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Used vs New: Should you be brave to buy a used BMW 3 Series over a new Honda City?

Maybe you’d start asking around for opinions and someone questions, “Why not a used BMW 3

Toyota files patent for BZ name – next Toyota 86?

Toyota has been quite busy these few months coming off the launch of the Corolla Cross, the refreshed

Used Car Guide: RM 20k for a used Proton Preve, should you consider it?

So, is it worth your consideration as a used car?Which Models of Used Proton Preve You Should Buy?

Record high sales for used cars continues! Malaysians social distancing in second-hand cars?

tax holiday,” he told Bernama.Khor also further elaborated that the average yearly turnover for used

Toyota Alphard, used units from RM 40k, here’s some tips for buying one

’s far from the truth, as these luxury MPVs are popular amongst used and recond car buyers.After

Used Perodua Axia stolen by customer during test drive!

A used Perodua Axia test car from a used car dealer in Jalan Kampar was reportedly stolen by a man posing

Buying a used Toyota Camry? Priced from RM 20k, here's what you need to know

Last week, we talked about what to look out for when purchasing a used Honda Accord, this week, we direct

Confirm no tampered mileages here, Proton launches certified used car website

well as quickly trade-in their existing car for great deals on a new Proton model.Proton established a Used

RM 200k for brand new Camry or Accord? Why not a used C200?

A new Toyota Camry? A Honda Accord? Perhaps a used Mercedes-Benz C200?

Be wary of hidden charges when buying a used car!

Buying a used car can net you quite a fair bit in savings, as depreciation is a painful reality for new

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Used Mazda 6 (GJ), priced from RM 60k, better buy than a Camry or Accord?

The D-segment market in Malaysia is typically represented by the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, owing

Warranty for used and recond cars; here’s what you need to know

Picture this: you recently purchased a decent-looking used car, but problems start to arise.

Used Nissan Almera: Same price as a Myvi so should you get this instead?

We say finally as the Almera is looking very long in the tooth considering how Honda and Toyota introduced

Used hybrids are really cheap, so should you buy a used Toyota Prius, Camry Hybrid or Honda Insight?

Thanks to the general market’s mistrust against hybrids, used hybrids can be had at very low prices

The Suzuki Jimny defies logic – used units are priced higher than new ones

Generally speaking, when it comes to used cars, it is a given that the value of most cars depreciates

Buying used cars: How to test drive a used car?

for a brand-new car can be safely done without a test drive, the same couldn’t be said about used

New or used car, which should you buy after MCO?

Say you have a budget of RM 80,000 you will be limited to cars like the Toyota Vios, Honda BR-V, and

Proton launches Certified Pre-Owned programme, used Proton car with warranty!

Interestingly, one growth seen through this whole coronavirus pandemic is the rise in used car sales.

There's now a way to avoid sleazy used car dealers and their hidden charges

Ask anyone who recently bought a used car and the general consensus is that the experience is far from

These Toyota Corolla KE70 and AE90 are still cared for by a Toyota dealer

Toyota authorized dealer Laser Motor’s outlet in Seksyen 19 Petaling Jaya has a quite a good reputation

Buying a used car? Here's how to check for unpaid summons

So, youve found the used car of your dreams, sent it to your trusted mechanic and even got the green

Used car dealers in Malaysia experiencing record-high sales in July 2020

Used-car dealers are also reporting record-high sales in the few months since the Recovery Movement Control

Perodua Myvi is the favourite model for used car buyers!

The little hatchback doesn’t just dominate the new car buying scene but also the used car market

Buying used cars: 6 signs of flood damage

fixed up, there still might be some slight odour, hidden rust spots, and the car isnt as fun as it used

Buying a used Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ? Here are the common problems to look out for

Today, you can pick up a used or reconditioned Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ for around RM 90-150k and there

Korea concerned on toxic waste from used EV batteries, Hyundai proposes ESS

hybrids are the trend now, very few countries know what to do with discarded high voltage batteries used

Used Perodua Axia: It's already affordable so why buy used?

does the job well as a vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B.Hence why there are plenty of used

Used pasar malam vehicles are the most popular second-hand cars! Which should you get?

Here are our suggestions.VansA Toyota Hiace Panel Van 2.5 Turbo Diesel is spacious enough to not only

Buying guide: 5 things to lookout for when buying a used car

The used car market is one solution. Toyota 86 for as low a RM 108,000?!

Should you buy a new Perodua Myvi or a used Honda City?

But then someone said you could buy a used Honda City for about the same price.

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    Here are the Spare Tyre and variants of Toyota C-HR:

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    What is the Front Foglamps of Toyota C-HR?


    Here are the Front Foglamps and variants of Toyota C-HR:

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