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Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia has just launched the new 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace.

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(eBay Advertisement) 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T SE 4MOTION 2.0T SE 4MOTION New 4 dr SUV Automatic Gasoline 2.0L 4 Cyl Dark Moss Green Metal https://t.co/ZyxWq6NIaN

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Unicorn Sighting 🦄 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL in Moss Green! Hurry in. It won't last long. https://t.co/Csna3Wl9c7

**GREAT SAVING!** We still have some Volkswagen Tiguan 1.5 TSI 150ps Elegance DSG for February delivery which benefit from a considerable discount. Navigation, Panoramic Sunroof and more as standard. Lime Green Cars Office: 0191 3017780 Mobile: 07732 870580 #offers #lease https://t.co/eSsTvOIUXF

Volkswagen could develop a GTI variant of the compact Tiguan to attract more customers stateside. If it receives the green light, expect the crossover to be powered by the company’s 242 hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. #Volkswagen #Tiguan https://t.co/qZDbZETEfL

Used 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL in Green Bay, WI 54173 for sale at Specialty Auto Sales and Service: Used Sil... http://t.co/pc94K4YjJa

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I run for me life. I drive what’s left of a Volkswagen Tiguan. I live in the attic. I live outside. I am oppressed and called DISGUSTING because I am GREEN and my back is producing more grease than mcdonalds griddle at 6pm. I am not your QUIRKY KIN

#carsforsale Used 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL in Bowling Green, KY 42101 for sale at Hillside Motors http://t.co/PtYh2IWV1u

volkswagen tiguan green Q&A Review

Why are crossovers and SUVs becoming more popular in the U.K. compared to standard saloons and hatchbacks?

There are reasons on ,why, crossovers and SUVs have become popular. Many like the designs and lifestyle image it projects that comes with SUVs and crossovers. There are features that people like on them too. Examples being the rugged looks, practicality and the high-driving position. That gives them a decent, yet commanding, view of the road from behind the wheel. Decent levels of practicality. With them being taller, parents strapping their kids into them is easier; the elderly and less mobile also find it easier to climb in and out of them too. Also, for those who have driven for many years. Will have always had hatchbacks or saloons. They’ve got bored of them, and fancy something different. SUVs and crossovers have become a popular alternative to the usual Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf or BMW 3-Series on that basis. Proper SUVs and off-road cars aren’t exactly cheap to buy, own or run. Cheaper SUVs and crossovers are popular with buyers because they have the look, feel and lifestyle image they project of one. But they’re much more attainable, and they have the purchase price and running costs of the conventional hatchback or saloon. Many are in fact, based on one. They have the same chassis, engines and running gear as one. For example, the Volkswagen Tiguan shares much with the Golf; as the Ford EcoSport does with the Fiesta, etc. This in turns makes these SUVs and crossovers cheaper to make. Thus, cheaper to buy, run and own for consumers. Which is why they’re so popular and littered all over the UK’s roads. Last but not least, crossovers and SUVs are popular simply because there’s a healthy market for them. Other manufacturers know this, because they can’t make them quick enough. It’s a money spinner for them. Supply and demand. That’s how businesses operate and survive. For example, Nissan have made and sold three-million Qashqais in their Washington plant in Sunderland as I write this. Hence why their big seller has got its nickname as the ‘,cash cow,’. The gripe I have with cheaper SUVs and crossovers, is that they’re spud guns on wheels. They look like the real thing that could kill someone but doesn’t. Cheaper SUVs and crossovers look like something but doesn’t have an actual purpose. They look like they could cross the green lanes. But in reality, they’d be useless and way out of their depth off-road. When off tarmac and on rougher terrains. Just as the potato bullets wouldn’t kill someone if you shot someone with a spud gun. That itself, is why I resent the fact that these cheaper SUVs and crossovers are pretending to be something that they’re not. They’re pointless and pretentious at best. Some manufacturers don’t even make nor sell these cars available with four-wheel-drive. The fact is that many of them aren’t designed to go off-road. Many people who have cheaper SUVs and crossovers would ,never, venture off-road, anyway. The closest thing to that is going over potholes, or kerb crawling on a Tesco car park. Before I go. I can understand on ,why, you’ve asked people are buying SUVs and crossovers over regular hatchbacks and saloons. Personally, I don’t think they have major advantages over them at all.

When some cars stop at stop signs, why does it sound like the car restarts when it begins to accelerate again?

I was waiting for a question like this because I too was stumped by this, I'd always hear cars next to me start up real quick as soon as the light turned green and it wasn't until recent that I finally understood it. Auto-start/off! Many cars nowadays,newer models I should say, have this feature and I've gotten the pleasure to drive one with said feature. A 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Its my brothers suv and he let me take it for a spin, he initially had the feature turned off so it caught me off guard when I came to a stop and the car shut off, rpm needle went all the way down, the engine wasn't rumbling. I was like "oh shit oh shit I broke his car." Eventually the light turned green and within a small panic I left off the brake just a tiny bit and it sprung back to life! I then proceed to look on the dash in between the gauges and I noticed the Auto-Start/Off indicator was lit. I instantly let out a sigh of relief and actually had a little fun with it, not much you can do with it but it's fun watching people glance over their shoulders when they hear that quick turn over like "did this man really turn his car off at the stop light?" Yeah I was one of those gullible fools until I became said man. With such a big vehicle though it can be a little scary because it tends to jump when it starts back up, no matter how much pressure you let off the brake, personally I like the feature. Hope that answers your question!😁

In World War II, why was the British Matilda tank inadequate in gunnery in comparison with German tanks?

WWII—“They ought to call it “The Unicorn War” because the only thing people seem to know about it are it’s Myths!!! Let’s address the myths of vaunted ‘German Engineering’ (sic) as I scream “WTF?” at my Volkswagen Tiguan… GUNNERY: The Matilda II’s Ordinance Quick Fire (QF) 2lb’r (40mm) was a decent mid thirties design that was adequate for the Matilda II’s Fielding Threats of 1939. At a barrel velocity of 794 m/s, it’s standard AP issue could penetrate 37mm @ 465m. Now compare the QF 2lb’r to It’s German Competitor, RheinMetal’s 37mm PAK or KWK 36 L/45.6 mm gun 764 m/s penetrating 31mm @ 500m and guess what? GB’s 2lb’r is slightly better!!! However Gunnery is but ONE Aspect of Tank Design, Armour & Speed & Reliability are equally important (Reliability? Ask me about my girlfriend’s Range Rover—I double dare you!!!) The Matilda II had 78mm rounded frontal Armour which meant Rommel’s Czech Pzkpfw 35(t) & Pzkpfw 38 (t) tanks, armed with Skoda 37mm VR 34/38s would bounce right off it @ 500m. Rommel may have been a great General but the man was a DEADBEAT—in France 🇫🇷, he went around the countryside “Bouncing Czechs” (Ha, Ha, Ha!!!). Even GERMAN’S MAIN BATTLE TANK, the PZKPFW III A-F armed with the above RheinMetal’s 37mm Gun or the newly introduced PZKPFW III G-H (armed with RheinMetal’s 50mm KWK 38 L/42 @ 685 m/s 42mm penetration @ 500m could only chip the Matilda IIs British Racing Green paint… Uhhh, Ask Rommel about the inadequate Matilda II tanks that he faced down in France, 1940 and he will roll his eyes and whine “Gott IM HIMMEL!!!” Germany’s Best tank, the PZKPFW III H (1940) only had 30mm of Armour vrs the Matilda IIs 78mm—you do the math!!! The only thing the Germans could do was ring the Luftwaffe and borrow an Auch Auch or three!!! Was the Matilda II perfect? Not by a long shot but Best is always the sworn enemy of good…

Have you ever walked into a car dealership and bought a car with cash outright? What was the reaction? Were the authorities called in? Did anything funny or weird happen?

The car I have now was bought in cash - well, actually a cashier’s check. The disadvantage to the dealer is they don’t get the commission from the bank for writing a loan. (Which is why I didn’t negotiate very hard…I didn’t want to both knock huge amounts of money off the price AND deprive them of that commission. After all, it costs money to run a car dealership.) The advantage is they know they’re going to get paid. I wanted a 2020 VW Tiguan SEL. They had one on the lot in the wrong color and with the three-row seating option I didn’t like. I told the salesman, “I will buy a car from you, but I don’t like the one on the lot. Can you find me one with x, y and z options?” He got on his computer, searched the inventory of dealers in the region, and found the car I wanted. I gave him a $500 deposit. The car arrived in three days, I brought the rest of the money, and drove away. No hassle whatsoever. However, I did get a strange look from the guy for one thing: I absolutely insist on carrying a quart of oil in the car - a habit I picked up from years of driving cars that leak. Volkswagen has its own oil specification and I didn’t want to violate the warranty by just dumping anything in it, so I bought a case of VW Genuine oil, which is about the same price as Mobil 1. “Why are you buying this?” “Because I won’t go anywhere without a quart of oil in the car just in case I need to add some.” “Okay, that’s good planning.” Fun fact: Volkswagen 0W20 oil is dyed green so you can recognize it immediately. Their worry is you’ll accidentally put it in a car that needs 5W30 and ruin the engine.

Why does the DSG from Volkswagen suffer from reliability issues?

Before getting into the reliability issues of DSG gearbox let's know what actually the DSG gearbox is? The Germans call it Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, but everybody else who doesn't join three words into one calls it the Direct Shift Gearbox, or DSG for short. Many car companies have started to use double clutch gearboxes on mainstream cars these days, following the lead set by the Audi TT and the Mk4 Golf R way back in the early 2000s. For example, Korean car company Hyundai plans to introduce a 7-speed unit on models like the i30 and Veloster. Both Ford and Renault offer a 6-speed unit under the names PowerShift and EDC (Efficient Double Clutch), while Fiat and Alfa Romeo call it a TCT (Twin Clutch Transmission). Even Lamborghini was forced to adopt this tech, a 7-speed twin being added to the Huracan supercar – LDF, which is short for Lamborghini Doppia Frizione. Volkswagen, the company that first decided one clutch was not enough, is also moving the game forwards. It has recently revealed a brand new 10-speed unit it says will go into production cars soon. Details are limited, but the unit is engineered to take up to 550 Nm of torque, which is what you get from a V6 engine or a very highly tuned 2-liter diesel these days. So, why is everybody going crazy and deciding two clutches are now necessary? To answer that question, we need to look at the needs of people who don't want to work the clutch. For years, the market was split between conventional automatics with torque converters, CVTs and single-clutch autos. All had their advantages and disadvantages. The auto was smooth but slow to react and thirsty, the CVT was efficient but weird to use and the single-clutch automated manual was jerky and unresponsive. The first people to ask themselves "but what if we took a manual gearbox and gave it two clutches" were Porsche. They developed it for their famous racing prototypes and eventually brought it into production as the gearbox we know today as the PDK. To put it simply, all twin-clutch gearboxes work by separating the odd and even gears on individual shafts. So you have gears 1, 3, 5 and 7 on one clutch and 2, 4 and 6 on the other. The whole thing works a bit like one of those Russian helicopters with coaxial blades. . So, why is everybody going crazy and deciding two clutches are now necessary? To answer that question, we need to look at the needs of people who don't want to work the clutch. For years, the market was split between conventional automatics with torque converters, CVTs and single-clutch autos. All had their advantages and disadvantages. The auto was smooth but slow to react and thirsty, the CVT was efficient but weird to use and the single-clutch automated manual was jerky and unresponsive. The first people to ask themselves "but what if we took a manual gearbox and gave it two clutches" were Porsche. They developed it for their famous racing prototypes and eventually brought it into production as the gearbox we know today as the PDK. To put it simply, all twin-clutch gearboxes work by separating the odd and even gears on individual shafts. So you have gears 1, 3, 5 and 7 on one clutch and 2, 4 and 6 on the other. The whole thing works a bit like one of those Russian helicopters with coaxial blades. The advantage is that whichever gear you want to go to, up or down, it's already available on the other clutch. The mecatronic unit disengages one clutch and pushes in the other one in one movement with almost instantaneous shifts happening. When launched in 2003, the DSG gearbox was much faster than conventional automatics and because it worked just like a normal manual, it was significantly more fuel efficient than a conventional automatic with a torque converter. DQ250 The first series production DSG gearbox came out in 2003. It went into the Golf R32. Audi had already launched the TT coupe based on the same platform and it decided a 3.2-liter V6 and a clever gearbox would be great for boosting sales. At that time, Audi used the DSG moniker, but subsequently changed it to S tronic. The gearbox was developed by BorgWarner and built by the VW Group's Kassel factory located in the heart of Germany. The DQ250 can take up to around 350 Nm of torque, is mainly paired to 2-liter turbo engines and weighs 90 kg (200 lb) in front-wheel drive applications, so slightly more than a manual. If you own a Golf GTI, an Audi A3 with a 6-speed S tronic or a Skoda Octavia with a big engine, chances are it's one of those. DQ200 More widely known as the 7-speed DSG gearbox, the DQ200 is different to the original BorgWarner unit. Instead of a submerged multi-plate clutch pack, this uses two single-plate dry clutches. From the start, it was designed for lower torque applications and because it's also fitted to smaller cars, it needed to be lighter as well. The DQ200 usually takes up to 250 Nm of torque from VW's 1.6-liter diesel or around 170 Nm from the 1.2 TSI. It weighs 70 kilograms (150 lbs) and as far as we know, it's never been used on anything other than front-wheel drive cars. Since its launch in 2008, the unit has found its way into two generations of VW Golf and one of the Polo, plus sister cars from SEAT (Ibiza and Leon), Skoda (Fabia II and III, Octavia II and III) and Audi (A1 and A3). DQ500 In January 2009, six years after the original DSG, Volkswagen group came out with the pinnacle of twin-clutch tech, the DQ500. At that time it was heralded as the world’s only seven-speed transverse-mounted gearbox for high torques that is in large-scale series production. It was expected to go into every large VW model starting with the next generations of the Transporter and Multivan. Even then, engineers were thinking of something that could deal with a turbocharged 2.0L biturbo TDI. Yes, it did go into the Passat, the Tiguan 177 PS diesel and the T5. However, its star role is in the Audi TT-RS and the subsequent RS Q3, both of which use a 2.5-liter TFSI turbo. The 10-speed DSG Codenamed DQ511, the new DSG gearbox with 10 speeds is mechanically similar to the DQ500. Besides improving fuel consumption, the extra gears offer one major advantage. The gearbox feels more open, in that the difference between the highest and the lowest ratio is wide. Because they are closer in drive ratio, there's less jumpiness when shifting, which some owners have complained about in the past. Just like the DQ500, the two multi-plate clutches are bathed in oil, though the lubricant reaches a lower level and has reduced viscosity, which improves efficiency. The VW DSG Transmission- Reliability:- Dual Clutch Wear and Tear An unavoidable aspect of any clutch system is that it will wear down over time. It is designed with this in mind, as the whole purpose of the clutch is to “slip” in order to provide a smooth transition between gear ratios. The new dry clutch assembly in the DSG DQ200 is much more akin to a regular manual transmission clutch than the previous DQ250 wet clutch. It’s important to note that, though the DQ200 dual clutch assembly may look a lot like a manual clutch, changing one is not as simple a process. It requires special tools and a certain procedure that, if done incorrectly, will damage the new clutch, and can even damage the transmission itself. Due to the expense of the clutch assembly and the technicalities of fitting it, some manufacturers will only sell these clutches to fitters that have passed a course and are qualified to fit them. Electro-Hydraulic Control Unit Failure This is the separate hydraulic system mentioned above. It contains all the mechanics necessary for controlling the shift forks that engage the gears themselves, as well as the computer does all the “thinking” for the gearbox. It is located on the side of the transmission—which is towards the front of the vehicle when fitted—and is a self-contained unit, meaning it can be removed entirely and replaced without having to dismantle any part of it. The mechatronic can be replaced within the module itself, however this is an involved task and requires manufacturer-specific diagnostic capabilities. If the electronic component fails, unfortunately, it can manifest in a number of ways as it is responsible for all the actions that take place in the transmission during use. Failsafe will be the most likely outward symptom, but some diagnostic hardware will be required to get any more information as to why. An easier to diagnose fault is a relatively common problem with the pump inside of the hydraulic control unit. This fault will often result in little or no drive, failsafe mode, and quite often the unit will spit hydraulic fluid out of the breather on top. This fluid is distinctive from regular transmission fluid due to the fact that it is green. The main fault code associated with this problem references “Pump Play Protection”. Fortunately, this problem can be repaired by a specialist, or the entire unit can be replaced entirely. It would need to be the whole unit, however, as the fault involves more than just the electronic component. As with the clutch assembly, this is not a task to undertake without the right tools and expertise. The transmission needs to put into a specific configuration before removing the unit, and the unit itself needs to be in that same configuration before being fitted back onto the transmission. Failure to do so can result in breaking the unit, or the transmission simply not working. The transmission can be set to the correct configuration for removal of the control module using diagnostic tools, however if such tools are not available, it can also be done manually. Be warned, however, it is impossible to see if everything is lined up correctly once the unit is lifted into place. In short, make very sure everything is set correctly before fitting, because you won’t be able to verify if you’ve done it right until you try and drive the vehicle and find you’re missing gears. Here is a video description of how VW parts fail and it includes DSG component failure. How VW Parts Fail: 7-Speed DSG Mechatronic:- And that’s it. There really aren’t that many common faults for the 7 speed DQ200 DSG transmission, and one of those faults is a simple and unavoidable matter of wear and tear. All in all, that’s not bad for an automatic transmission.

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