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volkswagen vento batteryvolkswagen vento batteryvolkswagen vento battery
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Volkswagen Vento 1.6 Petrol Car Battery Best Price in Chennai http://t.co/cfKbMrvr9A

@Volkswagen#vento cars in india sold with batteries designed to last fr 1 yr only hw u getting away wit it

Hey @volkswagenindia we used to trust your company, we have many cars of yours within our family as well; and that is why we bought volkswagen vento 15 months ago, when I bought the car, 1 year warranty was offered to me on the battery in the said car;..(1)

I liked a @YouTube video Volkswagen Vento Battery Issue actual user review

#Volkswagen Vento, 2.5yrs, Compressor changed, battery weak, sudden drop in avg, oooff frustrated

Buy Car Battery For Volkswagen Vento 1.6 MPI Highline Volkswagen Vento 1.6 MPI Highline Online at https://t.co/nJe0aYbhRd

Hey @volkswagenindia I have buy two Vento cars before 1.5 year and we faced battery problems in both the car. Totally dissatisfied with Volkswagen Vento car. Your rajkot showroom simply answered we have only 1 year battery warranty !!

#Volkswagen Vento purchased on 28th August 2015; had breakdown yesterday. Service centre claims that the battery is malfunctioning

Car Battery Volkswagen Vento Old Model Petrol https://t.co/yY0xy91tjj

Looking Volkswagen Vento Old Model Petrol car battery like amaron or exide on online Store? is the right place to buy battery with best and discounted price in... https://t.co/yY0xy91tjj

volkswagen vento battery Q&A Review

Is buying the Skoda Rapid Diesel AT a wise decision? What has been your experience with the Rapid?

It’s a very wise decision to own a Skoda Rapid Diesel Automatic. It’s perhaps the only good diesel automatic (apart from Volkswagen Vento, which is essentially the same car) available in 12–16 Lakhs price range in DSG/DCT, and is great for both city drive as well as highways. It’s a rock solid build car, reasonable service costs, long service intervals, but poor resale value. Mostly it is a trouble free car upto first 4–6 years of usage. After 3-4 years you’d need to change the battery, and clutch plate(only for manual transmission), suspension (depending on your driving conditions), and in 6th year you’ll spend a lot more. But overall, I’d prefer it over any other automatic transmission car (except VW Vento). I’ve driven possibly all kinds of automatics from Swift, Amaze, Creta, Skoda Rapid, VW Vento, Honda City, Hyundai i20, (AMT, CVT, Torque Convertors, DSG) but there is absolutely no better automatic transmission than DSG/DCT in the market even at significantly higher price point. The gear shifts are super fast with two clutches. And it comes with 7 speed transmissions. It also comes with manual mode (if you want to control the upshifts) and sports mode (if you want slower gear shifts). AMT will give you good fuel economy, but it’s not so smooth, plus you don’t get hill hold, which is a must, in my opinion, for any automatic. Honda City Petrol CVT (doesn’t come in diesel) or any other CVT is good mainly for city drive and on highways it just lags (you get a rubber band effect. I really missed the punch in bangalore-goa drive). And fuel economy of Honda City in congested Bangalore roads during office hours was pathetic at about 6-7 KM/L but on highway it was around 14 KM/L, while in the same condition and time, Volkswagen Vento TDI DSG or Skoda Rapid TDI DSG returned a fuel economy of 9.5–10.5 KM/L in city and about 18–18.5 KM/L in the highway. Vento or Rapid are mainly highway cars, but their automatics are good for city as well as highways. If you want to stick to Petrol Automatic, then you can go for Volkswagen Vento 1.2 TSI DSG. Sadly in Skoda Rapid, this engine and Transmission is not provided. Fuel economy would be around the same as Honda City CVT. Keep in mind that DSG will need replacement at around 1,25,000 KMs which will cost you around 2 Lakhs. But no clutch plate replacement every 30–40,000 KMs which is there in Manual Transmission I own a Volkswagen Vento TDI DSG and have driven about 6000 KMs (I bought a used Nov 2015 model) and using it for daily commute from Home->office in the most congested Bangalore roads and occasionally on highways. I also owned Skoda Rapid TDI (Manual) for 3 years before Vento. For Skoda, no complaints on service. In Bangalore, I used to go to Tafe Access and it was quite reasonable cost and very good experience for 3 years, after which I upgraded to Vento Automatic. Vento is essentially the same car, but I feel Vento’s suspension is better tuned for City drive and is more comfort oriented than Rapid, while at the same time, is costlier, both initially, as well as to maintain (service costs are 3–4K higher than Rapid of the same variant)

How do I prevent the battery of my Volkswagen Vento from becoming dead as I shall not be using my car for 4 months?

Most new cars have enough parasitic draw to kill a battery charge for that amount of time. There are small battery tenders, both plug-in, and solar that can be used to keep a charge. The other option is to disconnect the negative battery cable.

What is the best car battery for Volkswagen Vento petrol model?

Vento generally has a 44/45 Ah battery. The model number of battery in Exide will be MLDIN44LH. The price will be rougly around 5200 without old battery and 4200 with old battery. Model and prices can change subject to the exact battery and different brands. The exact model can be told only after looking at the current battery which the car has. But generally, this battery is used in Vento Petrol.

Which brand of car batteries does Volkswagen use for its Vento models in India?

hmm good question? but, why? Do you care as long as it works? Typically, Car manufacturers contract with whatever manufacturer can deliver the ,cheapest battery,, that passes the Quality tests, for that car. And can deliver that battery to the factory. This means, that if the VW Vento needs a 65Ah battery, that’s what it gets. Next month, the batteries from brand A are not available, so they buy brand B. But from them they can only get a half month’s supply, so they got to brand C (more expensive) for the half month shipments (2 weeks) until whatever cheaper brand A or B can deliver. There is no set answer. Depending on Engine type (Petrol, Diesel) and trim level (Trendline, Comfortline, Highline and Highline Plus) and Transmission (Auto, Manual, DSG), there may be different batteries selected (Esp for high compression 20:1 diesel). google search gave this answer: Here is the list of battery manufacturing companies in India for automotive, industrial and home Inverter. Exide. Exide Industries…(Exide USA) Amara Raja/Amaron. (Johnson Controls) ymmv.

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

Depends on lot of factors so I will give you a brief answer. I have 2015 model honda city 1.5 idtec and 2013 rapid 1.6 tdi (which is essentially same as the vento — both are like twins). I am only referring to diesel models. Not commenting about petrol ones. Space wise — city. Average (fuel efficiency) wise— city Air conditioning and seat comfort — city Interiors — city Ride quality — rapid/vento Power pick up — rapid/vento Stability at high speeds — rapid/vento Built strong — rapid /vento Remember my comparison is between a 2013 model vs 2015 city yet on some parameters the German scores over the honda. Imo 2014 onwards honda quality has gone to gutter. Service centres have also degraded. My battery on city just died recently I.e. after 2.5 years which is unprecedented. Car is noisy as hell. Leakages minor parts falling off like cheap china parts used. In comparison German car still going strong — it has done 92k vs 70k kms on honda city. (4 years 9 months vs 2 years 7 months). Both cars have been well maintained and if I have to pick between the two I would pick vento/rapid over City if fuel efficiency wasn't a factor and airconditioning in the newer vw models has improved (living in ahm Gujarat it can get quite scorching here). Plus the space — I am tall and big, City gives me comfortable seating compared to rapid/vento. If you are avg built and can take bit lesser fuel efficiency, go for vento diesel — you won't regret it. Cheers.

How long do most Volkswagen Jettas last for?

Pretty long time. The lasting of any Volkswagen will vary as per the quality of your attention towards the regular maintenance of your vehicle. If you try to postpone your regular maintenance because of any reason that scar will be there forever. The scar I mentioned is the cause affected by the postponement. Volkswagen need a clear attention towards them because most of the spares are too fragile, especially when your vehicle is equipped with DSG. I have been using my Volkswagen Vento DSG since 2016, till now I didn't endeavoured any problem. I will schedule my vehicle's maintenance appointment at correct time and I had gathered many information about my vehicle outside from the Volkswagen. All these information gave me a very good picture of the problem that may occur during my journey with a Volkswagen. Things that you required to take seriously. Engine oil quantity Grade of your engine oil ( People will suggest you new brands please don't go for it Castrol with recommended grade is enough) Check your vehicle in every 7500–8000 mileage ABS sensor ( If the warning light is on, it may be because of single ABS sensor, my advice is change four of them in single time. The original will cost you ₹1800–2000 per piece) Disc brake rotors ( Replace it in every 15000 kms ) Tyre ( 195–55 or 50 -R 15 that will be the most you can go) Coolant ( Check it by yourself and keep a bottle of branded coolant within your car itself) Flood ( Please don't move your vehicle, unplug the battery if you can) You don't have to be nervous about your Volkswagen, if you treat your Volkswagen in a good manner believe me you will enjoy each and every time with your Volkswagen.

Should I buy the Volkswagen Vento as an automatic or manual in petrol?

Automatic transmission is one of the best thing happened for lazy people, but if you compare the automatic with manual I preffer manual any time. Here are the reasons why I love manual and why you should go for manual: 1. It is fun to drive: If you drive more on highways or want to take long journeys, it becomes fun to drive. Unlike the autonatic which takes all the fun of shifting the gears. 2.More fuel economy: ,Manual cars are more fuel efficient than the cars with automatic, there will ne atles 2kmpl difference between both of them and if you think 2kmpl saves lots of money on day by day basis 3. In case of battery down issue, No need to arange another battery: ,If your battery is weak and wont have enough juice you just need to push your car and relese the clutch on 2nd gear and there you go your car is on! 4: Cheaper to Maintain: ,if something goes wrong with your transmission of manual then you dont have to worry much as it is cheaper to fix than the automatic (DSG) transmission. 5., ,Longer transmission life: ,manual does have longer transmission life than automatic!

Will fitting current generation Volkswagen Vento's LED headlights to Polo GT void the warranty of Polo?

Yes it might void as you will be changing the stock lights with the other one. In case of a damage the company might get a chance to say that its your fault if its a case of any electrical damage. Dont change the configuration of the lights as bulbs or leds have nos. and wattage according to the battery capacity, alternator etc. yes you may replace the bulb with a led but not full headlight. Though its not a big deal but AVOID

Can anyone share their personal experience with Volkswagen Vento? Does the maintenance is really high in case of Volkswagen?

My dad has been using Vento since 2010(when it was first launched). Its been 6 years and maintenance cost is still 9.5K yearly. Unless you opt for DSG variants, service is only yearly unlike other manufacturers (like Hyundai, Honda, Maruti etc) who recommend 2 yearly services each of the which costs approx 4.5K, hence it is only INR 500/year dearer in service costs than other manufacturers, which is negligible. With 6 years of extensive usage of Vento, the parts replaced were ABS sensors(costed 5K), Set of 4 tyres and the battery, other than this we didn’t spend anything for parts replacement. The parts are slightly more expensive than other brands, but its negligible. I have been using 2011 Honda City and noted following points between the two: Honda City wobbles a lot due to cross winds in highways at high speeds(90+KMPH), but Vento is very steady in the same situation. Ride and Handling is excellent in VW Vento compared to Honda City. Honda City sometimes understeer a lot while turning, which makes me quite nervous. Honda City always have issues with ground clearance (even with small humps) whereas Vento has no such issues. But I have heard that this has been rectified with new 2013 Honda City. Fit and Finish is excellent. No rattling issues or annoying sounds at all. Hope this helps. Don’t worry too much about the maintenance costs, just go and buy it.

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