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volkswagen tiguan overviewvolkswagen tiguan overviewvolkswagen tiguan overview
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Which is the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles?

Which is the worlds largest manufacturer of electric vehicles? Overview Since the question has been reworded, there are now two possible answers to this question: If you ask this question by the output based upon the country of origin, then the answer is the People’s Republic of China. If you ask this question by output of an electric car manufacturer based on volume, then the answer would be for several years it was BYD. As of 2019 Tesla replaced BYD due to the success of Model 3 sales. As soon as VW Group finishes ramping up its signature core product line of electric vehicles globally at all facilities to maximum output and capacity, they are poised to replace Tesla as the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world based on volume. So we now know that China is the place where at present most of the electric cars have been coming from. Let’s take a look at that before looking at VWFord’s world footprint that will eventually make it the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world. Pretext: the Much Tinier Global BEV Industry We first need to establish that the global electric car industry is going to be much smaller than it was when it was the global gas car industry. Like we need only so many kitchen appliance manufacturers for our domestic appliances, as the electric car is really becoming a garage appliance, we will only need so many electric car manufacturers. So most likely for the time being it looks like there will be four major global electric car makers who will be dominating the markets and make it extremely difficult for anyone else to compete: VW Ford, GM, Daimler, and Tesla. ,Al Castro's answer to Will Tesla eventually dominate the global EV market?, This means a lot of present makers are going to be either pushed out, face bankruptcy, or back out of the industry to focus elsewhere instead of on the passenger car and light duty vehicle markets. There are 14 auto conglomerates that control a staggering 54 car brands around the world: ,These 14 Companies Control the Entire Auto Industry,. That is way too many brands as it already is with petromobility, something has to give with a much tinier industry that’s needed for electromobility. And the soon coming Electric Car Tsunami will start eviscerate many of these brands as they begin a spiral to somehow leave the car markets. This will only strengthen the position of these top key makers in not only establishing their dominance in the new electric markets, but it will also give them influence and sway when they come back around in six years to accelerate to the permanent removal of the gasoline car from widespread use as they did 100 years ago with the electric car, the very same invention they’re now bringing back. It will be the same four conglomerates that pushed the entire industry to help create 21st century electromobility that will push the gas car to extinction: ,Daimler Will Pull the Plug on Gasoline, Diesel Engines, Focus on EVs - ExtremeTech,. Also: ,The world’s largest car market just announced an imminent end to gas and diesel cars,. The Chinese Domestic Car Industry and Market While some output makes it to foreign markets like Geely’s Volvo’s to Europe and the US and soon SAIC’s Buick’s, Cadillacs, and Chevrolet’s to the US, most of China’s BEV output is going to their domestic home market, which is the largest car market in the world just by its massive land size and population. The Chinese Electric Three are BYD, Geely, and BAIC Motor, that make the bulk so far of most of China’s domestically manufactured electric cars. The Chinese market is so large that any one of these companies can easily survive selling vehicles only for their domestic market. China’s auto industry does not have the global network and dealer infrastructure like the western, Japanese, and Korean legacy auto makers do to produce serious volume output globally and then sell their products, not yet. Let’s take a look at these three: This is a BAIC Prototype. BAIC Motor: is an independent entity of the Chinese government publicly traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, but it is becoming Daimler’s Chinese manufacturing and leasing arm, similar to the alliance that VW Group has with the Ford Motor Company. Expect Daimler to take advantage of this arrangement to use this as a foothold to foray into the Chinese electric car market. This is the similar kind of arrangement GM has with SAIC-GM, a separate and different company from BAIC, that GM has a joint venture with. SAIC-GM makes Buicks for the domestic Chinese home market and soon will be making Chevrolets and Cadillacs for GM to export back to the US home market. The Volvo XC40 BEV CUV Geely: BYD might be the biggest of the three but Geely has the widest global reach and the best network to sell their cars. Last year Geely made about 2.5 million vehicles globally including the 700,000 its subsidiary Volvo made on their own. If Geely pursues global electromobility, most likely it’ll do so by burnishing the Volvo and Polestar brands it has gone to lengths to protect and improve. Between Geely’s home market and Volvo and Polestar still both being boutique global brands with a dealer network and facilities in place, there’s enough room for Volvo to grow in this new reset shrunken electric global car market without Volvo being considered a threat to this new global shrunken electric car industry, at least not yet. Right now all the makers are focused on competing with Tesla,, ,even Volvo with its skateboard platform, another indication it’s serious about remaining competitive., ,So Volvo will remain pertinent, but for the time being won’t be a key player in the global electric markets like the western Electric Four of GM, Daimler, VWFord, and Tesla. The BYD Tang 600. BYD: China’s Toyota: The company to look out for as being a potential disruptor in the new global electric car industry, is the electronics giant BYD. It’s the tech and electronics giants like BYD, Apple, and Sony that have already proven that it’s the tech and electronics giants that are best able to make a true quality electric car. Starting out in 1995 making batteries for your cell phone, BYD moved on to make other things that by 2018 BYD became the largest electric vehicle maker by output selling 250,000 vehicles: ,The world’s biggest electric-vehicle maker is finally selling more EVs than fossil-fuel cars,. BYD is now looking to expand its car production operations overseas, and since Toyota most likely has seriously lost market share due to their recent electromobility blunders, see: ,StackPath,, also: ,The Simple Reason Toyota Doesn't Sell Any Full-Electric Vehicles,, and Toyota’s silly nonsense: ,Toyota Says There is No Demand for Electric Vehicles in America,, that they miraculously discovered that wasn’t true, so now they’re too late and scrambling to desperately catch up. Troubbled times are coming for Toyota. So BYD is now poised to become the next Chinese electric Toyota of the developing markets by replacing Toyota to compete against VWFord in those markets. VW Group is already the King of the Developing Markets. BYD is looking to also become the first Chinese branded car company to sell in the US home market, a brass ring that has eluded the Chinese auto makers for years. “As of December 2018, the Chinese stock of domestically built plug-in electric vehicles consisted of 2,369,000 all-electric vehicles (79.4%) and 614,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles (20.6%) sold since 2011.“ ,China, Automotive News. “China has been the world's best-selling plug-in electric car market for three years running since 2015, with annual sales of more than 207,000 plug-in passenger cars in 2015; 320,000 in 2016; and record sales of about 600,000 passenger plug-in car sales in 2017, which accounted for about half of global plug-in car sales that year.“ ,China Takes Lead As Number One In Plug-in Vehicle Sales - HybridCars.com,. The US BEV Home Industry and Market,: The Chattanooga bred VW ID4 in proto form. Once they get their act together the United States electric car industry is poised to become the second largest producer and market of electric vehicles, and with the car industry now truly global to make the lines of what is domestic and foreign murky that’s now even further compounded with electromobility, the US auto industry has an entirely different landscape that would have not been even allowed decades ago. The Big Four were once GM, Ford, Chrysler, and AMC. The Electric Four are now VWFord, General Motors, Daimler, and Tesla, these four will be the key players in the new reset US home electric car market as well as for the global ones. With American corporate names like Chrysler and AMC gone forever, and what were once considered foreign brands, Daimler and VW Group are now considered global brands and an integral part of the US domestic home market based upon their membership as key players in the industry. VW intends to capitalize on both its dominance and its alliance with Ford to take full advantage of the coveted for decades North American market it could only dream about years ago. There was a time it was difficult for both companies to penetrate the North American market. VW Group now intends to dominate it with Ford’s help, as Tesla continues its growth and competes against VW as a peer and major competitor. VW Group plans on picking up everything that Ford dropped two years ago when it announced it was getting out of the US domestic passenger car markets to focus on light duty vehicles: ,Ford Takes the Exit Ramp from the Car Business,. So while Ford is presently ramping up Mustang Mach-E in volumes, Ford will focus on making a better Explorer, Ranger, and F150 BEVs and whatever few if any cars left it still makes through Lincoln, on an eventual VW MEB platform in a few short years. And VW is going to replace all those Focus,,, Fusions,,, Tauruses,, ,Lincoln MKwhatevers,, ,and even Crown Victorias with electric Golfs, Passats, Jettas, maybe a light touch of Audi, and even electric Phaetons as passenger cars, maybe even sprinkle in a few electric Tiguan and Atlas CUVs, all with the new VW ID electric line for North America. But right now VW is focused on saturating its home markets with ID3 ahead of Tesla opening its Berlin factory, ,Volkswagen Increases 2023 & 2025 ID Production Targets,, and once it has that apparatus moving at industrial light speed will it be able to help Ford compete against GM, Daimler, and Tesla in the US home market. Its first plan of US domestic attack is to start producing ID4 out of Chattanooga next year: ,Volkswagen Reveals All-Electric Volkswagen ID.4 - Auto Futures,. The $200,000 electric Bentley Killer: the Cadillac Celestiq Electric Saloon by bespoke order only. GM seriously ramps up its new BEV skateboard product line in two years so that by 2023 they have at least one new electric car unveiling every month. GM got rid of most of their overseas production apparatus, ,when it got rid of Opel and Vauxhall in Europe and in the Pacific and non-Chinese Asian markets by shutting down the Australian Holden brand recently. While they save money this puts them at a disadvantage competing against VW. But with a product line already researched and tested, ready for production ramp up, breakthroughs recently with battery technology, and flush with cash and the best autonomy program in the industry, GM intends to install in next year’s Cadillac models, GM is looking good to overcome its disadvantages with the failsafe of throwing cash at problems as a work around solution. Up until last year things were not looking good over at Daimler and their electromobiity program. With lousy battery technology that barely gave their roll out CUV the EQC 200 miles of range, Mercedes was only able to sell about 55 vehicles out of several thousands that were already made. What a few months and a tech breakthrough does to create such a lucky reversal of fortune! With the new battery technology that Mercedes recently acquired with IBM, not only will Daimler now be more competitive when it tries to roll out its next vehicle, the S Class replacement EQS with battery storage that's more efficient and has longer range, ,IBM Research announces heavy-metal-free battery design; partnering with Mercedes-Benz R&D to advance the discovery,, but it sill also enables the batteries to become even more ecologically safer for the environment. Daimler is behind GM in catching up with Tesla, but it’s now in a position to catch up with VW Group and GM with their battery technologies. Tesla for 2019 presently holds the mantle as the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world by volume thanks to its investment with Model 3. “Tesla sold 367,500 cars in 2019, a new record for the company, according to figures ,published to its website early on Friday morning,. While that’s on the low end of the estimate of 360,000 to 400,000 vehicles delivered that the company offered up at the beginning of 2019, the Silicon Valley automaker still sold more cars in 2019 than it did in the previous two years combined, all thanks to the popularity of the Model 3 sedan.” ,Tesla sold more cars in 2019 than in the previous two years combined,. Because Tesla has been keeping its technology fresh that its investors considers the Palo Alto maker more of a tech company than a car maker, it is now considered one of the most valuable car manufacturers in the world having a worth of GM and Ford combined: ,Tesla Is Now the Second-Most-Valuable Car Maker in the World. Look Out, Toyota., Although their total debt is still concerning, with four global factories up and running by mid next year, Tesla will be able to evaporate that debt much more quickly with mass production at a global scale it always aspired to do. Finally,. The largest manufacturer by country is still all about China with their some 400 companies churning out some kind of electromobility: ,https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/01/16/next-china-trade-battle-could-be-over-electric-cars/,. Since the electric four will have an advantage of cornering the global markets it will be the electric four who will be eventually making most of the electric cars in the world and VWFord will take the lead as the largest. So we get back to the original rewritten question: Which is the worlds largest manufacturer of electric vehicles? By, ,country of origin, then the answer is the People’s Republic of China. By volume, then the answer would be for several years it was BYD, currently replaced by Tesla, and probably soon again by VW Ford Group. This was thorough and comprehensive but I hope I answered your question. Thank you. PHOTO CREDITS,: The GM corporate banner and Chinese flag via CBS News. The chart of the 54 car brands via visualcapitalist.com. The BAIC via BAIC Media. The Volvo via Volvo Media. The BYD Tang via BYD Media. VW ID4 via BWFord Media. Cadillac Celestiq via GM Media. Mercedes EQC via Daimler Media. Tesla via Tesla Media. All images appear here under the Fair Ise Act as I’m a Transportation reporter using them for analysis and commentary of the global auto industry.

What are the most common problems with a 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan?

Go online and search for You Tube videos by “The Humble Mechanic”. He goes over issues with this particular vehicle. Seems like a very knowledgeable dude, and his Tiguan overview is spot on. I drive one too, but that’s another story.

Why are British cars so bad compared to American cars?

I wasn’t aware they were, but then, what is a British or American car? Nissan Leaf - British? American? Japanese? “The Nissan Leaf, by far the world's best-selling electric car, is built in three countries. Outside Nissan's home market of ,Japan,, Leafs are assembled in both ,Smyrna,, ,Tennessee,, and at Nissan's ,Sunderland plant in the U.K,.” source Wiki. Are there such things as “Japanese, American, British, German cars these days ? German Engineering eh! “Volkswagen plant in Puebla builds its 12 millionth vehicle. Volkswagen celebrated the production of 12 million vehicles at its assembly plant in Puebla, Mexico, a milestone that was met with a ,habanero ,orange Tiguan SUV.” BMW, Nice eh?, this is the BMW engine factory in the UK, “The British engine plant produces 3- and 4-cylinder petrol engines for the BMW, BMW i and MINI brands. Location Canton Lane Hams Hall Coleshill B46 1GB United Kingdom” The Ford engine plant in Wales also produced engines for Jaguar, Mercedes Benz? “,The worldwide production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars extends to four continents, has been considerably expanded in recent years and continues to grow. Here is an overview followed by details of the Sindelfingen plant. Vehicle plants: Bremen/Germany East London/South Africa Hambach/France Iracemápolis/Brazil (from 2016) Kecskemét/Hungary Rastatt/Germany Sindelfingen/Germany Tuscaloosa/USA” - source M-B website. Now is a Mercedes a French car or a Hungarian car, an African car or an American car? I do think the days of “National” cars are now long gone. There are of course some exceptions, The new Morgan Plus Six is only made in Worcestershire. By real craftsmen wearing overalls! Here we see the ceremony of the “Tea Break” an essential part of the Working day. Of course I do not know what terrible experience caused you to take against British cars!!!!

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