR3fK

porsche taycan shift Q&A Review

How could electric cars save the stick shift?

Wake up Tesla fan boys. Why the Porsche Taycan EV's Two-Speed Transmission Is a Big Deal

What significance can be ascribed to Porsche's first EV, the Taycan? Does it lend any special credence to the shift to EVs?

It has often been stated that there is nothing Tesla does that can not be recreated or done better by an existing OEM if they wanted to. Till now no major OEM has put there reputation to this statement. Porsche and other Luxury and Performance OEM’s have a lot of face to save. The thrown at the drag strip has handily been on Tesla head for several years everyone knows it. Porsche is a pure luxury brand and has to have at least 1 product that sets it apart from other brands so it maintains its edge. Tesla’s performance crown was a means to an end it’s is how they built there brand how it’s maintained. Porsche on the other hand requires it. So Porsche will achieve some mile stones. They will have the highest battery density, the fastest charging , or fastest acceleration. And Porsche customers will pay the Porsche premium to have that title. At the end of the day they are not out to bring EV to the masses prove a more affordable battery tech or anything that moves the industry forward.

Would you buy a Porsche Taycan Turbo S or a 2020 911 Porsche Speedster?

For me, I prefer old school manual shift cars as opposed to hybrids or electrics. So the Speedster would be my choice. Numbers on a page are great, and progressive, futuristic cars are great. But for involvement - a stick shift and a responsive engine and chassis is pure heaven.

Which electric cars are going to revolutionize the way we see them?

The surging interest in electric vehicles, hybrids (HEVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) have caused a disruption in the automobile industry, which was previously centered on combustion engines. Technological advancements throughout manufacturing and supply chains are solving the limitations faced by the first generation of EVs, including a better range for vehicles and long-lasting batteries as well as better battery components while forcing a shift of focus from mechanical to IT and ,electronics in automobiles. Almost all the major players in the industry are already working on electric versions of their products in order to keep up with their competition and find relevance in the continuously evolving market. Here are the top revolutionary models to keep an eye out: Porsche Taycan: ,The very first EV by Porsche, Porsche Taycan, is a sports car that is ultra-sleek with the electrified four-door. It has 2 synchronous motors that generate in excess of 600 hp and have a target range of 300 miles. This enables the EV to reach 60 mph within 3.5 seconds. Volvo Polestar 2: ,This sedan by Volvois completely electric. It has a hp of 400 and the estimated mile range is 300. Mercedes EQC: ,The EQC is a very classy crossover SUV by Mercedes having 2 electric motors that generate 400 hp. This enables it to run 0-60 mph within 5 seconds and have a range of 279 miles. Tesla Model 3: ,Tesla is making many attempts to deliver a revolutionary EV and the Tesla Model 3 is one of its many upcoming electronic models released in the last year. Hyundai Kona Electric: ,With a powertrain with a horsepower of 201 hp and an estimated operating range of 258 miles, the Kona Electric is a fully electric version of Hyundai’s small crossover SUV. Kia Niro EV: ,The Kia Niro EV is a fully electric version of Kia’s compact crossover SUV which is set to release in 2019. This EV is driven with the help of a 64- kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. Volkswagen ID: ,The Volkswagen ID is expected to be a series of EVs that will be affordable and powered by small batteries. BMW i3: ,With a futuristic look and impeccable style, the BMW i3 makes for a perfect city EV. Audi E-Tron: ,The Audi E-Tron is a luxury crossover SUV that is completely electric and is similar in size to Audi Q7. It has a 95-kilowatt-hour battery which is expected to deliver a 250 miles range. By working towards solving the pollution crisis, ,Electric Vehicles, will help in reducing the toxicity levels in the air, thereby reducing the cases of pollution-related diseases like asthma and lung cancer. EVs, therefore, will not only disrupt the automotive industry; they will also prove vital in giving our future generations a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable planet.

What has shocked you the most about Tesla?

The near silent, instant squeeze in the seat from rest. My previous g force champion was the Superman Escape(Movieworld)rollercoaster near surfers paradise in Australia(fantastic place, lovely people, Australia zoo, thrill rides…best holiday ever). And the Tesla I rode in was much faster. A lot faster. Like wind you if you weren't ready faster. And you get to drive that? Holy shit man, the hype is real lol. Buuuut, now my eyes are opened to electric supercars, and it doesn't pain me to say this at all, having loved V8s all my life(and c'mon who doesn't), my new Fantasy Island car is… The Porsche Taycan. So ok, it looks like THIS, accelerates even harder than the Tesla that completely shifted my organs and scared the crap out of me, and to tick that final box, it's a Porsche. Man, if this is the future, sign me up!!! Anyway, to answer the question properly, Tesla made electric cars cool. And that matters. There would be no Porsche Taycan without Tesla, because before them there was a very niche, fringe market for electric cars. Elon Musk made electric cars a viable, everyday alternative. And it's no coincidence I see them everyday on the road, even here in ChCh Nz. So what is it that “shocked" me(I hope it was intended, it made me smile😁) the most about Tesla? Elon Musk is a freaking genius. EDIT: Thanks for all the upvotes and views guys and gals! 19,000 plus views and over 600 upvotes, for my poorly worded and grammatically awful answer. But I'll take it! Well wishes and the best of luck to you all🙂

Why is the Porsche Taycan called a turbo when there is no turbo inside?

In the early 21st century Porsche’s product planners and marketing teams have opted to try to confuse in an attempt to simplify and are then trying to take that “simplistic” approach for their gas-powered cars and apply it exactly to their newborn electric vehicle lineup. Wait…what? Exactly! Porsche has tried to follow the model used by other car companies to offer a consistent set of trim levels across (most/some/many) vehicles, the basic gist is: Base model -the name by itself a la Macan, 911, Cayenne S - slightly sportier, 2WD; think 911 S, Macan S, Cayenne S 4S - same as the S, but with 4WD; 911 Targa 4S. 4S is not applicable today with the Macan and Cayenne which already have 4WD. Once could argue that there really is no Cayenne S or Macan S and that both are truly 4S models, but Porsche isn’t always logical GTS - even sportier trim, higher powered engines, better brakes and some body trim/cladding to indicate this model is ‘special’ Turbo - once indicated the top road-going models which were also turbocharged, e.g., 911 Turbo. This was true until the last year or two at the end of a model cycle when… Turbo S - the super-special top-of-the-line road cars at the end of the model lifecycle were Turbo S models. Sporty and Turbo, hooray! GTx - designed more for track use, the GTx models, e.g., 911 GT3, 911 GT2 RS, Cayman GT4, are extra extra special models released in ‘limited volumes’ (not really, they will produce as many as they can sell) and the ones speculators target T - throwback models, extra super special with more road-going appeal R - special detuned GT models but more daily driveable Oh, I’m sure I’m leaving a few trims out so please add them in the comments. In 2020, virtually all trim levels of Porsche’s gas-guzzlers from the base on up have turbocharged engines - whoops. So as Porsche shifts its lineup to electric with the Taycan they thought they would repurpose this utterly simply delineation of trim levels by leveraging the same letters, initials and words as modifiers to the vehicle name. That’s a Porsche Taycan Turbo S - with no turbos because electric motors don’t use turbocharging. Turbocharging uses impellers driven by waste gas from engine combustion to force more air into the combustion chamber (while adding more fuel) to product more power from a fixed displacement engine. Spin the turbos faster, increase the air pressure in the cylinder, add more fuel and BOOM - more power. It’s a pretty ingenious way to add power to gasoline engines that has zero relevance in the world of electric vehicles So where does that leave the Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S? Feeling a bit misbranded and confused in a rapidly changing world.

Do we have a gear shift in an electric vehicle?

Yes, at a minimum they have a step down gear ratio because electric motor RPM ranges are much higher than what a cars wheel rotation speed would be at top speed. So they have at least one set of gears to change that ratio. And the vast majority only have this singular set (i.e. no transmission.) Note: that’s the vast majority don’t have a transmission, not that all of them don’t. The Porsche Taycan has a 2 speed transmission, even the original Tesla Roadster was originally designed to have a 2 speed transmission, but it was pulled do to issues with how much lag it had changing gears, and there are some Hypercars out there today with 2 speed transmissions. But that’s a very small percentage and only on cars that have a real dedication to top end speed. Note: Most cars with dual motor setup (one front and one rear) such as all of the Tesla Models Dual Motors do have different sets of gear ratios, one for the front and one for the rear. This allows for a high performance launch and lower energy consumption at top end. This isn’t to be confused with a transmission.

Why is 2020 the turning point for electric cars?

A tipping point appears to have been reached. Up until the end of 2019, the predominant view as expressed in the media was that Tesla is not a sustainable enterprise. The stock had been heavily shorted all year, and Wall Street analysts with few exceptions were skeptical of the company’s prospects. Many issued sell recommendations on the stock, and sell it did, dropping to $189/share on June 3, 2019. But since that low point, the story has changed dramatically. Concerns about demand for the Model 3 began to evaporate, Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai was being constructed at record pace, Model Y delivery projections were moved up from fall of 2020 to summer, and Tesla unveiled their Cybertruck prototype and quickly accumulated 250,000 pre-orders. When Tesla announced 3rd quarter results exceeding Wall Street expectations, the stock rose 30% in October, and by the end of the year it achieved an all time high passing $420/share. Tesla passed Daimler into third place behind Toyota and VW in terms of market valuation. Tesla was selling their Model 3 as fast as it could be manufactured, out selling all gasoline luxury class vehicle brands in the U.S. in the 2nd quarter before allocating more production to Europe and China to meet strong demand there as well. There could be no denying what Tesla had accomplished. Tesla was not going away. Tesla was setting the future direction of the auto industry, and the world was waking up to it. The early EV product offerings by Audi (e-tron) and Jaguar (I-Pace), could not measure up to Tesla’s standards of performance and features. Hyundai (Iconiq, Kona) were well regarded, but availability was limited, and Porsche (Taycan) couldn’t exceed Model S performance and driving range despite a hefty price premium. The handwriting was on the wall, and the tepid experimentation with electric vehicles by major auto companies began to change, notably at Volkswagen and Ford. VW committed to large battery purchase contracts for EVs, converted an ICEV factory in Zwickau, Germany to produce their ID.3 EV, and announced plans to build an EV factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ford unveiled their Mustang Mach E SUV with a design that incorporated many features that Model 3 buyers rave about. Ford announced a $500 million investment in Rivian, the electric truck startup, presumably to gain the technology to produce an electric version of their F-150 pickup truck. These are just a couple of examples of the shift of attention that traditional auto makers are making in order to remain relevant in the growing electric vehicle market currently dominated by Tesla. Any auto company that doesn’t take serious steps in 2020 to build competence in EV technology, production, sales and service will be staring extinction in the face by 2030.

Are all electric cars automatic?

It’s pretty easy to answer this question with an emphatic ,NO, because you asked whether ,ALL, electric cars would have automatic transmissions. MOST, (but not ALL) EVs don’t even need a gearbox. A single gear is sufficient, because electric motors deliver full torque right from zero RPM, unlike internal combustion engines which have a sweet spot for peak torque that you have to use gears to stay within. As a result, a single, fixed reduction gear is sufficient for most EVs. Technically this is a transmission, and you could make the argument that it’s automatic because it doesn’t require any shifting on the part of the driver, but it’s certainly not an automatic transmission in the same sense as most people think of them. By the way, if you want to see an excellent video on automatic transmissions, check this out, and you can see what a crazy amount of expense and material can be saved by not having an automatic transmission in your car (and this video doesn’t even cover the necessary clutch packs and hydraulics for each gear set!) This is not to say that ,ALL, EVs only have simple reduction gears though. The torque curve of an electric motor does eventually tail off (at VERY high speeds though), so if you desire high power at high speeds, you will need a gearbox, and some performance EVs (like the Porsche Taycan) have a two speed gearbox. But for MOST EVs, this is largely unnecessary and they will simply be single speed transmissions. UPDATE: ,For comparison, here is a video that shows a complete Chevy Bolt EV drive train teardown including the reduction gear and the motor itself (as compared to the previous video which only showed one aspect of just the automatic transmission from an internal combustion engine):

Will the Porsche Taycan/Mission E revolutionize electric cars?

I don’t think so. To revolutionize the electric car you need a bit of a paradigm shift in some of the technologies involved. The Taycan simply competes in the sport luxury segment. How well it will do, remains to be seen. I do hope they are successful.

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    No, Porsche Taycan isn't available in Interior Lighting.

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