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3/4 view of the facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan, shot by CocheSpias.Volkswagen Tiguan was launched here

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model – the Volkswagen Tiguan.

RM 2k for extra space? 5-seater VW Tiguan vs 7-seater Tiguan Allspace

Yesterday, we are pretty much inundated with a trio of Volkswagen launches but while the Arteon and Passat

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A good family car, just like a good dog, becomes part of the family.Having tested the 2020 Volkswagen

2021 VW Tiguan facelift, Tiguan R joins the line-up.

VW has just unveiled the 2021 Tiguan facelift.

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Volkswagen teases new compact SUV for America – Tiguan smAllspace?

Volkswagen appears to be doubling-up its SUV strategy in America by releasing a couple of teaser images

2020 VW Tiguan Allspace launched in Malaysia, 7 seats, up to 220 PS, from RM 164k

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia has just launched the new 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace.

2020 VW Arteon, Passat R-Line and Tiguan Allspace to make Malaysian debut on Aug 12!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia is set to introduce three new models this week - namely the 2020 Volkswagen

United We Drive: Volkswagen Launches New UNITED Limited Edition Models

of the Passat and Tiguan models.

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Volkswagen Malaysia was on a roll earlier this year with the simultaneous introduction of several new

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Volkswagen has just launched the new 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace in Malaysia.

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That is the date given by Volkswagen for the global unveiling of its new 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

After VW Golf and Polo, the next GTI in line might be the Tiguan

Volkswagen TiguanVolkswagen Tiguan has been the automakers best-selling model in their line up, and it

2021 VW Tiguan Allspace Highline 1.4 in Malaysia gets new wheels, LED taillamps, USB-C sockets

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has updated the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Highline 1.4

Free instalments for 6 months with a new Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) celebrates the Tiguan for being the best seller, breaking six-million

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Malaysia welcomed the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, the 7-seater counterpart to the regular Volkswagen

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Earlier today, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) launched its first-ever VW Tiguan Allspace,

In Brief: Volkswagen Tiguan – Ageing but still worth going for a test drive?

(2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Price and Specs | Gallery)Volkswagen TiguanThe Volkswagen Tiguan is a crossover

How the 7-seater Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace makes sense in Malaysian market

As it stands, the Tiguan has to compete against the likes of the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5 and of course

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120 units of Volkswagen Tiguan to be supplied to Le Tour de Langkawi

VPCM will be providing 120 units of Volkswagen Tiguan Highline, which will be used throughout the race

RADICAL CrossBlue Coupe: Next-Gen Concept of Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagens quadrangular appearance has been the traditional traits for Tiguan, that has been the case

VW teases 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift

The current Volkswagen Tiguan has been on sale here since 2017, and it desperately needs a facelift,

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volkswagen tiguan issuesvolkswagen tiguan issuesvolkswagen tiguan issues
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Should I buy a Volkswagen Tiguan or wait for the new 2020 SUVs launch?

No issue with current Tiguan, But indian automobile are going so wait till may 2020 if u can, after new norms applied then purchase your desired car with fresh/ upgraded model. So wait for new suv launch, Tiguan new update is coming consider that too

Which used car should I buy in the UAE, Ford Escape or Volkswagen Tiguan 2015?

Are they both 2015 models with comparable overall condition, service records and km's? If so then just get the one you like best as far as looks, features and driving feel. Both should be very comparable when it comes to reliability, (as in both are average to below average) but in the U.S. there are far more Ford dealerships versus VW to help sort out any issues, not sure about the UAE.

Why did the Volkswagen Tiguan lose its reliability rating from Consumer Report?

Well, again, the simple Google search provides the answer...according to: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-reliability-owner-satisfaction/cars-lose-cr-recommendation-over-reliability-issues/ The Tiguan had below-average reliability. Members who own the Tiguan, which was redesigned for the 2018 model year, told us that they experienced problems with the body control modules (which are the computers that control power components such as windows, locks, etc.), remote engine starting capability, and the headlights. A VW spokesman told CR that they were aware of these problems and had fixed them. “They have all been addressed and should not be a concern for anyone shopping now,” he said. “The headlight issue was addressed almost immediately after launch, for instance.”

What is your most "you've got to be kidding me" experience at a car mechanic?

I have a Volkswagen Tiguan with a little over 100,000 miles. I guess this engine has an issue with carbon buildup. I had an issue when the car was fairly new - they charged me to clean out the carbon and then a few days later the issue came back; it turned out to be a failing ignition coil. The coil was under warranty, but I still had to pay for the carbon scraping. Fast forward 10 years. Once again I’m having some engine power issues; the car would lose power upon acceleration. I take it back to the dealer, they diagnosed a carbon buildup and charged me $700 to scrape it off. I was hesitant because of the previous experience. They insisted it was the carbon buildup problem. After collecting the car post cleaning I got less than a mile away when the problem came back! I limped back to the dealer and told him what was going on; after extensive investigation, it turned out to be the ignition coil again. Once again it was fixed under warranty. That’s ,not, the most outrageous thing A few weeks later, the water pump started going out. I asked the dealer why they didn’t detect that the water pump was failing when they had the engine apart just a few weeks ago? The service writer (not my usual guy) said “We don’t check for that stuff!” I then took my car to a local independent Volkswagen mechanic, and he replaced the water pump and a few other things for about half the cost of the dealer. This is ,still, not the most outrageous thing. After getting the car back, I started noticing some odd transmission shifting issues. The car would shift late, it would clunkinto gear, it would rev and then slow down unexpectedly – just not running well at all. OK, back to the dealer, since I thought this to be a little out of the league of my independent guy. A day later, they tell me that I needed a brand new transmission for about $7,000. I asked if they were absolutely certain and made sure it wasn’t the same mechanic who made the genius diagnostic about the carbon buildup. Assuredly it was not - I need a new transmission. (Bottom line, the car wasn’t worth spending $7,000 on that repair, so I was a bit bummed out). Whilst driving at home, I got a very scary red flashing error light saying the engine had no oil! I pulled over to the side of freeway to check the oil, and it was fine. I called on my independent guy, and he referred me to another mechanic nearby who had some transmission experience. I limped over there and he managed to squeeze me in. He hooked up his magic dohicky and said “I think there’s a problem with your turbo intake. “ ( I didn’t even know that I had a turbo!). He looked, grabbed a screwdriver, and saw that the intake hose to the turbo had come off. He pushed it on, tightened it up …and the car ran like a champ! He didn’t want to charge me anything, but I gave him $20 for his time. (Later I looked at the dealer paperwork - they hadn’t even driven the car to test it). So that is my story - ,the mechanic wanted $7,000 to fix a hose.

How is Volkswagen Tiguan? Is it worth buying that car?

I live in USA and I own a Tiguan 2012 model. I picked it up because that was the only sleek model and priced within my budget(back in 2012). However the vehicle has been a big disappointment. After the initial 60,000 miles and warranty expires, I have been shelling couple of thousand dollars every year on maintenance. It is a high maintenance vehicle. Moreover it requires a premium gas. My issues: I had my vehicle check engine lamp glow and the dealer cannot identify what was wrong as the software is unable to recognize. Not sure if it is a faulty sensor or if there is a genuine issue. I have been driving with it for over a year. There were complaints made and surveys filled in but customer service of VW is poor. The latest being a shocker. The Tiguan head lamp bulb burst along with the LED string along the border and to replace it, i was quoted $800, just because the way the headlamp is manufactured and sold as an entire kit. this is ridiculous. Atleast in USA, I do not recommend VW Tiguan. Hope the newer models might have improved, but I wouldn’t burn my hand with VW again.

In World War II, why was the British Matilda tank inadequate in gunnery in comparison with German tanks?

WWII—“They ought to call it “The Unicorn War” because the only thing people seem to know about it are it’s Myths!!! Let’s address the myths of vaunted ‘German Engineering’ (sic) as I scream “WTF?” at my Volkswagen Tiguan… GUNNERY: The Matilda II’s Ordinance Quick Fire (QF) 2lb’r (40mm) was a decent mid thirties design that was adequate for the Matilda II’s Fielding Threats of 1939. At a barrel velocity of 794 m/s, it’s standard AP issue could penetrate 37mm @ 465m. Now compare the QF 2lb’r to It’s German Competitor, RheinMetal’s 37mm PAK or KWK 36 L/45.6 mm gun 764 m/s penetrating 31mm @ 500m and guess what? GB’s 2lb’r is slightly better!!! However Gunnery is but ONE Aspect of Tank Design, Armour & Speed & Reliability are equally important (Reliability? Ask me about my girlfriend’s Range Rover—I double dare you!!!) The Matilda II had 78mm rounded frontal Armour which meant Rommel’s Czech Pzkpfw 35(t) & Pzkpfw 38 (t) tanks, armed with Skoda 37mm VR 34/38s would bounce right off it @ 500m. Rommel may have been a great General but the man was a DEADBEAT—in France 🇫🇷, he went around the countryside “Bouncing Czechs” (Ha, Ha, Ha!!!). Even GERMAN’S MAIN BATTLE TANK, the PZKPFW III A-F armed with the above RheinMetal’s 37mm Gun or the newly introduced PZKPFW III G-H (armed with RheinMetal’s 50mm KWK 38 L/42 @ 685 m/s 42mm penetration @ 500m could only chip the Matilda IIs British Racing Green paint… Uhhh, Ask Rommel about the inadequate Matilda II tanks that he faced down in France, 1940 and he will roll his eyes and whine “Gott IM HIMMEL!!!” Germany’s Best tank, the PZKPFW III H (1940) only had 30mm of Armour vrs the Matilda IIs 78mm—you do the math!!! The only thing the Germans could do was ring the Luftwaffe and borrow an Auch Auch or three!!! Was the Matilda II perfect? Not by a long shot but Best is always the sworn enemy of good…

Is the Volkswagen Tiguan a reliable car?

Approaching my one year anniversary with my 2020 Tiguan S (base model) and no issues have surfaced. 1.8 liter turbo four has enough power and pretty good milage 26/32 mpg city/highway. Looking forward to my second anniversary.

What are the problems of Volkswagen Tiguan?

Quite an odd question to ask about the VW Tiguan. This SUV is quite capable, but at the end it is just a soft-roader. It is meant to take you and your family to places and occasionally through bad terrain. The AWD modes help it get through even mud and snow, but the AWD system will tend to heat up. Over time, if you switch between cars, you’d realize the seats are not the most comfortable. Other than this, i could not pin point any more issues.

Are you satisfied with owning the new Volkswagen Tiguan (2018-present redesign)?

I do not own the latest model (2018 redesign) but believe that under the skin there are not so many changes. I have the Tiguan 2.0ltr petrol engine (184 hp/140 kw) with 4Motion and 7 speed DSG, and one of the earliest series. With most optional extra’s (leather interior, advanced navigation and audio, Apple Carplay, digital dashboard, adaptive cruise control, panorama roof, lane assist, light assist, blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, head up display). I have owned it since September 2016. Below a picture of my car. I have driven 107.000 km’s since new. I regularly tow a double horse trailer, also in fields (around 2100–2200 kgs). I have been to Italy, Austria through the Alps in the winter with winter-tires about 6 times. Never needed snow-chains. I have an easy driving style. Both summer tires and winter tires have now done over 50.000km’s and not needed replacement. My fuel consumption on average over that total distance is 8,10 liters / 100km (12,34 km / litre). In mpg that is around 29 mpg. Occasionally I do give it the spurs. I have driven at speeds of over 200km/h although I feel happier cruising the German motorways at 150–160 km/h. I have had no extra repairs other than the long-life service performed at the 30.000km intervals. When the car was delivered I had some software issues with the advanced driving modes (adaptive cruise control, and the automated traffic sign recognition) and sensors but these were resolved within 6 months. I attribute that to having received one of the earliest cars in the new model series. Overall I am extremely happy. I came from a larger Touareg with a diesel engine. The Tiguan is very comfortable, quiet, much faster in acceleration, and versatile. I can fully recommend the car.

What are the most common problems with a 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan?

Go online and search for You Tube videos by “The Humble Mechanic”. He goes over issues with this particular vehicle. Seems like a very knowledgeable dude, and his Tiguan overview is spot on. I drive one too, but that’s another story.

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    The Brakes and Wheels of the Volkswagen Tiguan are as follow:

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    What is the length(mm) of Volkswagen Tiguan?


    Here are the length(mm) and variants of Volkswagen Tiguan:

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    Is Volkswagen Tiguan available in AUX?


    No, Volkswagen Tiguan isn't available in AUX.

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