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toyota innova dashboardtoyota innova dashboardtoyota innova dashboard
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the dashboard & interior design of the Mitsubishi Expander 7 seater mini MPV is kinda similar to the Toyota Innova. https://t.co/5exZt4dkTL

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toyota innova dashboard Q&A Review

What commercial product can best prevent condensation from accumulating in a fuel tank?

There is no requirement for preventing condensation forming in a fuel tank in a motor vehicle (which I guess is what you are referring to ). When the gasoline in the tank is full, there is not a lot of air space, and the vapour pressure on the fuel will keep it slightly above atmospheric pressure, even with quite severe climatic changes overnight for instance. Once the vehicle starts using fuel, then the vapour pressure would probably not be enough to maintain a positive pressure in the tank, so some outside air could be drawn in. Even in the place I live, with 97% relative humidity more or less constantly, there is not a problem with water in fuel in most cars, but some are fitted with a coalescer filter with a dashboard warning light to warn you to drain it off (we have a Toyota Innova that has this, but the alarm has never gone off despite the car being left for several days and even weeks without being used). I also have a Nissan truck which doesn’t have such a warning light. Once your tank is empty, you refill with clean - water free - fuel, which drives any airborne moisture out and repressurises the tank to the vapour pressure once the cap is fitted, and you go round again. If you are consistently getting appreciable water in your fuel system, you should consider a coalescer in the line with an easy drain point and a glass bowl. These are available for larger diesel, not sure about commercial vehicles. Manufactured by companies such as Racor. I wouldn’t personally put anything in the tank as others have suggested. Also check your fuel cap is tight and not leaking as it will draw air in more easily and also rain if it’s in a position where it can accumulate round the cap. Examples of water in fuel warning lights - usually only for diesels. Filter/water separator (,Mazda cars,) with Water In Fuel sensor (WIF)

Did you know the barber who owns a Rolls royce?

“In the business world, it is often said that if you have some foresight, are honest and can work hard, then nothing can stop you from earning decent amount of money or getting rich. The story of Ramesh Babu from Bangalore is a glaring example of how you can surge ahead in this cut-throat competitive business environment while doing things that you love. Bangalore resident Ramesh Babu, is a star in his own league who runs the business of cutting and styling hair. He is an ordinary businessman, with an extraordinary wealth. He is a billionaire and owns a rent-a-car fleet of 67 alternative cars. “Somehow, things have clicked for me,” says Babu, whose clients embody politicians, military officers as well as movie stars such as Salman Khan, Aamir Khan as well as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. On most of the days, Ramesh comes to his workplace driving a Rs 3.1 crore Rolls Royce Ghost. In his words he handles the car's dashboard with the same deft touch and care as when he is shaping somebody's coif. The interesting part is that there are only five other people in the city who own such a luxurious car. Babu had purchased the Rolls Royce with his own hard earned money. Though his income from the saloon is modest, it is the lucrative luxury car rental business that has earned him his fortune. That also makes him one of India's richest hairstylists. The man has a collector's passion for fancy cars which he looks after with utmost care. However, things were not so easy back in 1989. Ramesh's father who owned a small saloon died when Ramesh was a young boy and and the only means for his survival was a barber shop that his father left for him. His mother leased the shop for Rs 5 a day and took up work as a domestic help to make ends meet. “I remember the day my father passed away, leaving our family and his barbershop,” he recalls in a wispy voice. In 1994, Ramesh preferred to run his father's shop rather than continue his education. The salon, named Inner Space, was in a shopping complex by the school where he studied. It soon became a trendy styling outlet for youngsters. While running the saloon, he cherished the dream of owning a car. Three years later, Babu purchased a Maruti Omni to rent it to people for their personal use. This became the turning point in his life. One of his mother's employers advised him to lease the Omni to Intel, the company she worked with. The returns through the car rental business were encouraging and they supplemented his income from the salon. As his reputation grew, so did the car rental business. × By the end of 1990, he was running a successful taxi operation business by the name of Ramesh Tours and Travels. In 2004, he got into the luxury car rental and self-drive business after the government opened up the tourism sector. Ramesh Tours and Travels hasn't looked back since. He first invested in a Mercedes E Class luxury sedan that cost him Rs 38 lakh. The fleet grew with three more Mercedes cars and four BMWs, which is, however, dominated by dozens of Toyota Innovas. At the moment his fleet consists of around 200 cars, vans and mini-buses, including imported vehicles—a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Mercedes C, E and S class and BMW 5, 6 and 7 series. He has a fleet of imported Mercedes vans and Toyota mini-buses. “This is more of a passion,” he says. As for being a barber, “I will continue to be one as long as my hands are healthy.” Amazingly, Ramesh charges Rs 75000 a day for the Rolls and his usual clients are corporate bigwigs and visiting Bollywood and Tollywood stars. However, Ramesh's fancy automotive fleet does not include only cars, he also owns a Suzuki Intruder high-end bike that is worth Rs 16 lakh. He rides this bike during weekends and uses it only for private purposes. Even today, being such a rich man he did not forget his roots. He cuts the hair of his regular customers for just Rs 65. Babu owes his success to doing what he thought was best. “Whatever I did, I did well, that's all I can say,” he smiles.”, ,Ramesh Babu, the barber who owns a Rolls Royce

Why does Toyota Fortuner sells more than Ford Endeavour even if Endeavour is better than Fortuner in all aspects?

I can put some light on this question as I owned previous generation Ford Endeavour (2013) and currently have the new generation Toyota Fortuner (2018). I will try to keep it as short as I can as I will be sharing my experience with both cars and their dealership as well as service centers and my past experience over 2 decades with Toyota and why it is so reliable also about the build quality of Ford Endeavour. Hence, it might get lengthy. Some people might find it biased but it's not and it's my experience, other people might have experienced something else. About me: Me and my dad loves cars so he has purchased a couple of cars over the last 3 decades from different brands. We have never purchased any car which is on-road above 40lacs+ , hopefully someday we will. 1. My First experience with Toyota before purchasing Fortuner. The reason I am writing about Toyota Qualis here is due to the reliability and resale factor, as people say Toyota Owners can only brag about Reliability and resale value. We had purchased Toyota Qualis ages back and did over 3,50,000 kms on it. The car never gave us any issue, after the first 3 services, we used to service it with our local trusted mechanic. I am not sure if we did the first 3 services from the company too or not as it was too far from our place and I was too young to remember about it. We owned that car for around 15yrs. The engine never gave us any issue even after 3,50,000 kms, our car was not a tourist vehicle and was used completely for personal use as my dad does a lot of traveling. It was the only car till 2012 which we used for day to day traveling as well as interstate and inter district traveling even after having 2 more cars in our garage. Later we had added 2 more cars in our garage so the load was distributed as we stopped taking Qualis for interstate travels but still Qualis was used for inter district and city travel frequently till early 2014. (Image source: Google. Just for reference, mine was same model with full silver color) Dealership Experience I don’t remember exactly how was our experience as I was around 12yrs old at that time. But from what I heard from my dad recently before purchasing fortuner it was impeccable. But it varies from one dealership to another. Service Center Experience: I don’t remember but I think we never did any service in their service center ever, so can’t comment for now. Reliability: We always felt very safe those days in that car even when we use to travel on mountain roads and national highways. We have given this car all kind of torture that it can handle but still was very reliable. Safety: Those days it was considered one of the safest cars if we compare with its direct rivals Maintenance Costs: We use to do the servicing with our local mechanic so never really had much service cost, it used to be always below Rs. 1000 and a couple of more while replacing engine oil and filters. Mileage: The mileage was always 10km or more both in City as well as Highway Purchase and Resale: We had purchased that car in the early 00’s for around Rs. 7.5lacs and sold it for 1.8 lacs in 2019. Considering the fact that the car is over 15yrs old and done 350k kms I think it's a good resale price. Pros: I have mentioned above so will just write in short. Reliability, Space, Mileage, Resale Value, Maintenance Costs Cons: Interiors: The interiors were not great even for that time. Handbrake: I never liked its handbrake. Exterior: Could have done much better Discounts: As Toyota Qualis were in high demand we hardly got any discount 2. Experience while purchasing Ford Endeavour in 2013 Before purchasing Ford Endeavour, I went to many other car showrooms and at that time also I had compared Ford Endeavour with Toyota Fortuner and other SUVs (I had also checked other sedans including Audi A4 which was in my budget but didn't opt for them due to other issues) Old Generation Ford Endeavour vs Old Generation Toyota Fortuner While doing the comparison I found that Toyota Fortuner was very poor with space inside, specially in the 3rd row and the seats where not much comfortable and my dad liked Ford Endeavour so we opted for that. Ford Endeavour’s brake felt much weaker than that of Fortuner. Ford Endeavour Experience: After Purchasing Ford Endeavour the car felt less reliable as it always used to have some or other mechanical issues and as the car was an Automatic 4x4 it had more issues as it was not a full time 4x4 and sometimes it used to get triggered automatically even after not actually applying it. The mileage was very poor, service cost was very high. But the car was very spacious, comfortable, build quality was excellent. Even the metal sheet felt very solid. It was fun to drive in city as well on highway. This was my first automatic car as we always preferred manual cars as its fun to drive and has less maintenance cost with higher mileage. If we neglect the mechanical problem, service cost and mileage then it was one of my best cars. We had used this car for daily city travel, interstate and inter district travel as it was a replacement for our Toyota Qualis. Since 2013, we stopped using Qualis for Interstate travel and started using Ford Endeavour and another car for the same and in 2014, we stopped using Qualis for Inter district travel as well and kept it limited to city travel till we finally sold it. I did around 66,000 km on this car would have done more easily around 1,00,000–1,50,000 but unfortunately couldn’t as mentioned below. Dealership Experience: The dealership Experience was ok compared to other brands but it was not bad either. I had asked for few additional accessories which was delayed so I had cancelled it. The big turn off was the car had no plastics on its seats or any part (usually the new cars are covered with) and the car had did 150 kms (usually the car should be below 100 km if its new) Service Center Experience: I always felt scammed as I used to give them my car with 10 complaints (as something or other use to come up) and they use to resolve only 3–4 and charge me a bomb. I always kept the car well maintained and never used it roughly still had lot of issues. At a point I was so frustrated with the issues that I went to the dealership and asked them if they gave me a faulty car and even made a contact with Ford India about all issues and bad service. The people of the service center also felt very unwelcoming to everyone. Again it might be just this service center and the others might be more welcoming but we had only this service center in our city so we had no choice. Once they even pulled out a part of my dashboard above the infotainment system and later shamelessly applied a glue to fix it. I later realized it when it started to come out again n again while driving and found the clip of that part was broken, I took matter to both the service center and the dealership (as the service center was also owned by the dealership) but they said you should have informed us on the same day. How can I inform if I didn't knew as they had applied glue to fix it. The dashboard part couldn't be fixed and needed full replacement so I thought it's better to move on, as they won't replace it. I never feel cheated while servicing my other cars in other brand's service centers but here it was the same everytime. Reliability: Due to frequent mechanical problems, the car felt very less reliable. We had even faced issues couple of times. At times I use to feel that the car is losing road grip and bouncy and once it actually did skid during a turn. But other than that, it slowly became our first preference for interstate and interdistrict travel in 2014. Safety: I can tell the car is one of the safest car as in Nov, 2016 (just 20 days after completing 3yrs since purchase) my dad met a threatening accident, as a container truck hit my car from the side and the car rolled several times. But with God’s blessing and the car’s build quality my dad walked out of it with minor bruises on his fingers. The accident was so severe that the car was declared as a total loss and went in scrap. So that tells you how safe the car was. Maintenance Costs: The maintenance cost was the highest compared to my other cars including one which was of the same range (on road price). I was always billed around 13–15k for minor servicing and sometimes 25k during oil change, etc. Mileage: The mileage was very bad as it gave me 4.5–5.5 kmpl in city and 9–11 kmpl on highway. Purchase and Resale: We bought this car with a discount of around 1.5lacs but the resale value is very bad compared to its direct rivals. Technically we never sold this car but the insurance company gave us the amount according to the market value which they were claiming to be 9lacs (which was not right and low) the actual resale value of that car those days was between 13 lacs to 15, where as the fortuner had around 18–19 lacs. After lot of negotiations (as they had mentioned IDV of 17.5 lacs) we got total 12 lacs in March 2017. Pros: Build Quality: The car is very safe, their built quality is much better. It was even better than Toyota Fortuner those days. Driving: Other than being an automatic, it was very easy to drive with so much power and comfort. I could easily climb mountains and off road with this car, The big windows and Rear Windshield gave me a clear visibility of the surroundings. Even the massive side mirrors helped a lot Other: Spacious, Power, A/C, Good discounts Cons: Reliability, Mileage, Maintenance Cost, Turning Radius was bit high, Space to Park ( as it was a very long car with that extra tyre on the rear gate) Car Horn was too bad like a small sedan, it didn’t suit that beast so had got it replaced. Infotainment and the tech was too outdated as the other rivals and the car with same price bracket as well as the car in lower price bracket were loaded with features. People found it too long and difficult to drive in traffic and congested areas, but I never felt that as I drive well and have good judgement, so does my dad. P.s. ,After losing this car me and my dad contacted every Ford dealer as well as with Ford India if they had the same car model with them in stock or unsold stock or a demo/unregistered car, as by that time Ford had introduced the new Generation Endeavour. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any old generation car (new or unregistered) as we were completely in love with this car. Later we went to purchase the new generation Ford Endeavour as well but I will share that incident in my 3rd experience. 3. Car booking Experience in 2017 (Almost booked new Generation Ford Endeavour) As we had lost a good car in Nov, 2016, we started looking for few cars, as our previous 3 cars (including Toyota Qualis) were not much reliable for highways and we had only 1 Car which was also purchased in 2013 and reliable, so we needed one more. Due to demonetisation and other financial issues we started looking for cars below 20lacs (on-road) as well as the new Ford Endeavour. We had booked one car worth 13lacs (on-road) which after couple of months I cancelled it due to built quality issue. At the same time I had spoken with the same Ford Dealership from which I had purchased my previous Ford Endeavour. We did a lot of negotiations and got a great deal too but I felt they got a better offer for the same car (as the car was 2016 unsold stock car) so they just increased the price when I went to book the car by saying we had only said ex-showroom price and the on road price has increased by 1,00,000, I told them to their face, that “This is not our first car and the on road price is almost 3,00,000 more than the ex-showroom so how can you say that it was not on road price”(P.s. I was getting a loyalty bonus of Rs.1,00,000 from Ford which I feel the other customer was not getting or finalized the deal for better price). So I called my dad and explained the whole thing and said let’s not book the car and he agreed. This was something I didn’t like as 2 days back we had finalized everything and on the day of booking they just changed their deal. We were actually gonna purchase both the cars, one of that 13 lacs and this Endeavour. But Karma is a bitch, the other buyer was not able to arrange the finance for the car and then they made a contact with us, we gave a thought to it but later even we thought of not buying as we had other financial pressures, though we would have actually purchased if that day they had not changed their deal. 4. Experience with New Generation Fortuner 2018. I am very happy with the purchase, I opted for 4x2 MT Diesel variant as I didn’t wanted to go for AT this time and paying additional 1.5lac for 4x4 MT Diesel for just cruise control and 4x4, it didn’t feel worth the money, though later I thought I should have purchased it as we have to travel on off-roads & on mountains sometimes for work. But still the 4x2 variant does the job with ease. It is a very powerful car compared to its major rivals. I have almost done 50,000 km on this car it would been over 55,000km if we were not under constant lockdown since March 2020 in India due to COVID-19. I am not planning to sell this car for next 7–10yrs for sure and might cross 1,50,000 easily during that span. Dealership Experience: I went to two dealerships for the Fortuner, one which was in my city and another which was in different city. The one in my city was very unwelcoming and found the sales people were very lazy or not interested and my dad had purchased the Toyota Qualis from the one in other city. So we went to the same showroom after years from where we had purchased Qualis and luckily we found the same sales person who had sold us the Qualis. We got a bit of discount as well. Service Center Experience: The service center experience is good, the previous service manager for my car was not that welcoming but after he left their company, the new one is good and very welcoming. I don’t feel cheated here like I felt in Ford. Reliability: This car feels very reliable and gives lots of confidence and road presence while driving. Take it in city, highway or off-road its just a beast which you can drive easily. Road grip is also great, power, handling and braking is awesome. Safety: The car is also very safe now compared to its previous generation (which was also safe but less than Endeavour). Now we can compare its safety with the new generation Endeavour as well. The build quality is solid. Maintenance Cost: I don’t find the maintenance cost very less or very high, rather its justifiable. Mileage: I am getting around 9–9.9kmpl in city and 11–13 kmpl on highway Purchase and Resale: I had purchased this car with a bit of discount and I am happy with it. The resale value is just going up as the new car price is going up. So you don’t have to worry about resale with the Fortuner. Pros: Mileage, Safety, Resale value, Off-roading capabilities being 4x2, power, braking, handling, maintenance cost, build quality, reliability, exterior design is much better than Ford endeavour and other rivals. Cons: Infotainment system is bit boring, Features could have been few more, Interiors could been much better, it was almost 3–4 lacs (on-road) costlier than new Generation Ford Endeavour and its other rivals but covers it up on resale. Very less discounts: I am not sure about other cars of Toyota but you get negligible discounts on Fortuner and Innova as they are always in high demands. Final words: If I can, I don’t mind buying new Generation Ford Endeavour again, but the previous experience of service cost and mileage scares me (as they have only AT variants presently), but its a great car. Right now I am planning for a Toyota Innova for future or any luxury car once the market conditions are good after COVID-19. This is my first answer which became so long, sorry if it was not helpful. I wrote this just to tell you why the sales are higher than Ford Endeavour, obviously it's a great car and full of feature loaded compared to Toyota Fortuner. But to be honest the exterior design is not that great now compared to Fortuner, the interior is great as I can tell because I was about to book this car as well. All the dealership and services center experience depends upon how well their representatives treat you and address your all queries. We never ask any stupid questions or irritate anyone as we prefer to talk only when necessary, so the conversations are short and smart but still many such companies have few employees who are not happy with their jobs or other things and because of them customers are not interested in buying from them either, so that's the key for any sale other than the car itself. Fun fact: ,Previous generation Fortuner was taller and with more feature than Previous Generation Endeavour but the Current Generation Endeavour is taller and with more feature than the Current Generation Fortuner, so sometimes I feel unlucky. Feel free to share your experience with Fortuner as well as New Generation Ford Endeavour and Innova (for my interest)

Which Hyundai Creta should I buy, a 5 seater or an upcoming new design 7 seater?

Whether a 5 seater crossover, or a 7 seater full size SUV, it depends on your budget. If your budget is within 15 lakh, then go for crossover like Creta or Kia Seltos. Lowest model of diesel is nearly Rs 10.5 lakh, add 2 lakh more for insurance and registration, it's nearly 15 lakh. However, check properly in dealers, especially about the price and offers of 7 seaters like Scorpio, marazzo, their starting range is also not very high, at least within 14 lakh, you can buy the base model or the 2nd base model. Now, if your budget is above 15 lakh, why don't you think about Toyota Innova Crysta or XUV500? You'll enjoy a true 7 seater with value for money. So, first you visit a dealer. Check what are the provisions inside given. Don't bother much about dashboards quality or plastic issues. Then find out the infotainment system, an average one of apple used today at least required, with time. In Kia Seltos I have seen, infotainment operating switches are given on the steering even in the base models. So, think from that perspective. Finally, don't waste your money on accessories, it's just waste of money. Seat cover and mattress are required, but don't put to much like guards. These will simply put more weight affecting your mileage. Have faith on engineer of the company.

Can Maruti Ertiga Sport dethrone Toyota Innova as the best MPV?

No maruti ertiga cannot even come close to innova Suspension - ertigas suspension is too soft and can tends to bounce continuously on triple digits speeds whereas Innova has a well balanced suspension systems such that the faster you go the better it gets Build quality - Toyota is known for their amazing build quality unlike maruti's tin cans Reliable - I have seen more than 30 innova which have crossed the 4,00,000 Kms mark with ease, whereas in ertiga the whole body starts rattling after 1,00,000 Kms due to very poor build quality Interiors-Toyota innova gets soft touch leather upholstery and also the dashboard looks premium, maruti uses cheap quality plastic interior which is just not up to the mark Space- innova being longer and wider will provide more legroom and a better 3rd row along with a very spacious cabin, unlike ertigas cramped 3rd row seats Engine- the 2.8 liter engine in the innova is a beast to drive you can feel the power as soon as you sit behind the wheel I somehow don't like maruthi lagging 1.3 and 1.5 liter engines Insulation - the road and tyre noise in better contained in the innova than the ertiga

Is Mahindra Marazzo more spacious than Xylo, especially in the 3rd seat?

Yes, Marazzo is spacious than Xylo as it has an Indian multinational automaker company which always brings varieties of vehicles with innovative design and function which attracts car lovers. The word Marazzo is coming from Basque, ‘which is a Spanish sublanguage’ which means shark. Mahindra Marazzo, model based on shark inspired design. It competes with the like of Toyota Innova Crysta, Tata Hexa, Mahindra Scorpio, Maruti Ertiga in its segment. Mahindra Marazzo Interior In the interior of the car, you can find here Air Conditioner, Adjustable Steering Column, Electronic Multi-Trip meter, Fabric Upholstery, Digital Clock, Heater, Tachometer, Digital Odometer etc. Mahindra Marrazzo interior designed with the collaboration of in-house design studio Pininfarina which is world’s top auto designing company. It offers 7 seated capacity in three rows which makes it more comfortable during the journey. It gives such space in its 3rd row that a 6-foot tall person can sit comfortably. The next generation cylinder engine has been used which prevent it from engine noise and sound insulated cabin helps riders to prevent noise come from outside. A new 7-inch touch screen infotainment attached to the dashboard and buttons for the climate control system for the passengers.

Is Tata Hexa a good option to buy a Jeep Compass?

Let us check the Tata Hexa XT 4x4 7 seater and the Jeep Compass Limited 2.0 Diesel 4x4. TATA HEXA Tata Hexa shares the platform of the old flagship SUV of Tata, Aria. It looks good and appealing from the front but the rear looks disappoints somewhat. In the interior, the cabin gives some feelings of premium with all black and chrome borders or strips on the dash. The seats are well cushioned and provides enough supports to make you feel comfortable even on long drives. Coming to the safety features, it gets 6 airbags, ESP, ABS with EBD, brake assist, hill hold control, hill descent control and TCS. It also gets features like automatic climate control AC, rain sensing wipers, auto headlamps, AC vents in middle and rear row, cruise control, rear sun-blinds, reverse camera and rear parking sensors. It also gets JBL speakers and a 5-inch touchscreen infotainment system on the dash. Things it misses which matters are keyless entry, sunroof which could have made it more competitive among its rivals. Coming to the engine, it gets a 2.2L Varicor 400 4 cylinder diesel engine which produces 154 bhp maximum power and 400Nm maximum torque. It comes with both manual and automatic transmission systems as per the customer requirements. It also gives you 4 driving modes: Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Roads. To be informed, Hexa doesn’t offer petrol engines. From its diesel engine, it is claimed to give 14.4 kmpl but on real road and traffic conditions, you will get around 9–11 kmpl in the city and 12–13 kmpl on highways. Coming to the price, it starts from 11.99 lakhs to 17.49 lakhs, both ex-showroom. In my views, a person with a family of more than 5 should go for this. This car can give you comfort on long drives. In off-roading, it gives more than expected on the Rough Road mode. Getting service is very easy in almost all parts of the country. Competitors: Mahindra XUV500, Toyota Innova Crysta, Tata Safari Storme, Jeep Compass. JEEP COMPASS The Jeep Compass shares the platform of Jeep Renegade. From the front, it looks like the Cherokee, borrowing similar grilles and headlamps. But the rear looks doesn’t impress much. In the interior also, it borrows the dashboard design from the Cherokee. It tries to give a premium feel in the cabin with leather wraps and soft plastics, which could have been better. The front seats are very much comfortable and so are the rear but with less lower thigh support for long people. Coming to safety, it gets 4 airbags for low end and 6 airbags for high end variants, ESP with ABS and TCS. Hill hold control may be available in high end variants. It also gets a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system which supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Things it misses are powered driver seat and sunroof, cruise control, cooled glovebox, rain sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, . Coming to the engine, it offers both petrol as well as diesel engines. It gets a 1.4L petrol engine which produces 158 bhp maximum power and 250Nm maximum torque. It also gets 2.0L diesel engine which produces a whooping 170 bhp maximum power and 350Nm maximum torque. It only offers automatic transmission for petrol engines and no option for the diesel. It is claimed to give 14.3 kmpl for petrol and 17.1 kmpl for diesel. For tough situations, you can use different driving modes like Mud, Sand and Rock, which makes it easier to drive through the situation. Coming to the price, it starts from 15.39 lakhs to 21.98 lakhs, both ex-showroom. In my views, Compass is a great choice for regular city drives and occasional long drives. It is capable of off-roading but you shouldn’t be testing it as it hasn’t much ground clearance. Competitors: Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Creta, Tata Hexa, Mahindra XUV500, Toyota Innova. The best way is to personally check and test both and choose as per your requirements. For more details you can refer: ,Compare Jeep Compass vs Tata Hexa Hope this helps. Thank You!!

What does this yellow light mean when it is lit constantly (not blinking) on the dashboard (Opel Caravan)? The car seems to run fine.

You should get your car checked. I am guessing you have a Diesel Engine. The first time I drove a Diesel, my Dad(who is something of a car expert), told me that this symbol is for the Atomizer, an engine component found in Diesel Engines. It has a specific purpose to serve, but only while you are switching on the engine. He told me to hold the starter when this symbol was glowing for about 5 seconds and then to start it. The symbol stopped glowing after the car started, so you might want to get it checked. I was driving a Toyota Innova though. So maybe it means something else for your Opel.

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    How many fueltank(litres) does Toyota Innova has?


    The fueltank(litres) of Toyota Innova are 55.

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    Does Toyota Innova has Sound Plus Functions?


    No, Toyota Innova doesn't have Sound Plus Functions.

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    Is Toyota Innova available in AUX?


    No, Toyota Innova isn't available in AUX.

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