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Renault Malaysia updates all Renault Subscription plans

The annoucenment came after the distributor expanded the Renault Subscription Trial Plan to offer unlimited

Renault Subscription Trial Plan now open for unlimited sign-ups

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) announced today adjustments to their successful Renault Subscription plans with the

What is the Renault Relax campaign and what does it cover?

To offer Renault customers an extra peace of mind, TC Euro Cars (TCEC) has introduced the Renault Relax

Proton's Adventure in the BTCC Part 1

The BTC-T Impian was powered by a 2.0-litre Renault-sourced engine which was tuned by tuning specialist

1994 Renault Espace F1 - 820 PS and 317 km/h in a 7-seater

And it’s a special one at that - the successful Espace, in Renault’s case.Remember the Enviro

Now in Malaysia, the Alpine A110's price will be decided by you

Alpine is Renault’s sports car division.This particular Alpine A110 is currently on display at

Pre-owned Renault Captur for RM 60k, SUV for price of Myvi?

TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole franchise holder of Renault vehicles in Malaysia, announced a sales promotion

No strings attached, the 6MT, 280 PS Renault Megane R.S. 280 Cup is now available for subscription

TC Euro Cars, the sole franchise holder of Renault vehicles in Malaysia today announced that Renault

Subscribe to a car for one month with Renault's new Renault Subscription 1-Month Trial Plan for RM 996

The latest plan allows customers to subscribe to a car for one month with the Renault Subscription 1-

You can now subscribe to the new Renault Koleos

The facelifted Renault Koleos is now open for booking and subscription.

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Stressful - Renault Sales Dropped 6.7% In The First Half Of The Year

A few days ago, Renault Group officially released its sales report for the first half of 2019.

This is how Renault E-Store is helping TC Euro Cars ride out Covid-19

Renault is probably one of the quieter car brands in Malaysia.

Sanitise your Renault at the Renault service centre in PJ

normal where sanitisation and disinfection is the norm, TC Euro Cars (TCEC) has introduced the special Renault

Up to 90 percent discount on selected parts for selected Renault models

TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole franchise holder of Renault vehicles in Malaysia, has announced a clearance

Renault Clio overtakes Volkswagen Golf as Europe’s best-selling car

According to Jato Dynamic’s monthly report, the Renault Clio, with 24,915 units registered, has

TCEC is working on a new Renault App for your car

Hoe Mun revealed that the distributor is in the process of building a new mobile application for all Renault

Renault offers more savings with new Renault Pre-Owned Subscription

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) has had the Renault Subscription in place offering an alternative to traditional

Renault’s Megane R.S 280 Cup lapped Sepang in 2.83 minutes!

Renault Malaysia celebrates the return of the Renault Megane R.S. 280 Cup with a special night time track

From a rare LaFerrari to one-off Pagani Zonda, what other exotic cars do F1 drivers own?

Yes, he bought the Porsche GT3 RS when he was 18 so he can ditch the Renault Clio he passed his driving

Renault Subscription contributes to over than 50% of Renault Malaysia's sales

TC Euro Cars (TCEC), distributor of Renault vehicles in Malaysia, introduced Renault Subscription in

After Volvo, Renault to cap their cars to 180 km/h, including Renault Sport models

it seems like the next manufacturer to follow that move is Renault.During a recent general meeting, Renault

Owner Review: An Overlooked French Gem – The Renault Fluence

** This article is the personal experience of a 2017 Renault Fluence owner and does not necessarily reflect

TC Euro Cars is running a 15-day Renault Passion Week on Shopee!

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) the official distributor of Renault Vehicles in Malaysia, is running a 15-day Renault

Renault Subscription plan turns one - named Malaysia's Car Subscription Company of the Year 2020!

Renault has been named Malaysia Car Subscription Company of the Year at the 2020 Frost & Sullivan

All-New Renault Megane R.S. 280 Cup Launched In Malaysia – Priced From RM 279,888

improve handling 6-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic available TC Euro Cars, the official distributor of Renault

2021 Renault Koleos facelift launched in Malaysia; Priced from RM 181k, new headlamp design

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) has launched the new 2021 Renault Koleos facelift without much fanfare.

2021 Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy facelift launched in Malaysia; RM 326k, drops 6MT

TC Euro Cars (TCEC) has launched the facelifted 2021 Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy, priced at RM 326,476

Covid-19: Renault Malaysia can deliver cars to your doorstep pre-sanitized

Although all Renault showrooms will be closed during the nationwide movement control order from 18 to

In Brief: Renault Koleos Signature – Is it worth RM180K?

It was also the year the Renault Koleos was launched in Malaysia not long after its world debut.

Like this chequered Renault Captur Trophy? It’s a limited edition

The Renault Captur is now sportier than ever with the introduction of a new Limited Edition Captur Trophy

Renault Clio December Used Car Offers

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renault clio wraprenault clio wraprenault clio wrap
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HERE IT IS..... 2001 Renault Clio in this week for a transformation. Full Body wrap in this Matte Chrome Purple. http://t.co/wT8iQTvyZi

Renault Clio colour coded wrap roof and spoiler with all round tinted windows. Visit http://t.co/Q1RIPtRnN0 http://t.co/YYomOHIB99

With its new smart cockpit, customisable multimedia system and wrap-around seats, the new #RenaultClio delivers an immersive driving experience. Learn more on our website https://t.co/L1lkY8iUK2. #Renault #Clio #Kettering #Northampton https://t.co/HfC5zyg6m8

Renault clio 20% rear section, gloss black roof and mirror wrap http://t.co/30cVohqKMc

And it's home 😍 #nissan #nismo #fastcar #s13 #s15 #s14 #drift #driftinc #e11evens #wrap #purple #renault #clio by 2… http://t.co/h0jZcQPlnJ

Renault Clio RS200 Track / Race Car Essex, United Kingdom This car was built by Touring car driver Josh Price's family with no expense spared. The car still features the same wrap as his then subaru touring car and was used by Josh for testing... - https://t.co/u15yWMQ451 https://t.co/uFQPURD1SC

Livedifrent White Renault Clio Car wrap, Full branded car colour change. Contact us on 0161-776 0527 or enquiries@signsnw.co.uk #signsnorthwest #carwrapping #carbranding #vehiclebranding #vehiclelivery #vehiclegraphics #livedifrent https://t.co/W8YL3e2Koj

Chequers Contract Services asked us to design a new wrap for their Renault Clio RS race car.... so we did.😀 #wrapped #clioRS https://t.co/TCwELfCSK9

Release these beasts! We are ready for the @rally_montecarlo! Here's what all the cars in our livery design for the first round of @officialwrc 2021 look like. Which wrap is your favorite? Participants: Hyundai i20 WRC VW Polo R5 Renault Clio 5 Ford Fiesta R5 MK2 #wrc #wrcmonte https://t.co/huz5vUNgK3

Clio Half Wrap. What a beaut! #Renault #Clio #Printing #Design #Wrap #Branding #Corporate #SouthAfrica https://t.co/p8Ac3VJyH0

renault clio wrap Q&A Review

Why does Porsche still sell manual transmission vehicles when nobody really knows how to drive one anymore?

I could be wrong, but I would assume that perhaps you live in the United States, or are a citizen or another country in which young drivers are generally encouraged to drive automatics from the outset? I am English, and here in the UK, and indeed in France, Italy and (most importantly due to the origin of Porsche), Germany, young drivers generally learn on manuals. I believe this is the case across most of Europe. Many drivers actually never transition to automatics in their entire life, even though their license would allow for it. When some drivers migrate onto sports cars, such as myself, they will understandably wish to transfer those skills they have spent many years grafting on a manual gearbox onto a vehicle that can take a hammering, partly for the fun of it and partly because it allows for more precise control of the car’s power output. The other half of the equation is engine breaking that is also an essential part of slowing for a corner. If the prerequisite skills have already been acquired to achieve this via a manual, it makes sense to stick with what you know. Let me tell you a little story about the time in my life when I was probably saved by having learnt to drive on a manual. I started life with a small 1 litre Ford hatchback and after some years upgraded to a 1.2 L Renault Clio, and throughout my youth I worked the gears on both cars hard for every ounce of horsepower I could get. I saw the red line more like a target than a limiter, and regularly snapped down the gears as I approached corners, allowing the engine and gearbox to soak up the speed and make up for the lacklustre breaks. I learnt a little and matured somewhat and moved on to a 1.4 L Mazda MX5 (or “Miata” in the States) and I hammered that gearbox as hard as I could all over the UK and the French Alps and it turned out to be bulletproof. What a car that was. Same went for slowing down; nothing quite gave me a thrill like nailing a perfect double declutch, blipping the throttle just before clanking down a gear to match the revs to the speed and hearing the engine wail as it slowed perfectly for the apex. After some years and a couple more manual cars, I moved onto a BMW M3 E93 which I chose with the DMT paddle shift gearbox, if nothing else because I read that it was the first car in history that accelerated faster via automatic transmission than the manual. The difference was marginal but the point was, the gearbox is so fast and surgical that simply pulling the paddle would simulate a racecar driver’s skill in gear shifting. Sounds good on paper, and hearing that mighty 4 litre V8 scream at over 8,000 revs meant it sounded even better in reality, especially with the top down. Few cars on the road matched it, and even if they did, they were fellow monsters to be engaged with, not bested. It steered like it was on rails, kept accelerating for what seemed like an eternity, mollycoddled your waking dreams through sublimely ergonomic controls, shrugged off endless brutal gear changes, featured all of BMW’s impressive innovations like a flawless hardtop convertible roof and comfy cabin aesthetics, gurgled and screamed and roared like no engine I have ever heard, practically spat flames as you shifted down, and would accelerate up steep hills with indifference like gravity was a limitation for lesser beings. My point is, behind the wheel of such an engineering masterpiece as this car was (and still is), one might be forgiven for temporarily forgetting that it is only the car that is near perfect, not the driver. One day I took two friends out and we were tearing about Les Deux Alpes with its sweeping banked corners, relentless hairpin chicanes and breathtaking roads that have been known to make the Tour de France such an infamous challenge. It was outside of skiing season so the roads were clear for miles at a time, and they were encouraging me to push it hard as friends often do when you take them for a ride in such a machine. I have long suspected that it wasn’t really the speed that was the issue, but rather the heavy load and the constant braking as we climbed and descended the mountain constantly. After perhaps an hour of driving we approached a tight corner that wrapped left around the mountain (remember we are driving in the right lane, so the outside in this case). We were driving at the limit; I pushed down on the brake, and … nothing. True story. The supposed legend that is the M3 failed me. Skipping to the end of the story just for a moment, after we narrowly survived, limped down the mountain and pulled off on a mountain pass, it was half an hour before we could even approach the glowing wheel because the brakes had overheated so much that the piston had seized open. Turns out that in their infinite wisdom, BMW upgraded just about every part of the car except for the single-piston brakes unless you chose to shell out an extra 10K for the ceramics which in hindsight one might argue should be standard. Below is a picture of my car — take a close look at the front wheel and you can see what I mean: the discs are certainly large enough and the callipers are chunky, but with just a single piston to drive them they are subject to a high risk of failure when placed under significant strain. Anyway, going back to the fateful moment as we approached the corner, I suppose I had just a fraction of a second to react. The brakes were not working, they had seized up, and we were moving too fast to take the corner — at best I might have pulled into the inside lane to maximise the turning curve and risked killing an oncoming car which on a blind bend is obviously an unacceptable risk and in that moment didn’t occur to me anyway. If we kept going, it was through the barrier and off the edge of the mountain. So what did I do? I did what was absolutely instinctual to me: I downshifted the living hell out of that gear box. If it had been a stick, I would have ripped it into second. As it was a paddle that I was fortunately already familiar with, I mashed it rapidly and to its credit the gearbox didn’t baulk for a moment; it did what it was made to do: it enacted a perfect series of explosive down shifts as the engine roared and soaked up just enough revs that the back wheels of the car skidded just a fraction off the asphalt as we hurtled around the corner. If I had only driven it in the fully automatic mode that I gather most do — and indeed I do 99% of the time when not driving it on appropriate roads — I would not have thought to default to the gear system in the event of brake failure. It was a long history of combining gear changing with the brake peddle that guided my actions on that day. I learned a number of things from the event. I learnt that I was still a stupid kid who nearly killed his friends and needed to respect my car properly. I learnt that you need to understand every aspect of your sports car if you intend to drive it like it’s built to be driven. I learnt that just because magazines and celebrities tell you it’s the greatest machine on four wheels, it wasn’t built by angels and is still subject to failings. I learned that the BMW DMT gearbox truly is one hell of a sturdy bit of kit. And I learnt that all those years I sunk into learning to gearshift manually translated to instantaneous and dependable control when driving what is now referred to as a semi-automatic car. I hope you don’t judge me too hard. I was young and cocky and supremely naive and have never, ever driven the car that recklessly since and never will again. Fortunately I have never had an accident in my life and hope I never do. With the dawn of electric cars, and more recently semi-auto gearboxes like the one I just described, manual driving for both the general public and race car drivers will soon be relegated to the history books. But in answer to your original question, I would simply say that manuals aren’t just more fun than automatics … they actually breed better drivers in the long run and are still commonplace in many of the counties that produce the world’s fastest sports cars to this day. And those drivers are invariably attracted to cars as race-orientated as the Porsche. As such, Porsche are simply catering to that customer base accordingly.

Can I switch auto insurance companies in the middle of an open claim?

Try this site where you can compare quotes: //INSURECOMPAREQUOTES.US/index.html?src=compare// RELATED Life Insurance or Mortgage Insurance? which one is better. I live in canada (BC) I have income disability insurance but it doesn’t cover my mortgage amount. Incase of a death of one partner the other will get anywhere from 30 000 to 100 000 (depnds on how death happens) plus monthly checks of app.2000 for 2 yrs plus funeral expenses. I pay 108 a month for this. Shuld i cancel my policy and get mortgage insurance do most people out there have mortgage insurance? Is it true that you can not have more than one policy? any experts out there pls advise? Motorcycle insurance question? Hey, I dropped my motorcycle on the right side yesterday during a turn. It’s a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250r. Two pieces of fairing were damaged pretty badly (right side and front piece). I just got insurance the day of the drop (before dropping it). Will insurance cover the damage? Also is it even worth getting them involved? I already have very very high insurance ($400 a month for a Honda Odyssey) due to previous car accident. I don’t want to get any more things on my record. Will my insurance go up if I call them? The replacement fairings will cost me $560 out my pocket. I have a $250 deductible on the bike. So I would save about $300. Is it worth it?” My car insurance rate is ridicules. why? Im currently insured with Geico. I got my plan back last year when i had a beater car (2001 nissan maxima). My premium was only 260 or so for the whole year, whiche came out to 40 bucks or so a month. ive since bought a new car (2013 nissan versa) and switched it with my old car. my monthly payment only went up 4 or 5 bucks as a result. This rate is fricking great and i have no problems. however, when i go to refinance (for lack of a better word) my insurance or simply shop around, for some reason the quotes they give me skyrockets my payments to 260+ a month!! the same is for other insurance providers aswell, even the insurance offered by my bank! what gives? why the huge leap? i have a clean record (no accidents ever, last speeding ticket was 4+ years ago), what was at the time, a brand new car, aswell as a better job (was working in a restaurant, now at a lawfirm). Sure, ive moved since i first got the policy, into a poorer neighboor hood, but does it really warrant a 200 dollar increase? Someone please help me wrap my head around this. im 21 and am still pretty clueless when it comes to this sort of thing” “Question about being a teen, and car insurance?” I am 17 now, I am taking my driver’s test in about a week. My boyfriend said that when he got his licence he was automatically added to his mom and dad’s car insurance. Well I was wondering would it be the same for me. Because (This might be a little confusing (: ) I was adopted by my birth mother’s boyfriends mom, and i live with her and her mom. No one in the house has a car, or car insurance, and my birth mother doesn’t have any custody of me but she does have car insurance, and my birth father has half custody of me, and he has car insurance. So…. ha ha my question in general is, when get my license, will I be added to any ones insurance? Or will I have to get my own? Ha ha ALSO, If I do have to get my own what would be the best and cheapest insurance for me? I wouldn’t want full coverage, I would just get P.I.P. Please and thank you so much!” What is my insurance going to cost? I’m going to get my license when i turn 18 (yes the day I turn 18) and I was just now thinking abt insurance. I’ve never really thought about it before. So can those who have been through the getting insurance thing help me? Here’s some things to add up: 1. First time driver (litterly just got license and vehicle) 2. Did not do a drivers ed at a high school (heard it costs more if u don’t take it) 3. Going to drive a big 4x4 diesel truck 4. I’m a male And that’s abt it I guess. Idk what insurance company I’ll be using. Probably my moms insurance company. But I don’t know what it is. Also. The insurance will not be under her name (if she can even do that) because I’ll be an 18 year old adult. How much is insurance going to cost every month? Thanks Sporty cars with low insurance group? Hi, ive just turned 15 and im planning on getting a job if i can in January, my aim is to save up to buy a car, my dream car is a subaru impreza wrx sti, but although the used cars are resonably cheap and after a while i can afford it, the insurance is incredibly high!, so im looking for a good looking, resonably fast good looking car that can hold 4 people or 5, this is obviously a tricky task but if you could help id appriciate it!, I was also looking at the 350z but althogh insurance is cheaper its only 2 seats, and as i turn 17 at the start of sixth form, i will be 1 of the first to hopefully get a car, meaning, transporting friends to town at lunch is a key thing :D, Thanks alot Mike PS:, please let it be sporty, i dont want to moddify anything, maybe a nice spoiler and scurts, thank you!!!! :)” What happens in california if you are stopped without car insurance? I read recently that 47 % of cited / stopped Drivers in California have NO License, NO Insurance, and NO Registration for the vehicle (of that 47 %, over 92 % were illegals). I am just wondering what the penalties are if you are caught driving without car insurance?” Young drivers car insurance!!? I am 17 at the moment but planning on getting the insurance when i turned 18 at the end of this month to make it that bit cheaper, I already own a Renault Clio (1.2L, 16v, 02 plate). The cheapest quote ive got is 4,000 (300 a month) and that’s with co-ops new fit smartbox for young drivers, and i also have my dad as an additional driver and my mum on it with her provisional licence and I really just cant afford that price, any ideas on what i could possibly do?” How much will insurance cost for a BMW z3? I’m 16 years old but will be 17 next month. So lets say Im 17 for now. Im looking to buy a BMW z3 because they are pretty cheap and really nice cars. I maintain a 3.0 GPA and have a clean record and live in Southern California. Anyone have an estimate on how much insurance will be? Getting insurance for a car? my step daughters cousin is buying her a used car. tiffany does not have a license yet. she has her learners permit. we live in pennsylvania. her cousin does not want the insurance in her name she wants my step daughter to get it. can you get insurance without a license? she lives with her dad, can she get on his policy? would she automaticaly be on her cousins insurance since she will own the car? thank you”

  • What is the Aspiration Form of Renault Clio?

    Here are the Aspiration Form and variants of Renault Clio:

    Variants2019 Renault Clio 1.6 RS 200
    Aspiration FormNaturally-aspirated
  • Does Renault Clio has Screen?

    No, Renault Clio doesn't have Screen.

  • Is Renault Clio available in Speaker Brand?

    No, Renault Clio isn't available in Speaker Brand.