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volkswagen vento averagevolkswagen vento averagevolkswagen vento average
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#Hyderabad to #Guntur via #Vijayawada @Volkswagen #Vento 2012 model average #Milage 23 km 👌 #Surprised #Perfomance https://t.co/GHD4NgrLgy

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Volkswagen Vento - 8Lacs, average of 5-6... Why the fuck is Volkswagen making such expensive cars for general public?

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Volkswagen Vento Petrol. Test drive result is average.Not impressed by the customer service #Volkswagen

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Which is better, the Volkswagen Vento petrol or Honda City petrol?

The Volkswagen Vento is offered in multiple Petrol engine options. The 1.6L Manual and the 1.2L TSi Automatic which also powers the Volkswagen Polo GT TSi. On the other hand the Honda City is powered by Honda’s 1.5L i-vtec engine which has been constantly updated and worked upon throughout these years almost perfecting it. Now, if you want a car with manual transmission the city beats Vento hands down owing to the just average performance of the 1.6 MPi, moreover in terms of reliability, fun to drive factor and refinement, HCI is miles ahead than VW when it comes to Petrol manuals. The game changes, when it comes to Automatic. Where Honda uses the same engine mating it to a CVT box, VW decided to plonk in its 1.2L TSi with a 7 Speed DSG Gearbox. Now, a turbocharged petrol engine with a DSG box is obviously way more fun when compared to driving and old school CVT plagued with the rubber band effect. Be it the urban commute or highway runs, the TSi mated to the DSG beats the City hands down. Now, in terms of ride and handling too Vento is an extremely well engineered product and has excellent dynamics. It's quite a lot of fun to throw around the corners whereas even though City too is well balanced, the stock tyres kills the experience and it cries for a sufficient upgrade. Yes, Honda has indeed introduced the new 16 inches Alloys with better rubber but it comes only in the top end variants which to be honest is quite expensive. On that note in terms of equipment and space, it's the City which scores but when it comes to build and interior quality, it's no where close to Vento. Honda owing to customer’s demand and still lead the segment, filled the City with features to the brim but unfortunately compromised in quality whereas VW equipped the Vento with all the necessary bells and whistle retaining it's quality. In terms of pricing to the VW vento is cheaper than city by quite a bit and is a much better vehicle. The running costs of VW is a little high when compared to Honda but if you're an Auto enthusiast and looking for an Auto Petrol nothing beats a Vento. If you're looking for a MT then City is the best pick.

I have to buy a car. How should I choose between a Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, Maruti Ciaz or Tata Zest?

City = average quality and best after sales Vento = best quality and average maintance Ciaz, verna = worst quality and worat after sales.

Can I afford to buy VolksWagen Vento with a salary of 35k?

Why don’t You look at a Used Vento? I am surprised, none of the earlier answers mentioned it. Probably, you should take some effort and buy it used, An average used Vento is at approx 2.5–3 lacs, which you can surely afford. P.S- Loan is expensive on Used Cars, so probably have some money first and then buy it. Cash(No Longer)/Cheque is king in used car sales.

Which car is better to buy, a Volkswagen Vento or a Volkswagen Ameo?

You can decide on these two conditions, How tall are your backseat passengers, do they need above average leg room are they 6 foot + . If yes buy vento, if no ameo. How big a boot you need ? If you need a really massive boot buy vento or else buy ameo. Underneath both the cars are same, engineering wise and design wise. They also share the same engine/ gear box everything. Ameo is slightly smaller and lighter than the vento, so you might get better acceleration and mileage buying ameo.

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

I’ve owned both The Honda City AT for 7 years and Vento TSI HL Plus with DSG since the last two months. I think I can answer this question with my experience. Here are the points. Reliability. In my 7 years of ownership of Honda City it never I mean NEVER failed to start. Just turn the key and the engine comes to life. Vento is new one for me but the way it sounds and drives it seems pretty solid. I am sure if maintained properly it will turn out to be pretty reliable. Engine. I drove the city for.. well see it yourself, over a period of seven years and it still drove like new. The engine was absolutely silent and No vibrations or sound can be felt at a red light. Pretty powerful and peppy engine of the city. Vento on the other hand has a smaller engine but it is Turbocharged!! Resulting in great power and amazing torque which the city lags. Overall the Vento’s TSI engine Is far more advanced than Honda’s I-VTEC decades old engine. Drive quality. Both cars have entirely different character. City on one hand is a super relaxed car with a feather touch steering. Vento has a speed sensing EPS which makes the steering hard as the speed increases. This increases the control giving confidence to the driver. Ever wondered what will happen if you suddenly turned the steering at high speeds? It would be difficult in a Vento to do so compared to City. Transmission. Vento has the best system, the DSG with lightening fast shifts, and the smoothest shifting experience. The city has CVT which is smooth and relaxed not the best way of transferring power to the wheel in case you want acceleration. The manual mode in DSG is superb and takes only a few milliseconds to complete a shift giving a feel of a sports car. City’s CVT could have been better to use the Engine to full potential. Mileage. Contrary to the beliefs that VW cannot give high mileage, mine give excellent mileage see image…. Owing to a smaller engine of 1.2 L it is frugal in traffic compared to a city which owing to a bigger 1.5 L engine consumes more petrol. (BTW the new Audi A4 has a 1.4 L TSI engine ) Safety: both cars are safe the top spec City has 6 airbags while mine has 4 however its not just airbags which make a car safe. Vento has ESP and Traction control which should have been there kn City as well. Overall Vento is safer than a Honda City. Tyres: Vento has wider tyres than city making it more in control compared to the city. Price: top spec variants of both cars are almost 2 Lakh apart. Vento with all discount schemes is cheaper than a city. But lacks a sunroof and leather seats. Maintainance cost is comparable and is around 1 re per Km. Looks. Vento with its DRL looks beautiful compared to a city whose DRL’s do not shine as bright. City is slightly longer than a Vento due to its long bonnet. Overall if you were to choose between the two, it is a difficult decision to make. Test drive both cars and then make your choice. Update. I took the Vento from DELHI to Chandigarh clocking an average of 18.5 ,kmpl, using 93 octane fuel. It Drove super smooth, max speed I could test was 157 kmph. During return the temperature was 45degrees but the AC made the cabin super cool. No fatigue at all. Overall I’m really pleased to buy the Vento.

Which is the perfect mid segment car: the Honda City (petrol) or the Volkswagen Vento (diesel)?

Volkswagen is the best option to go with, since being good safety options missing in Honda city such as ESP and Brake Assist. ESP allows to control the steering wheel at high speeds where as driving City over 120 kmph slight loss in stability can be observed. Pickup power 250 NM is an amazing experience in Vento. German auto makers are not fancy providers like Touch Screen , Auto AC etc., They never compromise on safety and they always eye on good NCAP rating to grab the market universally. Rear Parking camera in Honda city scores and offers good comfort for reverse options. Safety aspect always outlines car purchase where as infotainment features have to be weighed at low /average profile. The Kerb weight and material used in Vento outweighs than Honda City. Hence Vento would be the best option.

Which car is the best in India, in terms of mileage and price?

Your question has to be more specific in terms of what type of car you are planning to buy or researching for ? Maruti WagonR is good in Entry level hatch backs category. The car cost around 4.4 lacs (Mumbai) and will give you an average of 15-17 kmpl. Volkswagen Vento is super in entry level sedans and can cost you around 10 lacs for an auto version and will churn out 12-15 kmpl.

I drive around 1200 km per month. Should I buy a diesel car or a petrol one?

The question that you have asked has two answers depending on two factors 1)How long are you planning to keep it? 2)And how do you drive? Usually in India in the C segment which consists of the cars which have from 1.2lt engines to 1.6-2lt engines. The difference between the petrol and the diesel model of those cars vary from 1lakh INR to 3lakh ,INR., So the first question How long are you gonna keep it if going by the fuel rates nearest to me in Bhopal Petrol 73.13Rs/lt Diesel 65.35Rs/lt So if you buy a diesel car and lets say that you took a Volkswagen Vento TDI(easiest to calculate because a thesis had to be written for my dad before buying it) In 1200km/month So the average mileage of the diesel that you should be getting is 20ishKMPL(That's what my dad gets by driving in a mixture of city and highway driving) So 1200km/month It should cost you 60lt of diesel which costs 3921Rs Now the petrol cars calculations Lets that thats the Volkswagen Vento TSI Manual Transmission In 1200km/month Average mileage should be 14.4KMPL So your 1200km will cost you 83.33lt of petrol which will cost 6914*Rs The price difference between these two cars is 1.05lakhRs So now the question that you are supposed to ask your self is How long are you gonna keep the car? Because if you want the diesel car to prove cheaper than the petrol car then you'll have to keep it for 8 months approximately for it to compensate for the extra 1.05lakhs you paid for the diesel engine and after that it will prove to be cheaper on your pocket. Now the second question This question can toss all of the above calculations in a big black hole. Are you an enthusiastic driver? If yes then don't go for the diesel because it isn't as sporty as the petrol and in higher gears the turbo lag will suck some of the punch out of your driving experience. So if you are a calm and a quite driver and you like to leave it in a gear and let the car drive itself, then go for the diesel because it is easier to drive, like way easier because diesel engines don't stall that easily. But the diesel variant of the same car will be as fast as the petrol one but a little bit more relaxing and it wont like to rev hard or rush around. And if you have a heavy big right foot made out of lead(like me :p) then go for the petrol and the petrol is a little bit more quieter and vibration free. Now it's up to you.

Why did the Fiat Linea fail?

Fiat introduced the Linea to the Indian market during January 2009. It was set to be launched on Diwali 2008 but due to some unfortunate events here, it's launch was postponed to a couple of months. It was positioned to rival the likes of the Honda City, Maruti Suzuki SX4 and the Hyundai Verna in its segment. Despite the Linea having its price on the higher side, it's initial sales were good. Fiat managed to sell the first two batches of the Linea by July 2009, which accounted for about 16,000 units. One of the reasons for the decent sales figures of the Linea was the choice of engines it offered. The Linea was available in a choice of a 1.4 litre naturally aspirated petrol motor and a 1.3 litre multijet diesel motor. Both engines received a lot of praise from experts and auto enthusiasts alike. On the other hand, it's diesel motor was seen in many other automobiles like the Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Tata Indica Vista. Fiat also rolled out the Linea T-Jet in 2010. This model came with the same petrol motor, this time being tuned to produce 90 BHP of power. Sales were steady until 2011. The launch of the new fluidic Verna affected the sales of the Linea. There was also the facelifted Honda City, which launched here in late 2011, which pulled the potential customers for Linea towards itself. Fiat brought up the Linea facelift in 2013 and it didn't work much for them. It featured revised front and rear ends and a better interior compared to the outgoing model. As per reports, Fiat sold just 1,400 units of the Linea facelift one year into its launch. Put that in context with the Honda City and the Hyundai Verna, whom managed about 36,000 and 32,500 units respectively around the same time. Add to that, there were new offerings which came into the segment like the Volkswagen Vento and the Skoda Rapid. Fiat delayed in launching the next generation Linea here due to its poor sales here. In 2015, Fiat were averaging just 500 units in monthly sales numbers. The automaker was struggling to keep its head above water and brought its Marquee American brand, Jeep to India that year. In 2017, Jeep launched the Compass which turned out to be an initial success. This prompted Fiat to make Jeep their leading brand here and were banking on the latter. Then in 2018, Fiat decided to discontinue its entire model line-up here including the Linea and exited the country. The Linea was an underacheiving product from the automaker which deserved to sell more here. It's a shame such a product had to face the wrath of Fiat's sales and service network in India, which were very few compared to their rivals. Fiat as a brand struck a chord amongst the auto enthusiasts here due to their great handling cars. Unfortunately, there were very few of them and this didn't result much in sales numbers. Hope Fiat returns here with an even stronger product line-up in the near future. Thank you.

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